Talking to someone about lower back pain, phone is in my hand while talking

>talking to someone about lower back pain, phone is in my hand while talking
>get this ad 5 minutes later
How is this not illegal yet?

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You agreed to it, though.

How can schizophrenia be outlawed?

>in bed
>crotch is often itchy
>itch a lot
>get ads for jock itch after

I cannot fathom the true abilities of this system.

Just do squats and deadlifts.

talk about recruiting minors for the jihad and see what happens

Summarily execute anyone with psychotic symptoms.

>tell all my friends how much i fucking love water
>always drink water
>suddenly get ads for water

i will not stand for this!

You are retarded

By ending the war on tobacco

The better question is why haven't you stopped agreeing to that shit yet?

>not lying endlessly - every single fucking day - in order to throw off data miners

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What agreement are you referring to

a day after you kill yourself for being willfully blind.
i mean, what compels you to make comments like this when you're clearly uninformed?

posted about this in last thread mos ago,
but have a had a few super creepy things happen last few days.
OS doesn't, but 3rd party apps can use os listen in, good article about it somewhere a week or so ago.
3rd party apps can auto-update to have that ability, install it.

But he's on a computer and not a phone... and not signed into google

That giant UI doesn't look like a computer to me.

This is the kind of shit has me on the brink of going full-bore RMS... it's getting out of hand.

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He put a video disproving this one literally in the first line of description you retard

mistraining AI by selecting improper stuff on reCAPTCHA that share similarities with what i was supposed to select is my hidden pleasure

RMS either doesn't use a phone or uses some Victorian rotary dial shit

My brother

For every one you get wrong 100k normies get right. It's a numbers game.

>thinking his 1 wrong result changes anything
You think google is dumb?

Your friendly AI overlord is offering you solution to your problem to make your life happier. What are you complaining about?

>talk about recruiting minors for the jihad and see what happens
ads for zip ties and duct tape

What kind of idiot doesn't block ads?

The simple solution is to train the abs until the balance between abdominal and back muscles is attained with the spine between them, since lower back pain is due to fucked up balancing.

So do crunches?

they subsidize your free internet experience. don't call them idiots.

Afaik he doesn't carry a smart phone & has a landline.

1984 is getting more real by the day & the inconvenience of only having a landline is actually looking more & more liberating to me.

>communicating through a wiretapped line directly tied to your identity

>do rare Asian porno search because a new Asian girl at work who always wears black tights and I want to fug
>all the local girls in my area now have chinky eyes

Better yet by an iPhone.

Idiots. Useful idiots.

I'd rather have a fractured Internet than one with a few major sites that track your every move in the name of free as in free beer.