What are some of your biggest fears/things that give you anxiety/things that you know will happen eventually but you...

what are some of your biggest fears/things that give you anxiety/things that you know will happen eventually but you dread it, r/banter?

mine is balding

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Not getting dubs

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getting dubs

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Being abandoned

None. I don't get scared.

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better luck next time :(
same. based lazy denneet
good job :)
don't worry user at least Jow Forums can never abandon you because it's an anonymous imageboard
wowe that's epic i wish i was you

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Dying a very painful and slow death, alone.

you're dying that slow and painful death every day over time anyway it's just taking a while

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Not that slow.
But bad stroke kind of slow. No one to help, no one to care.

I think I am in love with my idea of you.

getting to a point where joints on the right part of my body decide that my life is not hard enough already

My life and past is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow. In this event I will likely commit sudoku.

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lol epic

oh wow um that's very nice of you friend i love you too :)

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going outside. it never gets better

I dread family gatherings. I'm already not looking forward to tomorrow when I have to go to see a bunch of family during Thanksgiving dinner.

I like my family because it is hard to find other intelligent people

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My family is nothing more than a bunch of redneck NPCs.

Mine is way worse. My big brother is a white nationalist Holocaust denier and my dad is a climate change denier and creationist

it can always be worse, on this blessed day we should be thankful for the ones around us

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Doesn't sound as bad as what my day will consist of. Constantly nagging and humiliation for being a loser. I'll probably still get put down even though I actually have a job this year after being 10 years of a NEET after high school.

Ouch that sounds tough. One of the greatest privileges I have is a good family , they didn't make fun of or nag me.

I think we shouldn't have families and we should let the child chose who he gets raised by

I may even end up hurt. As they like to physically taunt me as well with "roughhousing".

They'll have you put down? Rough family.

Yeah, they really suck.

That sounds hard man. Just remember that there are gonna be people who will try and Target your insecurities about that to sell you shit or get you to join a cult

Are you telling me you lived as NEET trash for 10 years and expect respect from your family?

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He seems to have self esteem issues so he probably became a NEET as a result of being put down

Honestly I kind of wish I could join a cult.

This! I was bullied so bad in school it caused me to drop out literally soon as I turned 18. I would have done it at 16 but no one would sign for me.

I did however get my GED though literally the next week after dropping out.

You really don't, cults are known to be very dangerous. They manipulate your insecurities so that you feel like the only way you can live is with them. You'll suffer systematic emotional abuse until you are essentially a puppet to them
That sounds horrible , did your parents treat you badly before you were a NEET

How can it take an adult 10 years to get over a high school bully? Your problems are literally childish drama

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No , he also got bullied by his parents which increased his insecurities

What a lame excuse. Hes just dumb and delicate

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Ableist scum

Sounds better than my life now.

Yes I've been treated badly my entire life. My dad nor his side of the family ever really had anything to do with me until my mom died a couple of years ago. Which earlier this year he just called me a piece of shit, went off on some Chinese man thinking he was a spy, and stopped having anything to do with me yet again. He wasn't good to me the times he was around in recent years. He'd do drugs and scare me to be honest.

My mom didn't bully me she was the only person who treated me right. But I never lived with her. Also she ended up getting with a guy younger than me who brought drugs around her which ultimately got her shot and killed during a home break-in. But the rest of my family did such as my uncles, cousins, and other various family members. I was always the "black sheep". Plus my interests being anime, video games, and just other various things which is commonplace on here and today. But this was back in the 90s. Also I was always left home alone growing up. I wasn't raised by anyone I just sat in my room playing video games, watching anime, and sitting at my computer.

There's a lot more, it would take all night to even start to scrape the surface. I just don't know if it's worth to tell my life's story in this thread.

Not quite true. I'd say I'm somewhat delicate around certain issues and behaviors.

>There's a lot more, it would take all night to even start to scrape the surface. I just don't know if it's worth to tell my life's story in this thread
Tell me I wanna hear it

I'm thinking about making a large blog, post my entire life story, and then just kill myself.

Lol, are you assuming hes disabled? I thought you were on his side
Go ahead if you like. I just think I’m seeing exactly what your family sees, a NEET

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don't kill yourself but do post life story

But I have a job now.

I'm still taking time to consider this. I'm extremely suicidal this time of the year.

actually I don't think I am the man to judge whether or not you should kill yourself. I do wanna hear life story though

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The first one in 10 years. You’ll have to prove yourself to them

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he dosen't have to prove himself to anyone.

I've faced it. Drug withdrawal. I have nothing to fear anymore

There's nothing wrong with committing suicide. Life wasn't meant for everyone.

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what about getting addicted again

If he doesn’t want his family to tease him for being a loser he needs to earn their respect. At least he seems to be trying, he just needs to temper his expectations

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he could also stop looking for approval from his family

Tru but I think thats missing the point

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running out of ⏱

I'm sorry you've been drinking too much before American consumerist Thanksgiving that you've veered into philosophy. In all honesty l my greatest fear is living a normal life, a life too predictable, one without any victory or achievement but also lacking crisis or misfortune. One life defined not but what I have achieved and done but by my failure to act. Most people will fall to this fate due to statistics and unfortunately due to being NPCs. I wish we lived in a better world where more people would try to strive to be their best but most people don't even know they exist.

>most people are npcs