Does she have a point?

I think she's right, but for the wrong reason.
Her reason is most likely "reeeee why are men so competitive", but she's making a good point.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft are all making money from open source. Yet they don't really care about things like bug and security, if idiots are willing to provide bug fixes and security audits for free.

Everyone is free to do whatever they want, but as far as I'm concerned the only open source stuff I'm doing is fun, non-commercial stuff like graphics or audio toy programs written in weird languages, because it's fun. I have no interest in fixing Docker, Linux or whatever else those companies use to exploit my privacy.

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>Here are my opinions. No one respond to me this is not a dialogue.

She had worst ego that linus torvald

In some comment put "if you are using Node.JS you are using me code".

>but she's making a good point.
How is that a good point at all?

>but as far as I'm concerned the only open source stuff I'm doing is fun, non-commercial stuff like graphics or audio toy programs written in weird languages, because it's fun. I have no interest in fixing Docker, Linux or whatever else those companies use to exploit my privacy.
So don't work on projects you have no interest in. Nobody's forcing you to. But you also don't get to tell somebody who IS interested in Docker, Linux, or whatever, that they can't hack on it without demanding payment, and I have no idea why you or her think that its reasonable to say that projects shouldn't accept contributions from people who do the work because they're interested in it.

> Google, Facebook, Microsoft are all making money from open source. Yet they don't really care about things like bug and security, if idiots are willing to provide bug fixes and security audits for free.
No they are some of the biggest contributors. Turns out you want to make sure your servers will run great so you have to hire good linux devs and sysadmins.

The thing is this, what "it" is using as an example/analogy is if I asked an artist to do artwork for me, gratis, for "arts sake" is NOT the same as someone finding a project and deciding of their own free will to contribute to it. They're not being ASKED to contribute, they're contributing because they want to. It's more like if I owned a gallery and a bunch of artists came to ME and said "hey, can I stick my stuff in your gallery in hopes that someone will see it, or so I can tell others that my stuff is in a gallery?". Artists actually do this. And so do programmers. It's not uncommon for a programmer to contribute to a project to pad their resume to make it easier to find paying work.

So no. "She" isn't right.

>let's make it socially unacceptable
the laziest fucking kind of leftist, every single time they propose something it's achieved through some unrealistically coordinated group action

I can't tell if this is a partisan thing or not
But one of the tip offs that she's a leftist is the use of the word "folks"
Pay attention, they really like using it

This is just another female trying to make thought, and failing.

It's because they don't want to call everybody men
Am I right, guys?

I could understand if you were contributing to an open source owned by a large company. MAYBE. But not fucking jimmy's image recognition neural network written in rust or whatever the fuck.

> Let's Make Unacceptable to help refugees and donate to charity.
> Merit is merit

>let's make it socially unacceptable
most of the population has no fucking idea what open source even is

>people are willing to contribute for social good

fucking hell lads

If you're going to work on stuff outside of work, at least make it stuff that can actually make you money. Contributing to open source is for cucks.

>let's make is socially unacceptable to...
What an absolute kike thing to say. Disgusting degenerate.

they could just say "people". they use "folks" a lot because they want to be seen as more "folksy". or at least they perceive themselves as being folksy. the OP tranny said "guess who has enough free time and resources to get established in open source"; the answer of course is people they'd call privileged. for most modern leftists, the ultimate goal is the reduction of human suffering through enforced removal of social hierarchy. i.e, wealth and class. they are materialists and believe in tabula rasa, that everyone has the same potential and the same body, that humanity is naturally relatively homogeneous, and that every human conflict through history has been a result of pettiness and greed caused by lack of resources. they want resource distribution to everybody, because they think more resources necessarily implies less conflict.
so through modern leftist history, they've consistently and deliberately tried to align themselves to the underpriveleged humble commonperson (despite billy bob the factory worker from kentucky not giving a shit about their high ideals). lately, "rights" for trannies and other sexual deviants have become a popular thing to talk about. because of the materialism of leftists, they see no essential difference in the struggle of a weird sexually confused autistic college kid and the aforementioned kentucky factory worker. to some extent they're both underpriveleged, but leftists think using vocabulary like "folks" will blur the line between these two types of people.

She has a point. But to prevent people from doing what they want when it harms no one but themselves is a waste of time. It is no one's business but their own. Shaming would be the stupidest way to do it too. A lot of people like being shamed.

don't forget they sometimes use 'folx' instead because 'folks' has a K in it for KKK

Wow she's retarded. Like is OK to have help in free open source projects. Like it doesn't need to have a leader as long as the shit werks and also is fucking free what the fuck. In worst case scenario is not free but open source. Then still, if you get helped or you ask for help is fucking on since is your choice to buy that shit as you can compile the code for free anyways. Having the service of free automatic updates is more like a privilege to me of you ask me but still is OK. Fucking bitch. Please delete your screenshot.

If people always thought like this, open source wouldn't exist in the first place

And nothing whatsoever of value would be lost.
Before open source, we had DOS and sharewares and it was good. Individual developers were actually able to make a living without having to report to Pajeet for a pittance. You had to pay for software, but only a few dollars.

RMS ideology gave us Google and Facebook, giant corporations sucking all your data and violating your privacy.

Imagine being this retarded.
The only ones at fault for the centralization of the internet are retarded consumers.

This is a golden age that only 35+ boomers like me have known.

Computers were booting in less than half a second. Updates happened whenever you wanted them to happen (you had to drive to a store to buy a new version on floppy disks). No privacy invasion. Everything running in ring 0, you could access all registers of all devices. No DRM. No SJW video games. Demoscenes making cool effects.

We lost almost all of that. We have operating systems that are basically boring multi-user mainframe-like operating systems, and yet they are full of security holes. But they're "open source" as if anyone actually cared.

And it's shit because computers are now being made for low-IQ people who don't care about using them. Which is fine, except that we all have to suffer for this.

>Entire job is running a community around an open source project
>Shit on everyone
>Fucking cishet males

>Computers were booting in less than half a second.
Filthy UNIXfag.

>Well, I’ve got a spare minute here, because my Sun’s editor window
>evaporated in front of my eyes, taking with it a day’s worth of Emacs

>So, the question naturally arises, what’s good and bad about Suns?

>This is the fifth day I’ve used a Sun. Coincidentally, it’s also the fifth
>time my Emacs has given up the ghost. So I think I’m getting a feel
>for what’s good about Suns.

>One neat thing about Suns is that they really boot fast. You ought to
>see one boot, if you haven’t already. It’s inspiring to those of us
>whose LispMs take all morning to boot.

>Another nice thing about Suns is their simplicity. You know how a
>LispM is always jumping into that awful, hairy debugger with the
>confusing backtrace display, and expecting you to tell it how to pro-
>ceed? Well, Suns ALWAYS know how to proceed. They dump a
>core file and kill the offending process. What could be easier? If
>there’s a window involved, it closes right up. (Did I feel a draft?)
>This simplicity greatly decreases debugging time because you imme-
>diately give up all hope of finding the problem, and just restart from
>the beginning whatever complex task you were up to. In fact, at this
>point, you can just boot. Go ahead, it’s fast!


they is the correct pronoun bigot

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>Does she have a point?
No. Work is work, yes, but you have a right to do work for free if you so choose. Some people volunteer their time in soup kitchens to feed the homeless because that's what they want to do. Nobody is paying them. Similarly, some people volunteer their time on open source projects. It helps them develop a skill, and it helps them develop a product that they make use of on a daily basis.

>Google, Facebook, Microsoft are all making money from open source
And plenty of others are benefiting from it too. Who cares if some big players who can afford to pay for software development are getting benefits for free? Hell, some of them are even adding into the projects themselves, so logic should dictate that they should reap the rewards no matter what.

It's a hell of a lot better than the alternative, which is where everything costs money, and nobody knows how anything they use works.

>I have no interest in fixing Docker, Linux or whatever else those companies use to exploit my privacy.
That's perfectly fine. Plenty of people work on these because they do benefit from those products, and they want to make them better. Just don't bitch about the people who choose to volunteer their time.

>Theory virgin neckbeard autist become tranny to gain female privilege, goes to bottom to top social totem.

it's the perfect plan

You are a special kind of retard, no?

How much does this mentally ill loser make a year? I really hope I make more than them. I also don't contribute to open sores projects and never will, thanks for beta testing and writing it for me to use nerds

>35+ boomers
I'm sick of this fucking meme. Boomers are those who are born between 1946 and 1964. So you can't be a Boomer unless you're between the ages of 53 and 72.

the length of the postwar baby boom vary by country.

You're still not a goddamn boomer.

Some countries didn't ship any soldiers at all and didn't have one.

>Who has the resources to make large contributions for free in their spare time
Passionate, determined, skilled autists. Precisely the kind of people I want working on my project.

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>finds big open source project
>writes code to add some feature, makes pull request
>code gets merged into project
>demands to get paid for said code
>flips the fuck out when the project owners respond with "lolwut"

YOU ARE LITERALLY VOLUNTEERING TO CONTRIBUTE WITHOUT DIRECT SOLICITATION FROM THE PROJECT, THEN DEMANDING TO BE PAID AFTER YOUR WORK IS INCORPORATED. Yes, because thats totally not moneygrubbing, but an open source project accepting help from people who have fun programming is.

I don't agree with that at all. Google, facebook, etc. also release a lot of open source code for us to use like tensorflow and react. Having a commit history on a really big project also makes you stick out when applying for jobs. There's a lot to gain from working on open source. Nobody's forcing you to do it. I see it as a way to "start working before you get hired"; but by hired, I mean by BIG companies like redhat and Google.

>when a 67 year old gen z loser trys to shitpost you
Nice try retard

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not really. I contend that the success of linux happens because of cost savings. sharing the onus of development of a large and complex yet basic component of computing systems saves corporations a lot of money.

retarded dickheads
the point of the meme is that people here are scared of getting old, so being called old is now an insult sort of thing. nobody on this website is close to being a boomer, but the meme is there because of how youthful everyone is. a lot of the userbase is like on the verge of not being "young" anymore, as in 30 or approaching 30. personally I'm 20 and I feel slightly old sometimes. people here say I only have 4 good birthdays left.

This. It's either your passion project, you're fixing something because you need it, or you need to get your foot in the door for industry

why is the tech scene so fucking cancerous

>Can you please stop participating in your hobby? Thanks
What a cunt, honestly. This is some Poe's law tier shit where she's literally asking people to be lazy instead of spending their free time having fun AND being productive. Or even just giving away work you'd have to do anyway. That really boils my blood. "please stop contributing non-trivial patches" what a fucking world.

It's just people being retarded and trolling people for laughs dude

>Men are 4 times more likely than women to be autistic

More like why are milennials so cancerous.

Would a Code of Conduct PR be considered trivial because it doesn't include any code, or non-trivial because muh equality? Either way I think they lose.

Why can't people just get over themselves?

He has a point, but he's still autistic.

Because generations change and we live in a time where very vocal oversensitive people get too much attention on social media.

>generations change
less changes between 'generations" than you think. "Generations" is a marketing term that isn't even used by marketers anymore.

>Let's make it socially unacceptable to do X
Puritans in a nutshell.

>Code of conduct complaints should be reported to our [email protected] alias. This report appears to be random trolling not submitted in good faith.
Public shaming is okay, but only when they do it.

And who do you think taught and encouraged them to be hypersensitive? This shit dates from before 1968.


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It also demonstrates a simplistic thinking. What if the artist then went on and found a way to monetize his creation, but only after it was out there?
Like everyone and their dog making money on youtube
Or the musicians who made fan songs for The Dick Show and recently released a billboard topping album with those songs
Or artists who make fanart for youtube creators
Open source is just there. If you want to walk in and contribute, welcome

Opinions like these is why we can't have nice things. If everyone thought like you FOSS wouldn't exist.

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>RMS ideology
Every corp in existence prefers Apache/BSD licensing instead of GPL, what are you on about?

Don't feed obvious trolls.

I'll do whatever the fuck I want nigger

Her thoughts are convoluted, therefore I cannot follow as easily as I would have liked. If your writing requires more effort than necessary, then rethink it. Although she really is wasting time. Why not shut up and get to work like all the men do?

He's a Jow Forums troll you idiot

Nevermind, I get it now. How is that even worth a tweet and several paragraphs?

>I think she's right, but for the wrong reason.
No. She wants to kill open source.

>Google, Facebook, Microsoft are all making money from open source.
The solution is GPL.

She's 100% correct. This is why Linux and IRC were developed in a Socialist country with FREE EDUCATION. In Finland you get free money from the government while studying and a free apartment. Private schools are also banned so everyone has to attend government schools.

Finland is the most stable country in the world.

Finland is the freest country in the world together with Sweden and Norway.

Finland is the safest country in the world.

Finland has the best governance in the world.

Finland has the least organised crime in the world.

Finland’s judicial system is the most independent in the world.

Next to Danes, Finns vote in the freest and most reliable elections.

Finland has the third least corruption in the world.

Finland is the third wealthiest country in the world.

Finnish banks are the soundest in the world.

Finland has the most personal freedom and choice in the world.

Protection of property rights in Finland is the second best in the world.

Finland is the second best country in social progress in the world.

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Have you ever listened to him in an interview? What ego? He does everything in his power to not include subpar code, hence his infamous online behavior.

For context, she works for npm

So if a piece of software you use has a bug and you decide to fix it because it annoys they shit out of you you're a cuck?

This makes me really mad tbqh. Charity, given freely by those who are able to give it, is good and right. It is one of the things that give me hope for humanity. It's one way to show fuckwits that strict capitalism is not the only way. That people would still work if they didn't have to.

She's a western white whore, and by that effect should shut her dumb white mouth and not give any opinions because her opinions are invalid.

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incel autist to tranny feminist.

She has a point, but it's not a good one, and it's wrapped up in a 'this is why women don't do open-source, it's men's fault for doing work for free' thought process.

Only faggots use nodejs, running server side js is stupid

>Contributing to open source is for cucks.
True. Open source is fucking cancer in all its flavors like MIT or BSD licenses. You should always and only contribute to libre GPL licensed software, since its the only way to stop companies from stealing your work from you. Hell, if you want to exclude them just release under the AGPL. The Jews at Google are afraid as hell they could accidently do something wrong and change all their project licenses to AGPL

>The Jews at Google are afraid as hell they could accidently do something wrong and change all their project licenses to AGPL
wait what? how do you accidentally change a software license?

>money grubbing white bitch that can't compete tries to be manipulative and deceitful
What's new?

The AGPL enforced that all things that are built on the project must be released under the AGPL as well. If you treat it wrong, it spread like a legal virus sort of. That's why it's outright banned at Google for every employee

Wow how dare you reply to me

>Does she have a point
do these fucking trannies ever have a point?

They use folx like they use latinx. It's supposed to be gender neutral, because folks wasn't gender neutral enough apparently.

So communists will always tell you what to do and how to act, in the name of "freedom". Ironic much?

so, I had misread, and thought she was saying that TRIVIAL contributions should be unacceptable, and yes, that's already happening, except with shit software like node.js and other mostly irrelevant stuff where twitter SJWs can change the name of a variable and retards will applaud them

then I read the correct sense of his post... and, there isn't much to add: as other people said, she's retarded and doesn't know what she's talking about. in fact, not only she doesn't know, but she seems to want to stop people from contributing to humanity as a whole.

now I wonder what her contributions have been...

>if idiots are willing to provide bug fixes and security audits for free.
you do know they have (security) bug bounty programs, right?


>hurr lets delegate all responsibility for FOSS to GAFA!
And this is how FOSS dies.
Reminder to reject your local SJW.

And who is going to pay me/him/her/xer/them? x--D

>hey, here is the commit, i worked on it like 1 week but i solved it
>oh hey thanks man! you did a great job, thanks for all your time
>yeah, hmm, this chick said you have to pay me now or are you going to do socially unacceptable thing and wont pay me?
>posts greentext on github/gitlab/etc. implying that contributor is dumbass working for free, you basically robbed him and you post anime smug face reaction pic

>larping as an oldfag
Reminder that your beloved proprietary developers, Apple and Microsoft, spearheaded the push towards huge bloated desktop environments that take minutes to boot to a minimally-functional single user shell.

All the BSD and Lunix tards didnt even have a decently functional X server until the mid 90s.


I'm not even surprised.

>faces(more like feces) of JS

Workers are free to sell their work to whoever they want and for however much they want, even for free. Whether it's ethical or not to sell your work for free it's up you and no one else. The best one could do is to educate people about facts, not opinions.

I'm 99% sure there are tons of skids who take a github, repackage it into something else, and sell that on a small scale.

Marxist subversives trying class warfare with age as a class and (((college professors)))

more people live in the Toronto metro area than the entire country of finland, of course its easy to govern a nation of 5 million ethnically homogeneous europeans.

ok, Chaghatai

why doesn't she just stop "contributing" if she's so butthurt?

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So much this.

Sweden is like NYC metro area in terms of pop.

Did OP give you permission to comment?

Did he?

Thot logic, only in for tgings that have direct material gain..
No one cares about her stupid "contributions"

Except Sweden just found out that 'ethnically homogeneous' is kind of a requirement.