So whats the verdict for ComodoAntiVirus?
Is it as secure and safe as some sources say it is? Or is it sinister?

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What the fuck is this?


If on Windows 10, use Defender. If on any other Windows, use Security Essentials or MalwareBytes.

Personally I use Avast and Malwarebytes on all my devices, and so far no problem.
Only my iphone doesn’t have this type of software cause the system is too closed on himself to even need it.

meh, use clamwin, you can schedule regular scans and you don't have to deal with web/realtime protection which is annoying as shit if you pirate anything. just scan the file before executing

You can do something similar to this if you use Sandboxxie or other software as well.

how easy/complicated is setup and scheduling? I just like clamwin because it's clam and it's pretty straightforward

Before think about he AV, you should think about firewall and sandbox.

there are people on Jow Forums right now that unironically use anti-virus software

the absolute state

Comodo is a shit company, but their AV ranked surprisingly well:

Nothing wrong with Defender user.
Everything else is shit though.

what about their firewall

>Security Essentials

Literally stops nothing
Literally detects nothing

I've re-imaged a fuck ton of systems that had MSE as their sole AV.

yeah about as worthless as MSE. Microsoft cannot create a heuristics engine worth a shit. Then again, their OS's are shit.

Too bloated. Works if you don't know how to use tinywall.

Kaspersky ftw

>inb4 russian botnet

Sources show that or take this info from your ass?

I take it from my 25 years in the technology sector.

Use bitdefender

I believe in you, anonymous.

Whatever kid, I'm just attempting to contribute. I'm sorry you don't know fuck all about heuristics. We all have to start somewhere.

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Does this help Jr. ??

If I told you that I've been coding malware since the early 90's? You'll still probably disregard this with
Go ahead MS AV is probably one of the easiest to exploit and or compromise.

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>trust in me without source
Of course, user. You are doing excellent job in defend your point. Next step to post techradar or slashdot as source.

>mse is awesome
Lol. Had a lot white paper prove that a lie, but I don't see anyone share those.

>current state of Jow Forums
The fact that you'd even need an AV just proves how pleb tier you are.


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>The fact that you'd even need an AV just proves how pleb tier you are.
Sorry, but I'm on linux and using firejails as primary sandbox because bit lazy today.
But if you are on Windows you need AV as a tank need reactive armor. Also, you need a better firewall and sandbox softwares.

I'm sure you're fully aware of CVE-2018-0986 then. You got this right??
>slash dot
I don't need to post a bunch of links to prove shit. You're obviously a malware aficionado. You're good, total pro, highly receptive to discussion outside of what you're shilling

Sorry I don't speak shit skin/10

>I don't need to post a bunch of links to prove shit.
Not them but you've hardly proven anything.


It's Turkish.

Go with Immunet or Clam Win. Don't use MSE, because Microsoft has abandoned it.

Careful, Pajeet won't take well to someone else stating that, unless you're prepared to back it up with a bunch of links that prove nothing in the wild.

>Clam Win
pretty solid heuristics, not easy to compromise.

I code malware. MS AV is getting better and better. But most headaches I had was with Kasperski and fucking Avira that will flag shit if you sneeze.
Back to original question from OP, Comodo is really good now. But period to train it can be annoying, also if you are an idiot and approve bad program you can fuck yourself.

As things go, use Common Sense 2018 first. And nothing will help against freshly crypted binary as they have been tested to be FUD.