I just installed Void Linux, now what Jow Forums?

I just installed Void Linux, now what Jow Forums?

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Help the void team searching the maintainer.

Enjoy never having to decide which social events to go to again.

[spoiler] because you'll never be invited anywhere ever again [/spoiler]

enjoy using the best distro on the market

install gentoo

i switched from gentoo to void as maintaining a binpkg virtual machine to get binary packages on this atom shitbox was too boring, so no thanks
it's really comfy and runit is fast!

now go fuck yourself

wipe and install gentoo

>Install distro without systemd
>Install goolag chrome
what for?

delete and install Devuan

At least apt can autocomplete. Fuck void.

now go and install a web browser that respects your freedums

Found the idiot who can't wrap his head around aliases. Why are you even here...I mean on Earth...living

Reinstall Void, and then install gentoo

Get Waterfox or Firefox, get the NoScript plug in added to it and then install some software you like.

Install gentoo, wipe, reinstal void, and then install arch and wipe again.

Use a browser like Firefox(tweaked) which doesn't screw with your privacy.

>now what Jow Forums?
now realize that operating systems only exist to run programs that actually matter

Now everybody can tell you, why your chosen distro is shit.

I have all my bookmarks and passwords for non sensitive websites synced in chrome, couldn't care less about muh google botnet. I use an alternative package manager to repackage the deb directly downloaded from google this way I always have an up to date browser without having to depend on the package maintainer to do his job.

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>just installed Void Linux

Now delete it and install OpenBSD

Install i3 and use a real browser

Okay now what. Ignore the neofetch results there's nothing to be seen there.

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This has been very comfy so far. I think I'm experiencing the power of linus.

Every time I finish installing a Linux distro, I play with it for a bit. Then I get bored and try to install a game to play. The game doesn't work on Linux, so I end up installing Windows back and playing the game.

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>not dual booting

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