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new desktop/screenfetch thread
tty edition

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post login

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Sauce on bg?

Also >tangentially tech related general

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Background of this desktop?

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Mein niger

rate mine

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>two steams
>one failed to load ico


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its for when i want steams i can

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--- tty ricing guide ---

- install fbsplash or splashutils depending on the distro
- you're gonna need to configure and recompile the kernel
enable required kernel options, see
ignore the rest of the article
- install some themes you can use as templates
splash-themes-gentoo or bootsplash-themes or fbsplash-theme-natural-arch or whatever
you can try out some themes like so
splash_manager -c set --theme=THEME
that will set the theme on your current tty, to set the theme on another tty, use
splash_manager -c set --theme=THEME --tty=N
you can't apply themes that don't match your resolution
- make your own theme, it's ez
use a bg img that's in your res, put it in themedir/images, name it "verbose-.png"
edit the file named ".cfg" in themedir appropriately
just use another theme as a template, you don't need any guide or whatever to do this
if something isn't obvious, look at usr/share/doc/splashutils-
- make a simple init script/systemd unit to set your login theme and tty colors on startup
(you can set a different theme in .bash_profile for post login if you want)
- setting the console (tty) font differs between distros, see your distro wiki or whatever
- don't forget to put some cool ascii in etc/issue

here's how I did it
- etc/tty_theme - file where I keep the names of the themes I'm using:
export TTY_LOGIN_THEME=login_theme
export TTY_THEME=post_login_theme

- my openrc script where I set the login theme and colors:
- relevant stuff from .bash_profile (setting the post login theme):
. etc/tty_theme
[ "$TERM" = "linux" ] && [ -z $SSH_TTY ] && \
sudo splash_manager -c set --theme=$TTY_THEME

- .bash_logout so when you log out it resets the login theme:
[ "$TERM" = "linux" ] && [ -z $SSH_TTY ] && \
sudo splash_manager -c set --theme="$TTY_LOGIN_THEME"

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had to put instead of / because Jow Forums/cloudflare won't let me post if there's unix file paths
use this for tty scrots

why do people use vuze over deluge?


How did you manage this? I figure you could use version to get the gentoo aacii, but the wallpaper and centered greeter?

you're harmful

screenfetch or neofetch: which is better?


gui stuff

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don't listen to the propaganda, any *fetch that uses a config file is bad

dude weed lmao

Yes, I really like green

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both are bad
neofetch does most things better though

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why do people still post frogs on this website years after it became a facebook meme?

because they come from facebook

im reducing you from weedman to dumb frogposter

I'm angry now

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Holy shit that's nice

Unbiased source please. :^)

>posting le racist frog on Jow Forums

What the fuck is wrong with you?

What terminal font is this?

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wow thats comfy

looks like lemon

fix your eyes.

that's artwiz drift, scaled to 200% apparently.

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it's not


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the previous one was yes

idk why

to sow wo boss
and now te nwo fug my keyboard

Oh I Hello Anonymous
openbox and xfce4 panel
How come

enabling 10% transparency on literally every word in the game

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if we make 100 to 150 posts worth of guides and OP posts per thread we can have like 2 - 3 desktop threads a day
ill start:
secret ricing guide:
1. anime wallpaper
2. colours
3. read how to config ur wm
4. find font
5. css
6. bar

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> 2 - 3 desktop threads a day
no. 1 is enough

wow dude im sure grateful I can print my distro logo 0.1 seconds faster or paste a ugly anime pciture with the face edited out onto it


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firefox is bad

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its 2015 all browsers blow ass now


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how to rice your tty:
-get a decent font
-make it black and white

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get cuter wallpaper
more interesting colours but they'e alright
boring wm decorations but whatever
no css or gtk sighted
lame bar

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Because of people like you desktop threads became prohibited on Jow Forums. Don't do it again.


So you intentionally cripple yourself with an anime filled paradise full of nice people with good opinions How does any particular kind of commit message at the top
You I like anime too That goes for all the same bitmap font at 9pt (or 9px

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>Nas - One Love



not dope.

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Hey how you doin'?

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Post pape OwO

nice colors, cool bars

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made it myself, glad you like it!!!

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Then stop using it

looks like dexters lab

honk if you like santans

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anyone got pape on the right?

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kyouko's the only decent desktop there lol
>huge fucking ass titlebar
>discord AND IRC
>legacy windows icons
>bad fonts
>taskbar on the top
>default looking bar

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fixed css

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im a tastemaker

Jow Forums wm

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artificially produced desktop

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im just quoting u baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaka

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Anyone knows if is worth installing GDE under ubuntu? i heard that has problems with GTK and Qt. So i wonder if is there a desktop manager like CDE?

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CDE builds fine under Ubuntu, I've done it many times.

>xfce + i3
I'm curious to try this combo, do you like it?

You did this?

Yup, exactly that

ok, thanks you!

cute pan girl

Well so far I It is the aliased look is what you why is the embodiment of my joy of getting all custom glyphs working along with FontForge not segfaulting and getting bdftopcf to finally work with fonts
Did you set your font in config
Don You should check out the Artwiz fonts that people like smK use

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Bookmarking for when I arrive to home

yes, i have no complaints, xfce has a good panel and handles all the manual annoying config shit

only extra thing i had to setup was xfce4-i3-workspaces-plugin and it's pretty easy

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lol btfoed

what do you expect from someone retarded enough to use windows?


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nice desktop
not a v.cute pictur ein the middle though

please send me some cute pictures to display, i can't find any lately.

/me sends eti a selfie