Do you have a foot warmer Jow Forums?

Do you have a foot warmer Jow Forums?

The one that came with my monitor is pretty decent .

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>tfw laptop powerbricks are incredible foot warmers indeed..!

I hate monitors that don't use the standard 3 pin cable that PSUs use.

Fuck having to hunt down a power brick with the right voltage and enough amps when it dies.

Fuck it even more when the plug is non standard DC like the ones Samsung uses or the 4 pined shit like in OP's pic.

It is easier to replace an external brick than a built in power module though.

With an external brick there should also be less heat for the monitor to deal with, so it should technically last longer.

I've never had insufficient cooling on a monitor that used the standard power cable as they all have vents while the ones with a power brick still get pretty warm and the power bricks always get hot.
It's also much more common for them to have VESA mounts.

I hate Samsung so fucking much for their proprietary power brick, and the fucking weird textured back with no VESA mount.

since when do monitors have heat output issues?
CRTs used to get warm, but not anywhere near hot, and LCDs don't even come close to CRTs temperature wise

You're right, id rather replace a $150 proprietary power brick in case it dies, than risk RMAing a $1800 monitor.

>$1800 monitor
you what
what's the point?

based toastyposter

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my samsung one is hot all the time but it's been 6 years and still working

>monitor won't die
>want easy excuse so i can get 32" curved 144hz ultra hd gaming

Spoken like a true poor

i'm not even poor, but that's way past the point of diminishing returns
a fool and his money are easily parted, i guess

What if 90% quality just doesn't suffice? What if I the 'good enough' mindset is for underachievers?

i'm sure that 99% adobe rgb coverage helps you shitpost on Jow Forums more efficiently

Yes, yes it does. Stay petty.

>Spoken like a true poor
The "you 're poor when you don't waste as much as I do in useless overpriced marketing shit as I do" argument

>as I do
forget the last one.

Switched mode power supplies are supposed to get somewhat hot when they're operating at peak efficiency though

>Proper magnetic design will normally ensure that the total losses will be split between copper loss (caused by winding resistance in all windings) and core loss. This is a careful balancing act, and requires knowledge and skills that are well outside the normal knowledge base of most electronics designers. Core loss depends on the switching frequency, flux level and temperature. Many core types show the lowest losses at a temperature of around 80°C or so, and if you ever wondered why SMPS transformers seem to run hotter than expected, this could be one of the reasons.

My Dells are cool to the touch no matter where I put my hand, but I have them at 65% brightness which is only a little bit over half consumption according to the built in energy usage bar.

I don't understand how people can live with LED backlit monitors running full brightness, especially at night, it burns my eyes.

Do your legs explode when the power brick explodes?

Depends. Had an old Fujitsu monitor and it got hot as fuck. Had it next to my newer Acer monitor and the difference was frightening. Even if you switched it off after using, it took ages to cool off.

>Corean monitor
>power supply coil whines like hell


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>Requires knowledge and skills that are well outside the normal knowledge base of most electronic designers.
Fucking what? It's dead simple optimization. Also if a high temp at the core is so important for some designs the why is it always just a shitty plastic shrink-wrapped transformer soldered directly against the board? You could reduce heating requirements by several watts and increase the life of hearby caps by wrapping the core in fiberglass if this were true.

Yep got a Sammy freesync myself, its got one of these.