What IEMS, EARPHONES, EARPHONES are you using V2

KZ ATE reporting in

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amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-Momentum-Ear-Headphones-Android-Black/dp/B0126RANP6/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1534346409&sr=8-6&keywords=sennheiser m2 momentum

What is that? A hearing aid?

Tin T2 + Rockboxed Benjie T6

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Shure SE215



>hearing aid
>3.5mm jack
Litteral brainlet

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> T2 with a DAP

Muh Nigga. T2 are seriously impressive beasts. i need to buy a second pair they are just that good. [pic related] with my DSD DAP.

Sorry OP but the /csg/ infographic is hopelessly out of date and kz-ate were a meme from 2015. I hate KZ now as they are selling overpriced treble cannons. The ZS5 v1 was the only good one IMHO

my journey so far

kz- zs5
bgvp sdg dn1
iker i8
tin audio t2

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bought couple of KZ this jan from aliexpress. all them broke within a month. sounded good for the price but terrible build quality.

Tin T2
TRN v80

they're all really great

Yeah i got the Tin T2 because they were cheap and had based MMCX when the first thing that breaks on IEMs is the fucking cable.
Aside from the T2 i'd also recommend the boarseman CX98, they sound very similar to the T2 for like $16 or $18 when the T2 goes for like $50 (or ~$35 on >sale).

iBasso IT01

I'd like to wear them in my bed, but they're not comfortable if you sleep on your side... and I'm afraid to break them since they're not cheap.
Except for this, I'm satisfied. The package is surprisingly premium, the cable is cool and I the sound is fun. A microphone would be handy, but I don't mind that much.

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it's literally not inaccurate.

I have those

What do you think of the sound quality?

Qt2 Revonext

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Got TIN T2 like 2 weeks ago. They sound great but so far i'm having slight trouble with them staying in my ear. Previously had ZS5's and those were great in that regard.


would of copped the revonext if it had mmcx, i am not paying 50 dollars for that lame 2pin connector ( i lost my right zs5 with it)

Its because the openings are quite a bit larger than other iems. also buy some spare foam tips NOW the stock ones get destroyed because of this

>TRN v80

fucking hell you are quick i hadnt even seen them on audiobudget yet. what do you think ? people in the comments say they prefer the TRN V80 to the Revonext Qt2 but how does it shape up next to my T2 ?

It seems apparent dual dynamic drivers are King and here to stay. I can say i never was a big fan of Balanced Armatures... they definitely have their own sound.

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zero audio

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Tin T2 here too with fioo x1
hope i can buy xduoo x20 next month

>For when i'm mixing
>For serious work/fun. They usually don't leave the house
Grado SR80e (With better cable mod)
>Just for my own entertainment

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>It's a "left earbud goes bad" episode

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Ordered the KZ ZS3, should be delivered any minute now or Amazon is lying to me

Had these, are shit. The inner metal piece is fake and just a piece of alum glued to a circuit board and will come loose.

the metal wire that goes over your ear snaps. I took out the top part on mine with tweezers.

Just set audio to mono and use the right earbud. There are worse situations to be in.

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Kz zs6 modded (minus one dinamic driver per side) perfection.

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KZ ZS6 + USB C DAC cable.

Sweet. What's the benefit of this mod?

RHA MA 750 wireless reporting in, it's pretty good. pairing is quick and battery lasts 12 hours of playback on one charge. some people think they hear a hiss but i don't

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Does anyone has a Sony's XBA N3AP? If yes, how is it? Planning to buy one.

anyone have final e2000?

KZ ZS6 with upgrade cable and Comply Isolation tips


It blows. Chink shit sounds better than this but this has better build quality

Yup same.
Kz Ate master race

Xiaomi Piston 2 but they broke so now I use the 1more Crystal Pistons which are the same with the bass dialed back

NICEHCK ZhiYin Z5000

Thanks bassed chinkshit general

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Just got this

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Cheapo JBL T110

Damn, those housings bring back comfy memories of the Xiaomi Piston 2. (note to self: figure out how to open the housings and finally change the broken cable on those...)
>Thanks bassed chinkshit general
I take that as meaning they're good? Care to share brief impressions?

For myself, I also fell for the T2 hype back in April and been extremely happy with them. Fantastic IEM, especially for the price.

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>ctrl-f "Etymotic ER-4XR"
>0 matches
Oh, it's another "meme engineering" thread, I see.

Sony sp600n master race.

sooooo, what are the HD600's of IEMs?

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Piston 3
Rock Zircon
Yinyoo Pro

I considered getting a Zishan v2 like but my music collection is huge and I know it would be a fucking nightmare to use.


One for bass the other one for balanced and detailed sound sig

Etymotic hf5

ve monk espresso

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About to buy these what do you think?
amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-Momentum-Ear-Headphones-Android-Black/dp/B0126RANP6/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1534346409&sr=8-6&keywords=sennheiser m2 momentum

These are great - I've been missing mine after I broke them and went back a pair of carbo tenores. Would seriously recommend them for their $40 price tag.

I had the same experience. KZ has a $40 pair marketed as studio monitor. Is the build quality better on these?

Tin t2
They even have a similar flat profile

Pretty comfy desu

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huh, a non-meme answer
thanks user

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less harsh
more bassy

What's the hot meme $40ish IEM these days? My Soundmagic E10's just kicked the bucket and I've had two pairs break on me at this point(although to be fair my shithead cat chewed the first one) and I would bet there's something better out there at this point.

I've heard good things about those KZ headphones, but I only really use IEMs in bed and when I'm out and about and they look kinda huge/not comfortable for that use case.

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Best chinese under ear IEM ? Pistons?

>What's the hot meme $40ish IEM these days?
It's been mentioned 100 times in this thread

Recommend me a pair for running

Other than the better connector, does the tin t2 really have anything to offer over the ZS6?
I have the latter and while they do take a bit to get used to wearing, I think they sound great.

Got a pair of TFZ Queen IEMs on the way.

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It's not ear rape for one.

Are you talking about sibilance or whatever the fuck it's called?
I can hear it a little on some of my old very low quality MP3s. But all it took to "fix" it was going into the equalizer (pulseaudio eq in my case) and dropping the middle setting 2 notches.
I got the them for 25 bucks during that big sale Ali had a couple months ago and I'm pretty satisfied with them, was just wondering what I was missing out on.
Also keep in mind that my audio setup is a simple ugreen usb dac cable plugged into an X200 thinkpad

- More versatile housing shape - can be worn equally comfortable cable down or over-ear.
- More aftermarket cable options with MMCX connectors out there than with the 2-pin connectors used by KZ.

Monk 4 lyfe nigguh

If they go on sale for around 30 bucks I'll pick them up, they don't seem that much better than the ZS6 though.

>Rockboxed Benjie T6
Sharp corners or rounded? I can't get the rounded ones to take any fucking firmware update from 1.08.


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Look into MEE Audio

ATH-IM02 with custom molds. They have an annoying spike at 3.3kHz that I had to EQ out, but everything else is just great. Would really like some comfortable cans but they all sound muddy to me after 7 years of using BAs, even the $400+ stuff.

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VSonic GR07 Classic here.

Took a break from headphone nerding after I got these and came back to see that those KZ's are the new chifi meme. I remember the Xiaomi Piston days.

My GR07s are cracked and I don't want to take them outdoors anymore. What are the best ultra budget cheap beaters?

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It's a little past 'around' thirty bucks perhaps, but there's always the Aliexpress seller Wooeasy's discount price of $36.

I'd suggest the CX98.

Rock Zircons

I bet everyone in this thread listens to music that has been brickwalled to hell and back.

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I bought a pair of GR07s and now the left ear is suddenly a tenth of the intensity of the right one. What can I do?

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On topic with the thread, I'm on the road at the moment, so I'm using my Lyra II in the room and Echobox Traveler at the plant (keep 'em in my laptop case, they make for great beaters that I won't cry about if they get lost).

Soundmagic PL50 are probably the best i own, but i use the Xiaomi Piston 3's the most. I'll be grabbing the Tinaudio T2's next time they go on sale though.

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My re 400 is crapping out after 5 years. They're great but I could go for something different. Can someone tell me how well these chinese ones compare?

This model is shit. Plastic came off and is flimsy. Sound quality is good for the price though.

What are the best IEMs for 100-150$?

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i need some poorfag-tier but decent ones



fiio f9 pro

>triple driver
>mmcx cable

Have one. It lasted for 2.5 years for me, afterwhich brought a ZS3 because I'm so impressed by its build quality. But the mic control in my new ZS3 broke with just 1 month so had to buy a new wire without a mic.

ATE is good. A nice introduction for people who are into budget audiophile.

this but it's shit
too much niggerbass

What type of eartips do you like the most?

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I don't understand how anyone can use the ATH-M50 for mixing. Their bass is almost as shitty as Beats.

For convenience I use silicon tips. They're quick, easy to clean, and still block out nearly all sound for me.
When I owned Shures, I would just use their foam tips, which blocked out virtually all sound and had very nice bass.

For me, it's the foam tip.

Foam comply t500

>use foam eartips
>over time, they get caked in a thick layer of earwax
>months later, the wax has literally been absorbed into the foam
>girl asks what I'm listening to
>give her the headphones
>normies don't know bout foam tips so she doesn't even check
>puts them in her ears
>my wax is now mingling with hers
>later virgins

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hd579 with btr1

currently listening to

forgot pic

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>turn on player
>play nanahira
>suddenly no females in a 3km radius
step it up

wtf is this shit

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good stuff

I can't stand happy music. Major keys are for normies

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Re400s still