Paranoid thread part 2: electric boogaloo

Hey Jow Forums, we had this thread on /diy/ days ago
can you devise a better physical security system than /diy/?
your budget is around 600 dollars and you have to equip a small apartment/house as good as possible.

considering this is Jow Forums, you have to purely use electronic measures.

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a little bump
phy/sec/ does not interest Jow Forums?

I think everyone here is LARPing as Elliot Alderson

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Easy easy my dude best security through obscurity spend 400 a month and live at a shared apartment with 6+ roommates and one wifi access point. Pay landlord in cash. After that just swipe the fuck out of Tinder and sleep around at as many different houses as you can so nobody can track you down. Get some tails live USBs if your a fucking bitch.

giving a bump, that shit sounds interesting.

I am wondering. Is the old fx 8350 backdoored? If not, it seems a lot more reasonable than those IBM power Workstations

"living on the move" is not an option

as much as i know only CPUs that contain AMDPSP and IntelME are "backdoored", i think you can disable PSP.

buy a gun

>considering this is Jow Forums, you have to purely use electronic measures.

i buy a gun using my credit card

The only true privacy is to go full unibomber and live as a hermit.

The thread's about physical security, you dumb gay.

my dream setup:
>steel door and steel door frame
>30mm minimum ballistic glass barred on each side
>barbwired brick wall around property
Would cost way too much money but maybe one day I'll have enough

also requesting any addons to this list

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also maybe some super loud or sharp noise emitter that fucks you up but I imagine that would be illegal

Go full Latin American and do pic related. Change your locks for a security one and add another door in front of your door. Add some electrified barbed wire at the top of the walls and a Doberman in the front yard for the full rich-guy-living-in-Caracas experience.
>muh alarms muh cameras
Worthless. If someone goes through the trouble of breaking through all that metal they most likely want to kill you and an alarm won't prevent that.

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>sell all my stuff
>have nothing worth stealing anymore
>use the money to buy drugs & viagra
>when criminals arrive open door tripping balls with a massive erection

Go low tech. If you must carry a personal tracking device, either remove the battery or stick it in a Faraday cage. You can easily build an off the grid cabin in the woods for as little as $200 if you're willing to bust your balls making it and pick through the trash for stuff like used shed/garage windows and workbenches to furnish the cabin.

is Jow Forums retarded or what
OP's talking about PHYSICAL security not privacy

In OP's used case, digital security is physical security. If you have people who want to find and kill you, it's probably best not to carry a GPS enabled device, you worthless dolt.

well placed cameras can do a lot, you can see the guy before he even start breaking in, giving you prep time, it also allows you to see who's knocking on the door, and if they're really high quality and really well placed and you're autistic enough to spend time looking through them instead of glancing every 30 minutes, you might even catch a guy snooping your house

same for alarms, not every guy goes in by kicking down doors, some faggots will try to pick your lock while you sleep like a baby, it does make some noise, but not enough to wake you up.

again, we're talking about a 500 dollar budget for a small apartment here, nobody has the time or money to go full rich-businessman-in-salvadore

For 600 dollars you can Home Alone your whole house.

yes that's the point, how do you start
two high quality nvg cameras (clarity) or four basic cameras (coverage)?
best bang-for-your-buck alarm system?

et cetera, these are the answers i'm looking for

Connect 230 to door handles and window bars.

>set an IR laser tripwire in front if the front door connected to a Raspberry Pi PC. RPi is wirelessly connected to small 4lb PETN explosive with detonator using ZigBee radio
>connect pressure plate to ZigBee radio that links to the Rpi. When activated, it will trigger an X-ray tube will blast any intruder with 60 Gy of radiation in a 65 degree cone
>pressure plates on the floor directly in front of/below all doors and windows in the biggest room (living/dining room) that will send a signal to the RPi to trigger a servo motor connected to the valve of a 30lb Propane tank, and then approximately 15 seconds after, a small propane torch in the room

Electrified doors and windows.

Buy $600 worth of scary ass lookin dogs.

You mean dogs that look like asses? I don't think that would be very scary and it would probably make them less dangerous.


>hey there cute little doggie!
>wanna treat?
>ooooh good boy you like it!
>awww whats the matter, your tummy hurt?
Isn't 600$ a bit too much for a soon-to-be fertilizer?

electronic dogs?

Hang 580 dollars from a string just inside the front door and wait nearby with a 20 dollar baseball bat.

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>very autistic
i think smoke browses Jow Forums

Are cattle prods technolo/g/y?

depends, are you using it on yourself?

Maybe. Imagine the prostate orgasm it could give you.

nah dude
hang $500 from a string just inside the front door, buy a baseball bat from the flea market for $5, and go spend $95 at cluckin' bell

bugman eyes

It's gonna be pretty shocking

Board the windows up with plywood, install cameras and mount tv's where the windows were.

>buy solar panels
>attach wires to backyard door
>buy chains and lock up front door

Stop thinking you matter

Stop shitting on hobbies you don't like.

>wanna treat?
>ooooh good boy you like it!
You have no conception of how easy this is to train out of a dog.

>grab stick from tree
>buy 6 thinkpads
>put a thinkpad above the door so that it falls when robber enters by the door (leave door open)
>wake up from the massive sound of the brick hitting its head
>robber is almost dying
>grab stick and scream painfully
>kill him



There's another product along the same lines that uses radio waves to determine the approximate location of the intruder inside the radius. Forget who makes it.