Finding Open Source Projects

Everyone always says find an open source project to contribute to so it looks good on your resume, but I can't seem to find any that are within the scope of my ability. I'd love to contribute to open source, but I can't seem to find projects. Where's the best place to go?

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Maybe write some of your own projects for a while first. Then when you find open source tools you like you can checkout the issues and bugs section of their githubs. Try to solve those bugs and make pull requests. That's how you get started!

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Open Source is crap. Contribute to Free Software instead.

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whats the difference between open source and free sowtware? i know stallman goas ape shit about open source software but i never understood why

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The only real major project I’ve done uses, and the maintainers and developers of that are an absolute nightmare to work with.

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What's the best way to fill holes in your resume with bullshit after you've spent years sitting at your parent's basement playing video games and thinking about killing yourself?

I've been thinking something along the lines of independent contractor and tech support, but I'm not very creative.

Say you've been doing freelance

Also don't kill yourself user, there's love out there you just need to find it. Try changing your location.

>The only real major project I’ve done uses
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your average Computer Studies graduate.

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post your projects user

First write an app to use a github api for looking for an 'good first issue' and then choose something for yourself

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stallman is about software freedom, which 'free software' refers to
'open source' just means the source code is publicly readable. something can be proprietary/non-free and open source at the same time
what pisses stallman off is people mixing the two up, and being lead to believe open source is enough

Don't fall for that meme.
The only ones saying that are the jews who own Red Hat who want software for free to resell, or literal autists like the Free Software Foundation.

Write something else in Python, use Tornado or Flask to make a webapp. Recruiters love 'webapps'.

You don't have to contribute with code right away. You could file bug reports, write/update documentation or trying to help with translations.


When you talk about open-source, you're talking about a development model. Usually done when arguing about why it's good.
When you talk about free software, you're talking about giving freedom to the users of your software, to make sure they can study and modify the code, and others can benefit from it too.

More info here:

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Godot Game Engine
NewPipe for Android (you can port it to different OS)
Create a browser kiosk for Raspberry Pi that runs entirely from RAM, never writes to microSD, you can pop it out once OS is booted.
Create your own, something you think might be useful.

This is a really good idea and I can't believe I never thought of it, ty

I just make my own shit, then put my gitlab link on my resume. I tell interviewers that if they want to know if I'm good at programming, all they have to do is go to that link. I'm an electrical engineer so programming isn't as big of a deal for me, but I have enough stuff out there that it's very clear that I am competent, and more skilled than most EE's.

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I just love Sayori!

search github issues

fix bugs/add features/refactor code in programs you use.

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