Foreshadow (L1 Terminal Fault)

Time to wipe your VPS girls.

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>3rd variant of L1 Terminal Fault can only be avoided by disabling Hyper-Threading in the BIOS
Thanks Intel!

>there goes the stock price again

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from Theo

RISC-V when?

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>CVE-2018-3615 (Foreshadow) is by receiving the most press which is
>amazing considering it is by far the most boring of the 3, since very
>few few people give a rats ass about SGX -- who cares if SGX is broken
>when the cpu can't run your OS safely? Some convincing press agencies
>were hired I guess, and have performed a masterful job of distracting.

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user, it’s because they gave it a catchy name that normies can be scared by: Foreshadow. It sounds all ominous and shit
It’s part of why CTS-Labs almost fooled people with their jewry. They used spooky codenames like Fallout and Ryzenfall

the reply from hardenedbsd dev is also interesting:
>> We had some idea this class of problem was coming, through hints we
>> received from others and an extremely cynical perspective that has
>> developed. We believe Intel cpus do almost no security checks up-front,
>> but defer checks until instruction retire. As a result we believe
>> similar issues will be coming in the future.
>> We asked repeatedly, but Intel provided no advance notice. We did not
>> even receive replies to our requests for dialogue.

>HardenedBSD received no advanced notice, either.

>What's funny is that LWN, a Linux news outlet, might have:


>If true, a Linux news outlet, which carries no actual security
>responsibilities, received advanced notification, while certain
>operating systems vendors did not.
>But, again, this is just *speculation* at this point. ;)

Because nobody gives a flying fuck about BSD

>apple, playstation 3 and 4, nintendo switch
sure kid

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i like your fish animation

thanks, its released under BSD license

The underlying base for Gaymen systems is absolutely meaningless to anyone who buys them.
For MacOS, I think i saw somewhere that Apple was gonna ditch the BSD stuff and make their own utils at some point

the sooner the better. until then we'll have to suffer with this intel cancer.

correction: because intel doesn't give a flying fuck about security

this vulnerability was known since FEBRUARY, but not disclosed until yesterday

fuck jewtel

Also no
It uses BSD _Tools_ on some stuff.

Or Ayymd, but even they have their flaws and botnets, such as the (((secure processor)))


afaik I think they used some of the net code and that was it.

Apple doesn't use any BSD code, they just have some BSD licensed tools installed like bash.

do your homework dummy ;)

>BSD licensed tools
>like bash
Fuck, Jow Forums is stupid lately

>The native operating system of the PlayStation 3 is CellOS, which is believed to be a fork of FreeBSD; TCP/IP stack fingerprinting identifies a PlayStation 3 as running FreeBSD, and the PlayStation 3 is known to contain code from FreeBSD and NetBSD.
what did he mean by this

Kind of ironic that the BSD tools that OSX uses are actually forked GNU tools eh?