Recommend me a minimalist mouse with high quality materials (at least a year before scroll wheel fucks up)

Recommend me a minimalist mouse with high quality materials (at least a year before scroll wheel fucks up)

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Over 10 years and still going strong.

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that picture is so outdated
Logitech mice are on the top now for performance

Been using this for a year now, works pretty good. I wonder what's wrong with it besides the battery life isn't that good I would need to charge it once a week compared to a AA battery mouse.

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which one? I returned 2 G403 to Amazon after the mouse wheel stopped working

I just got a MM530 a week ago. Seems like a good mouse, only thing I'm not a fan of is the side grips. They don't grip well when my hands get sweaty.

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alpha male mouse

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The G403 is great, I can't go back to a wired mouse now. I've had mine over a year with no problems and I use the mouse wheel quite a bit. Amazon didn't give you a free replacement?

Do what I did, buy one made from bamboo.

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All you'll ever need

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i bought this thing for like 35$ used, and it's fucking incredible, fuck me that was the best 35$ spent in my entire life. If you have a mediocre mouse, consider buying this. Lazer sharp. Amazing software (button assignment, laser mousepad calibration, memory slots for different profiles in the mouse, RGayB customization if you're into that)

I'm never going to any other brand. I had razer and X7 and they're just pure fucking shit. Basic lenovo, microsoft and logitech are ok but nothing compared to this

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>using a transformer as a mouse
Zowie EC(1/2)-A

Enjoy killing your wrist with low DPI.

>All SteelSeries have acceleration
Not the Steel Series Rival, which I think is discontinued as well since I can't find it any where.

Steelseries Rival 300

It depends on the resolution. 800 DPI is probably enough for 1080. For a badly optimized game, I lower my resolution to 720 and my DPI to 400 with no problems. I use 1200 DPI on my 1440 screen for normal desktop stuff.

I still use a Xai, I think it had acceleration and prediction by default when I bought it, but you can disable it in software. I use it at 750 when I need precision and 1200 when I don't need the extra precision. I just love the shape of it.

you kan't hide, germanfag

>high quality materials
>no scroll wheel to fuck up

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>80 fucking dollars

>literally the worst mouse ever
Why haven't Apple made one good mouse?

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by minimalist I mean something like G403, Zrowies,etc and not something like

the scroll wheel on those fucks up after a year.
just buy a wheel mouse optical in good condition. i managed to buy a new one a week ago for $10

the original logitech g9 (not the shitty g9x)
was the best mouse i ever owned.

Rip best clicker ever 2009 - 2018

Don't get a mouse

Keep in mind to, you're asking this on a technology forum, not gaming. Use is geared toward ergonomics and productivity.

More like:

Why hasn't one single company out there been able to create a truly fucking awesome Bluetooth based full size mouse for people instead of continually making the shitty "travel mouse" sized bullshit?

I'd literally pay $1,000 to someone if they could find a way to take an IMO and turn it into a proper Bluetooth mouse, there's plenty of room inside the housing for the BT hardware and a battery too.

God dammit I'm so sick of nobody out there making good full size Bluetooth mice, it's ridiculous, seriously.


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500 in monero now, i am willing to give you my contact info in return. will take up to 6 months though. i started to work on a similar project for my bachelor thesis

Because they're a company that produces slim, fashionable products for browsing Facebook. They wouldnt produce a functionally useful mouse any more than they would produce a quality mechnical keyboard.

Rival 310 is pretty good overall, better than 300, but the sidegrips can just fall off, which is easily fixed by some glue and now I imagine it will stay in place forever

I like my corsair m65(the normal black one).No rgb bullshit and been going strong since 2013.

i want to use this thread to ask a question;

i just got a mionix castor, but it feels like it's too small for me, as I keep fingertip gripping it. It doens't really feel comfotable claw gripping it.

I think this is because i used a kinzu for years, then switched to deatadder, so now that I try a smaller mouse i fingertip grip it again.

or do i just have to get used to it.

something tells me fingertip grip isnt really good

saying this as a MacFag the Apple mouse is ergonomically shit unless you're a female or a claw fingered manlet

What are you doing to your mice? In all my years I have not broken a single scroll wheel
Are you some 300 lb manbeast?

G502, never look back.

>logitech are ok but nothing compared to this

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why would anyone buy a mouse without a flywheel?

>tfw my 10 year old MX518 bit the dust earlier this year
At the time was a cheap stop-gap until I bought a G9X. After the G9X failed prematurely and got refunded it's been my companion until recently

>800 is more than you could possibly take advantage of
This image was made by a subhuman who moves his wrist (or even worse, the whole forearm) while using a mouse.

>not a trackball

Logitech performance MX

nigga that is a logitech mouse

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I have the thumb pad (the part at the bottom doesn't look like a button but it is) tied to DPI control, a normal speed and a super slow one for when I want the extra precision. I took the "zoom" button and bound it to ctrl, so I can press it and scroll to zoom in and out of shit like in photoshop, browsers etc.

Unless you're a total mong, just get a redragon centrophorus. Had mine almost 2 years and it works perfectly. Decent sensor, comfy design, unfortunately a very gamer aesthetic but it is still a great mouse for $10 or less.

Stop being fat then your hands won't get sweaty

>tfw they don't make spawns anymore
Having an all-time favorite mouse was a mistake

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What an aerodynamic turd.

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Hey!! I own this.

I am not an expert on casual/office mice.

Anyway: "minimalist" is a strange term for mice but I can recommend the ROCCAT Kone Pure series of mice as having good tolerances and a solid feel - especially the scroll wheel, very tight with no rattle while being smooth but tactile. I've had one for a year and a half and it feels new. In terms of "minimalism", the Wheel Mouse Optical 1.1 has no side buttons and is very light weight at ~70g. For budget options, look for the Nixeus Revel, Ninox Venator, or cheaper a Talentech Ember.'s obsessive mice nerds can help you with this question in their mice section or you can go to Rocket Jump Ninja which will help you.


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I've read posts that say this functions the same as the gpro at DPIs below the pro's maximum and others that they feel markedly different


Quake player here

For me, it's the following:

01 SteelSeries Rival 600 L 98g(+32) Excellent FPS | MOBA
02 Logitech G403 | G703 L 90g | 106g (+10g) Excellent FPS | MOBA
03 Finalmouse Ultralight Pro L 71g Excellent FPS | MOBA
04 Zowie FK Series 2 or 1 | 1+ S | M | L 84g | 87g | 94g Very Good FPS
05 Logitech G305 S 85g-98g Excellent FPS | MOBA
06 Zowie EC-A Series (1 and 2) M | L 93g | 98g Excellent FPS | MOBA
07 SteelSeries Rival 310 ML 92g Excellent FPS | MOBA
08 Razer Mamba HyperFlux L 97g Excellent FPS | MOBA
09 Razer DeathAdder Elite L 97g Excellent FPS | MOBA
10 Cougar Revenger S ML 96g Excellent FPS | MOBA
11 Ninox Venator (Black) SM 79g Excellent FPS | MOBA
12 Zowie ZA Series S | M | L 84g | 86g | 90g Very Good FPS
13 SteelSeries Sensei 310 ML 96g Excellent FPS | MOBA
14 Logitech Pro | G102 / G203 S 85g Excellent FPS | MOBA
15 Roccat Kone Pure Owl-Eye M 88g Excellent FPS | MOBA
16 Nixeus Revel ML 84g Excellent FPS | MOBA
17 CM MasterMouse S SM 93g *80g Excellent FPS | MOBA
18 Cooler Master MM530 ML 102g/88g Excellent FPS | MOBA
19 SteelSeries Rival 110 M 91g Excellent FPS | MOBA
20 Razer Basilisk ML 109g Excellent FPS | MOBA
21 Cougar Surpassion SM 97g Very Good FPS | MOBA
22 HyperX Pulsefire Surge M 104g Excellent FPS | MOBA
23 Fnatic Clutch 2 L 105g Excellent FPS | MOBA
24 Fnatic Flick 2 ML 102g Excellent FPS | MOBA
25 Razer Lancehead TE ML 106g Excellent FPS | MOBA

sup nigga i never held a 203 but i got the 'g pro fps mouse' and i think it looks the same as that pic but it was too small for my hands so i use a g403 now nigga still doesnt feel as good as my mx 518 tho

>"God" tier
can't even change dpi and no "page back/forward" keys

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thanks for the input but it doesn't answer the quesiton

nigga you stole that from the website linked in the thread

Maybe Jow Forums can help me on this. Many many years ago, I had a blue Logitech mouse with one side button. It was a bright blue and it was long, and it felt absolutely perfect in my hands I have yet to find a mouse that was this good and I rekt so many noobs in Halflife with it.

It's super old school, probably USB 1.0. It has a scroller in the middle too, and two top buttons and a side button I wished I remembered the model number I'd pay top dollar for one right now

Really looking forward to the new gpro wireless

>Recommend me a minimalist mouse
M-DUX 71bk

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i put "Basic" at the beginning of the sentence, referring to those basic logitech mouses Jow Forums has a hard-on on (pic related)

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gaymers will start using them, and it's bad for their image

Any replacements for this?
Vertical thumb buttons, fairly large. Wireless preferred. MX Master seems to be the closest fit, but ideally something cheaper.

Fuck, image. Sidewinder X8

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Minimalist is shit, every mouse should have 5 buttons

It could be possible with an arduino nano or smaller, but the problem would be the battery

fuck off ninjajump you refuse to review WMO because you know it is the best.

wtf its the opposite u gay dum dum

>tfw no mouse for loonix/wangblows with god-tier gestures like the Magic Mouse

Zowie muce are cute and got good buttons that no die after half a year

Good taste. And indeed, a shame on the battery.

I really recommened Logitech mice because onem they good, and 2, their support/warrenty is amazing. I got a replacement for my G400 when it died years ago, and just recently I thought I'd try my luck with my warrenty replacement; they actually sent out a brand new warrenty replacement for a warrenty replacement. Haven't had to buy a new mouse for like 6 years now.


What reason do I have to switch from using this?

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Cooler Master Storm Alcor
No bloat software
Avego 3360 (perfect sensor)
Omron switches

Only 2 downsides,
shape is a bit basic
Lift off distance could have been slightly lower

I bought one from Chinese. I think cable eventually snapped somewhere.

This image is dated as hell, nearly all of those mice arent made anymore. in fact i think all of them except as shown in this pic are EOL.

i like my za12. g502 feels nice too

lol i have this pos. its shit, uncomfy as fuck

Logitech g102 Prodigy

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1000 DPI is where remotely decent mice start.
2000 DPI is for extremely casual games, like turn-based strategies or adventure game.
4000 DPI is ok for 2D games like MOBAs or RTS.
8000 DPI is minimum for game that need aim in 3D like first-person shooters.

Thanks for the advice Fatal1ty

Why get the G203 when you can get a G102 for cheaper ?


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The G305 with a AAA lithium primary and a AA to AAA adapter weighs a mere 83.5 grams. If the shape of the mouse is agreeable, there's really no reason to get anything lese.

Clearly the better choice.

LOL. Fuck off microshit shill.

>literally the worst mouse ever

Its not even the worst apple mouse

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using one of these. i need a wireless mouse that tracks on glass and there aren't many options

>the scroll wheel on those fucks up after a year.

My EC1-A scroll wheel has been fine after ~1.5 years.

If you ever used a mouse with buttons on the side you would never want anything else. It's not just about gaming, though of course it's great for games as well.
As this point I'm so used to going backwards and forwards by clicking the extra mouse keys that I actually get frustrated if I ever need to click the back and forward buttons in a browser.
After a while it just becomes second nature, as natural as using the left and right mouse keys.

Also G400 masterrace, 6 years going strong.

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mine did fuck up but i opened it an cleaned it and it works again.

go to any high school computer lab and steal a bunch of Intellimouse 1.1a(s)

I've got huge fuckin hands and the last mouse that fit my grip without being a piece of shit was the g400, is there anything large and well built that's newer or should I just get another g400? I'm currently using the g303 and it's a piece of shit, tiny as fuck and shaped for a child's hand.

I know this feel, the sheer increase in productivity now that im used to it

dis nigga right here. it just werks.

3-4 years daily use and I scroll a fuck ton

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Funny, I got that exact mouse about a year ago and my scroll wheel fucked up faster and worse than any other mouse I've had. Even razer mice just die before the scroll wheel breaks. I can scroll up fine, but scrolling down will scroll me up 90% of the time, extremely annoying when I can't middle click scroll on stuff.

zowie ec2a

Didn't know Rocket jump ninja used Jow Forums