>Realize that not taking a CS degree was a mistake
>Trapped in a dead end job
>All I want to do is learn about computers

Is it too late bros?

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Lol I'm 26 and in your exact position. Going back to college in a few weeks to start working on my CS degree, fuck what the 12 year olds here say. What are you going to do, wait until you're 40?

21 same

>Realize that not taking a naval degree was a mistake
>Trapped in a dead end job
>All I want to do is learn about ships and explore the fuck out of the oceans

most cs jobs are consulting jobs. Have fun learning to use a program others created so "your" client doesn't need to.

>learn about computers
It's a rabbit hole.
The further you go, the more you realize that no one understands any of this shit.
They understand the abstractions, but not the reality.

It's just layer upon layer upon layer of abstraction. It's meme engineering.

>more money than i can use from buttcoins
>my life quality has not changed

life is a meme.

>1 year till graduation
>bored out of my mind of software engineering
Fuck me, should've done CE or EE or some shit.

I don't really want to go back to college, I fucking hated it.

I'm learning web dev on my own.

Marine bio was the answer to that user

I started college at age 28. Now 35, finishing my master's. Worth it.

Do you have gf?
I am 27 and haven't got gf because too busy learning computers even with CS degree. Computers are so painful to learn. Not only you have learn basic logic/maths/discrete maths and programming and compilers and networks and graphs and electronics and web and games and animations and fucking a ton of use cases but also abstract things like algorithms and probability. Did I forget about AI and data science?

Sometimes it feels like I should give up, get a hole and fuck her day and night to get over my failure of conquering computers.

Not true. consulting firms take anyone with basic c++/c background which they do in freshman year. So they hire from every department.

>Do you have gf?

No, and I don't give a fuck, honestly. I have some close friends and that's more than enough for me.

I just want to quit my job and div deep into this shit until I make it or lose my sanity.

haha don't.
I have been there and most of us will be there only to fall. I am virgin. I am facing a dilemma here. One side says get a hole fucker it up and get back to computers.
Other side says once you start fucking hole you will lose interest or brain power necessary to pursue computers, meaning you give up.

Not sure what to do .

I understand you.

I'm worried about failure not because I don't my skills or mind, but my ability to stay focused.

But fuck, even if everyone warns me against it, I still want to do it.

As somebody with a gf, you are right. It's a massive distraction and limiting on your time. However, it can also be a net positive to your productivity if you leverage her right. Be alpha enough and you can have her running errands and cooking/cleaning.

It'll be tougher to get a job that way, but not impossible. Good luck lul

That's cool that you want to learn about computers, but what are you going to do with computers to get paid? Think carefully...

You don't have to go to university to learn CS, there's so much resources on the internet. If you have a strong self discipline you can teach yourself anything.

Taking a conversion Msc next year. Background in Philosophy. In my late 20s. It's never too late OP. Don't let barriers stop you. Make it happen.

should have done CE, EE
Until your circuit for a final project doesn't work and you have no fucking idea why.

Thanks for the heads up!

Main focus is web dev, I have a friend that could land me a job if I get serious about this.

Mate, figure out what you wanna learn about computers first. For all we know you wanna learn how to dust them. Programming, hacking, system engineering, network engineering, you name it. What do you wanna learn anyway

See Going with web dev, seems the most viable option if I have to do it on my own, and also interests me.

Programming in general interests me because it seems so huge and constantly moving that I feel I would never get bored of it.

send it to me

I can't help but cringe when people use 'hacking' in this manner. If you can't program and can't create networks or systems, what exactly are you leaning when you "l2hack"? How to rice i3, or where the metasploit shortcut is on the gnome menu?

I'd focus on programming then, which also comes in handy with web development. PHP isn't that difficult to get started with and see if web dev stuff workes out for you in the near future. There are countless of *free* entry level programming courses available anywhere. Udemy, Lynda, hell even YouTube. I'd say start with those and start with creating your first few websites. Why not a resume website to host online, for starters.

>most cs jobs are consulting jobs. Have fun learning to use a program others created so "your" client doesn't need to.
Not true but all security jobs are fucking consulting jobs

You don't need to be a full time programmer to learn pentesting. Web exploitation is mainly about bypassing input filtering and uploading web shells. Metasploit doesn't need any programming skills either. And manually compiled exploits from exploitdb doesn't require any indepth 1337 programming skills either.

Yeah, I've been fucking around with Udemy and Traversy media course for months, but I didn't have much free time after work.

My focus now is PHP, Laravel specially, keeping that possible job in mind. Also learning my way around linux and bash as a bonus.

I quite enjoy the continuous problem solving.

A problem solving attitude is certainly a must in any IT field. Just finish those courses and do some meaningful web dev stuff to gain some skills. Apply for internships to develop them further and within a few years you should be able to develop websites or applications professionally

>how we keep the brainlets out
My circuit lab partner wouldn't have fucking graduated if i didn't do all the shit for him

Play your cards right in your career and you'll get far more ahead than these guys ever will

So i guess if you want to be the equivalent of a help-desk employee but for security, sure, but really how useful can you be without understanding the fundamentals. Not to mention i'm pretty sure that sort of thing is getting automated more and more.
When i was at uni i took a security unit and felt sad for the people doing a 'forensic' assignment pouring over a hex dump using a series of steps that looked like a cake piece, with no actual understanding of the fundamentals, or the process a person took to create that code/data in the first place.

>I quite enjoy the continuous problem solving.
prepare for that to go away once you work a corporate job unless you get a unicorn

My point is, writing code doesn't drive me insane. Currently doing an engineering project with ME/EE majors at university and I want to kill all of my teammates and the fucking instructor.

Literally this
EE people are some of the most retarded fucks i've ever known when it comes to creativity
Their brains can only think in transistor

Look, I'm not saying programming doesn't come in handy for pentesting. If you wanna be really good in your field you gotta how to do the things the things the automated tools can't. As far as I can see only vulnerability stuff will be automated in the near future (the easy low hanging fruit stuff). But actual pentesting and finding holes in completely different environments is very much a creative thinking process and I don't see that being automated any time soon. And your years in pentesting gives you a great foundation to do risk assessing and other CISO stuff