US bans sex bots

>Child sex robots ban approved by US House amid nationwide crackdown on pedophiles

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you can't show that pic on a christian manga board

>victimless alternative to child rape banned

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>Jow Forums will defend this

That sounds like a very reasonable decision to me.

fucking this!

what is the usual treatment procedure for people with pedophilia? the real kind, as in not attracted to anyone but under 11 year olds. is there like therapy or what? how are they supposed to blot out their sexuality permanently

Shooting children still acceptable.

>pedophile realizes he's harming children
>tries to fuck plastic dolls instead
>oh no you can't be doing that
>goes back to fucking children

>back to fuck real kids i guess

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lol politicians

There's therapy and support groups for people who seek help, I remember a few few greentexts of neets being forced by their parents to do it

Like you see, no pedophiles around thanks to that... oh wait!

mfw when this law won't be enforced when the bots are bought by women

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what do they even look like? how do they make the decision where to draw the line? "is that a kid or small adult?"

How is a girl going to explain why she bought a shotabot?

>think of le children
This ban is 100% directed by women, their character is so patheticly disgusting they are threatened by the bot replacing them.

Yeah, well, my girlfriend is an XX year old and she's just a little underdeveloped for her age

feminism. case dropped.

wtf it's a fucking doll
who the fuck is harmed by someone sticking their peepee into a doll

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politicians think it's good pr. who is going to be against this and not look bad?

>sell these bots
>store all information about the buyers
>later on just go to each one of those faggots houses and kill them
maybe banning them isn't such a good idea

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