Tfw stream 4k movies daily just to take advantage of my ISPs unlimited data

>tfw stream 4k movies daily just to take advantage of my ISPs unlimited data
>tfw sometimes just leave it on to rack up 2 tb a day bandwidth total

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t. AT &T

>have decent spec'd computer
>don't really enjoy games much anymore but still play just to take advantage of hardware occasionally
>tfw I have a $1,500 shitposting machine

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iktf user
>bought $350 GPU because I could afford it
>only play games out of obligation

Nice, a blog thread.

My server with a XOfR i2p router is on 24/7.

reminder: shitheads like OP is why data caps were implemented

Data caps have existed since the internet did

Tbh i do it cuz fuck ISPs lol

>my ISPs unlimited data
>the idea that someone would have data caps on regular internet
lmao what, aren't all home internet connections "unlimited" anyway, unless you go into industrial levels of use or something

He's talking about mobile data fucktard

Nothing really points towards that, other than data cap. And "sometimes just leave it on", what, their phone?

Yep, that one is going in my cringe collection

some people live in shitholes and actually do have limited data for their home network

US have data caps

Jesus Christ what the FUCK, imagine the pain of having to think of data caps on your HOME internet, fucking hell why is US like this


Based and Redpilled

No such thing as free lunch. The U.S has the cheapest internet in the world as a percentage of income.

What did liberals do to cause this?
I guess they take it all back in mobile data lmao

Monopolies and corruption.

Neoliberalism anarcho capitalism led by your favorite monopolies you dumb ass bugman

>Neoliberalism anarcho capitalism
Alright sorry, I was expecting the American weird definition of liberalism and not the regular one. This site has ruined me.

>mobile data
>OP most likely a cucked Ameritard being wallet raped by ISPs with data caps on cabled connection

based and redpilled