Nvidia unveils Turing architecture and GPUs with dedicated ray-tracing hardware



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typical nvidia user doesn't know his acronyms. I bet you're asian.

found the amd cuck.

So will it be another proprietary standard for cucks?

yeah and its a ponzi scheme. The onions wars ray tracing demo was run on a titan V (volta) but during this pathetic keynote, they compared Turing against Pascal instead.

Volta has Tensor cores and shit, Pascal does not.

5% performance increase in games screenshot a cap in my ass

So anyone t tell me why it's rtx now? Gtx was for gaming, so this is for?

>the flagship Quadro RTX 8000 will cost $10,000

>The Quadro RTX products are intended for high-end professional use, not gaming

wrong again, i couldn't give a shit about brands :^) I use tools as tools. Feeling insecure?

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But Sub 1k Quadro cards when?
Boss is urging me to upgrade the CAD computers.

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that was seriously the gayest and most depressing conference i've ever seen, especially the dancing master chief guy at the end.

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>turing architecture

Maybe until feb 2019 ... sometimes nvidia put several months before midrange GPU pros.

Ray Tracing meme

*blocks your path*


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*trace your path*

Housefire gpus are better

DX12 only = DoA.

Nvidia will patent dx12, don't you worry.

> The Quadro RTX products are intended for high-end professional use, not gaming
OK then.
I mean, companies will buy whatever specialists need and this is irrelevant to the end user.

Who is going to build anything for this? Game devs will ignore it because consoles and mobile will never get nvidia GPUs or windows 10. Professionals will be hesitant to use it, windows 10 can't handle the latest 32 core CPUs and dual socket systems, major 3d programs all have linux and mac versions so they won't touch it for their viewport or anything.

>Quadro RTX
Was AdoredTV's source legit with the GeForce RTX shit? RTX makes sense for professional VFX hardware but, what about the gaymen "leaks?"

>6 gorayllion

Wouldn't be surprised if it was somebody from Nvidia feeding him misinformation. He did say to take his leak with a grain of salt.

Irrelevant, njewia will price the new gen gaming cards in the same price range.

>on a titan V (volta)
On 4 titans

Generally it seems that it was.
Probably wrong on the performance.
Nvidia has a fuckload of 10 series cards that they probably want to sell, mere 8% perf gain from a 1080ti certainly helps with selling 1080tis.
Though nvidia doesn't need to sell those cards anyways, they have enough money as it is.

Whichever it was, nvidia can change their branding whenever they want unless they have already started mass production of consumer GPUs. Like they renamed gtx660 to gtx680 and sold it as hi-end card.

>dedicated ray tracing hardware

i cant even compute matrix calculations needs dedicated hardware now?
oh wait dont tell me that they invented yet another metric system for it

i want amd-chan to beat me the fuck off

When gtx 2080 is coming?

that would be hot

Supposedly on the 20th.

>proprietary closed-source Nvidiot GimpWorks feature

Can't wait for CyberShit 2077 to run like ass when CD Projekt Red gets the last-minute GameWorks code from Nvidia (just like what happened with The Witcher 3)

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I'm not sure if people will bite, idea sounds good but I feel it's 5 years too late. GPU Raytracing hype is dead.

you posted the wrong picture OP

also the ending movie was a fucking cringefest

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now novidiots will believe that novidia supports real time ray tracing.

>named after a gay
Expected from soividia.

>ray tracing
more like, GAY TRACING

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Is AMD going to release midrange Vega at least so they have something? It seems odd that they wouldn't even try to contest a major Nvidia launch.

Do people actually care about this blurry shit quality ray tracing(nvidia uses a """"denoiser""" that makes the image fucking blurry).
Wasn't the whole point of ray tracing to be accurate?

So does this mean I should upgrade from my 1070? Or will my 4690k bottleneck it?

So... do these cards reveal something about the new consumer cards? They should, right?

RTX5000 looks like GT104 chip, 8GB ram include tensor cores.

No midrange vega, until 2019 Navi 7nm.

The point is accurate global illumination, not accurate local details.

>No midrange vega, until 2019 Navi 7nm.
Well then AMD is dumb. You always have to release SOMETHING, even if it's pointless, to keep attention to yourself. It's why Nvidia released the 1070Ti and a million different Chink variants of the 1050, 1050Ti and 1060. Even if you don't have anything you have to have something, if that makes sense. AMD is going to continue to lose marketshare if they keep Polaris for another year.

>ray tracing
Yawn. When is Octane gonna show us Brigade path tracing demos ffs? I thought Octane 4 was gonna make full use it.

Wasting money taping out dies that will never ever sell is dumb, user-kun.

The fun ends here.
Hopefully it's GT100 and the rest of the family has less of useless hardware.

>get a 1080ti die
>add some sprinkles on it and slightly higher clocks
>call it a 2080
>repeat for other products on the lineup

>enables nvidia tressfx just to piddle more on the amd cucks



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The reflections need to be blurrier

Quite noisy. Is this just 1spp without optix?

Fanboys amd suicide watch.

How can you fall so low as a Human and be a brand loyalist?
Holy shit, those fucking losers are pathetic.

power of GPU renderer.

Amateur raytrace made by this guy

this. OP is fucking retarded
t. GTX user

Are Shiny Balls gonna be the new Oww My Ankles

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Ah, not bad t b h.
Unless someone creates an alternative to optix tho, Nvidia's going to be the only game in town.

RTG is in the middle of a restructuring right now. When Raja left with his people, Lisa took the opportunity and put in her people to fix fix up the management and culture of RTG. Expect 7nm Vega to be the proverbial pipe cleaner for both AMDs 7nm and RTG itself.
Raja also complained that the top brass made who they could at RTG focus on Navi, Vega got a smaller budget and less engineers. I imagine Navi is getting finished up this year so they can launch on 7nm maybe sometime in Q2-3 2019

My son just swapped his GTX1060 for my 960. Apparently the 960 is better at rendering 19 hours of fortnite per day


>Raja also complained that the top brass made who they could at RTG focus on Navi

>ray tracing
lol who cares? Unless AMD does it, then devs aren't going to make it mainstream. PC Gaming is console ports + indieshit.

Kys nigger, AMD is killing PC gaming. Fucking Doom runs better on console than PC.

>200fps on Vega 56 at 1080p Ultra
>over 60fps at 4k ultra

How the fuck does Doom run better on console you mongoloid?

That's not how things work.
This is just gameworks, nvidia will pay devs to just sap it on top of their game.
Now you need an RX to do raytraced fog lmao

And it will cost a shitload of money because memory monopoly from gooks, miners and finally AMD being extremely incompetent in their graphics division to the point where their only buyers are miners or anons who have tattoos of the red team in their arms and a shrine of raja in their neckbeard cave.
And yes I know the poo in loo is working at intel now but doesn't change vega and polaris.