SJWs are ruining maps

SJWs are ruining maps

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That doesn't make sense. Most color blind people are male.


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Typical shit science journalism. Different palettes have been used forever but they write like it's new so people think they got the scoop.

I've always hated rainbow maps

Color blindness has genetically selected because it can see through camouflage patterns. Learn your own theory retard.

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Thank god finally.

As a colorblind person this is good news.

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Colorblindness is the manliest possible thing. You may not be a real man if you're not colorblind.

How does one correlate to the other?

also waiting on response to this.

What's the new color setup anyways?
This thread is as much of a baitpost as the news itself.
Fucking click baiters/

I don't even think most visualizations are clearer with rgb colors. Two colors can be a lot easier to parse.

Mostly colorblind are men is very rare in women.
Even some women had 4 cones color detectors with one disable but very few women get super human color vision.

Color blindness is a real thing it's not a made-up issue like having 376 genders.

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Color vision evolved in humans to detect ripe fruits. Women do most of the gathering so they have generally have far better color distinguishing ability. And men are 20x more likely to be colorblind.

Another user mentioned that colorblindness might offer a slight advantage in detecting camouflaged animals. And males did the hunting.

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Why can I see a screaming pepe?

Fucking camo patterns in ww2 have nothing to do with animals you fucking retard, deer aren't green. Animals only manage to fool prey/predators that have shit color vision.

Brown is the best color for blending in most places. In elementary school science class, we placed a bunch of colored pipe cleaners on the ground and collected as many as we could within a short window. To the surprise of us birds, brown beat out green. Animals aren't brown for no raisin.

>mfw people are trying to use evolution to argue for the selection of color blindness
The lengths people will go through to feel better about themselves is quite hilarious. And I'm color blind.

Its like when the faggots say its natural because animals are too fucking retarded to notice a difference.

yeah, you're colorblind and I'm not. lmaoing @ your shit genes

>Animals only manage to fool prey/predators that have shit color vision.
what about cuddlefish and octopussies

The genes related to color vision are part of the x chromosome. Women have two copies, men have one. Which is probably why men are many times more likely to be colorblind.

The colorblind camo effect works on brown camo too as far as I know.

The human body was produced by evolution and theres an evolutionary reason for everything. Women really do have much higher color distinguishing ability than even non colorblind men. And the reason color vision evolved in the first place is for picking fruit which women did.

They said this was found to be an improvement for everyone.

Don't discount all forward progress to SJWs or they'll win.

>"Fucken SJWs getting rid of polio with vaccines, back in my day we died in an iron lung and we liked it"

No it cant' you retard. Most forms of color blindness are a hindrance

Defence industryfag here.
Thanks OP, I'm unironically going to present this at work as an idea for thermal night vision.

>evolutionary reason
That's not how it works. Evolution doesn't have a reason for things, changes are mostly random and if they allow the being to grow up, mate and pass down those genes, then those genes are passed. It doesn't have to be a good gene.

As for color blindness it's an abnormality in the X chromosome. Men have only one X chromosome and women have two, which offers some sort of redundancy and allows them to carry the gene but not suffer from it. If, for some reason, a woman was born with the same abnormality in both of her X chromosomes, then she would be color blind. For this to happen both parents would have to carry the gene and even then it's only a 25 % chance per fecundation.