I miss certain namefags

I miss certain namefags

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You should leave too

why just namefags there were good anons too

don't worry guys, i'm still here

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Maybe not a namefag but...
remember depressed Turk?
Shit that'll be like 2 years ago soon :(
I hope he's ok

Literally who

Literally who

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i remember u :)

As namefags come and go, we user stay eternal.

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I know turks are a lot more active on Jow Forums and Jow Forums. Maybe he moved to those boards.

Were still around i only post with out my name because people would bully me

Space Cowboy?

Space Cowboy?

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I don't get why people targeted him so much for bullying. Many namefags are annoying faggots and deserve their bullying, but Space Cowboy was a cool guy.

Which ones?

yeah me neither desu I think it was mostly just Normie calling him gay lol most people probably thought he was ok

Like who user?

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not a namefag but does anyone happen to know where that nice australian poster with the short filenames with random letters and usually a dash at the end went? i think he went by the name footfagu

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He an hero


remember when Jow Forums was good?
me neither

Why would i lie


how do you know this?

No I saw him last week, also not everyone a neet

You better still be weightlifting

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>Space Cowboy was a good guy
>most people probably thought he was ok

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i miss when i didn't just lay in bed and shitpost and argue over semantics on Jow Forums

I did at first but my depression decided to fuck me up and i lost any motivation i had but i'm asking my dad about taking me the the gym and i have mad a friend we hang out and play video games and smoke weed he's a pretty cool guy

oh ok phew
i don't think i've seen him in a couple months so i guess we're just not usually on at the same time or something
thank you for telling me though

i have to stop being so anxious about people on the internet lol this always happens because people are just busy and then i start to worry about them

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That's gay
You're cringe

That’s great but sad at the same time, I hope you get over your depression. Also put your name back on I’m sure people most people that disliked you left or are in their own emo phase like normie

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severely unbased

kys chen

>Many namefags are annoying faggots and deserve their bullying

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Wait nvm miss read it

>Put your name back on
I'm afraid people will make fun of me for being skinny

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we won't, don't worry about it bro
also welcome back, lad :)

That's stupid

Who cares I get called a mexican all the time despite me not being one

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>miss read

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Well you aren't Mexico and you know it but when somebody calls me a pale scrawny loser it stings because it's true and the fucking photoshopped pics

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I miss drunk aussie user so much

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miss read

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That shouldn’t bother you just post what you want and don’t care what others think

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Dora Jessie Saint MBE, née Shafe, best known by the pen name Miss Read, was an English novelist, by profession a schoolmistress. Her pseudonym was derived from her mother's maiden name. She is best known for two series of novels set in the British countryside – the Fairacre novels and the Thrush Green novels.

when did he go back again? he was here posting in the middle of october, but his threads just stopped. did I miss his goodbye one?

He gets out only for a short period at a time

looks like ill just have to wait patiently until he shows up again. thank you for the info friend

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But insults to my race ugly mutt or celt nigger even tho i'm as pale as a ghost and have blond hair a few insults a can handle but the storm of hate i would get if i put my name on would be to much maybe one i get a little fit i'll have the confidence to namefag again

*they call me ugly mutt or celt nigger

You're on Jow Forums nut up, I've been called worse.

I know i have been bullied a lot before but it's different this time i'm not being called a nigger faggot or Jow Forumstard or incel the they really hit where it hurts it's not the word that hurt it's the fact i already think that about myself and that's just confirmation

At least you don't look like this guy

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or this guy

So nut up

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Yeah i guess i'm not that bad looking and most people do say i'm handsome even people on Jow Forums have said so but my confidence is easily destroyed

The way i handle painful situations is accepting the fact that it happened for a reason. Nothing happens without a reason. If someone i knew died, i would try to accept it and move on because it already happened and i cannot do anything about that. Same with my appearance. People really close to me say that i look good, but i hate my hair, hate my face because its literally the most generic face anyone could have, like if you go into character creator in some mmorpg and the character automatically has a basic face, it how i look. But i think that the it was my fate to have a generic face, have manboobs, annoying hair and shit like that. Its almost like believing in some higher force that is doing it but i dont think there is anything beyond us out there. Its just that fate decides what will happen to all of us. Instead of being angry about it, accept it and move on. Besides, if someone insults you, and it hurts, remember that at least you are the better human being and you dont have to insult people everyday 24 hours a day to feel good or get satisfaction.

>my confidence is easily destroyed
NUT UP AND SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sorry for making so many errors, im using a phone and im not a phonefag so im not used to typing with it

I mean if someone calls a me fag i don't care but some anons do and i just want to help

Stop being pussies

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Welcome back cowboy

just changed his name


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i dont

Acceptance seems like a good coping method
I never really went anywhere but i might start post with the name again as long as those assholes Denmark and Spain doesn't bully me

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>Denmark and Spain doesn't bully me

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These fuckers are sure a pain in the ass

Yep all those fuckers do is talk about how much better than you they are like being taller or having more muscle makes you a better person they are just trying to make up for being bad people "oh i'm tall and have a big pee pee and went to a prestigious college" ok cool hit me back when you grow a soul ya fucking simpl minded robot

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i wont mmisss you either

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is it ok if I bully you?

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I am immortal

I would prefer not

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Namefags are cancer

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dubs are immortal you are no


no prob i'm here 4 u

Do you miss me ? :(

>tfw you aren't popular enough to be missed

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I made fun of you because your posts were incredibly retarded
Dont look too much into it, you just acted like a dum dum

I miss the Isabelle poster and Mango because I have a shitty taste in namefags.

Namefags rarely leave forever, somehow most end up coming back eventually. I really miss some anonymous posters though.

which user posters, russia-user?

Armenian user, one particular British poster, one Mexican user. I must be forgetting someone, but nevertheless. The rest good user posters are still here, I think.

18.06 is my birthday :)

I'll never be well known enough to be missed. It's both good and bad.

>one mexican user
Im suddenly reminded of mexican asuka poster user, I wonder what ever happened to him? I miss him now. Sadly, the others you mentioned do not ring a bell

who were you, ameri-user?

Err, I mean more that I'll never be in that position. Otherwise I avatarfag a little from time to time but not enough to be memorable.

I also miss some namefriends but let's be real here, most of the time they were bullied anyway. And the mods sided with the bullies like the worthless fags they are.

Mexican anons are pretty good around here. Actually there's two I miss, one used to post Lapis with me and the other one was just a friendly guy. British user was great to discuss literature with, he was very well-read and interesting to talk with. Not many people knew Armenian user, but he was easily one of the best posters here.

Lots of other good posters I can remember, but I'm pretty sure they are still around here from time to time.

oh shit, you're Lapis poster? I think I asked you one time about getting into reading again starting with Catcher in the Rye several months ago. I still havent started reading again yet due to various reasons, but im still heavily considering starting there. I wish I had read more books when I was reading, but the last ones I read were The Crucible and both versions of Doctor Faustus.

I wish I had posted more before I took a long break from here in the earlier days, but theres quite a few good posters around despite everything.

Hey, I remember you, great to see you again, user! I also wish I dedicated more time to reading, because for now its going pretty slow. I read Catcher in the Rye several years ago, and I'm not even sure if it was the full version, as I finished it in a day or so and that's too fast for me to cover a whole book. I think I might get back to it as soon as I'm done with my current list.

And yup, there's still lots of good posters around. I just wish some of the old ones came back to say "hi" from time to time and tell if they are doing alright.

I miss them all

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