If there was a button that made something bad happen (you don't know what) would you press it

If there was a button that made something bad happen (you don't know what) would you press it

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No I would not

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What's "bad"?
Could it rob millions of poor people and give me their money?

fucking jew

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What if the button did something that another person considered bad but you didn't
Bad means that it does something you don't like

Hey, I'm just asking a question.
Good and bad isn't well defined.

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We will crush you soon

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Why would I press it then, there's only a negative effect on the user. Can I dismount the button and take the magic parts to build a button which only made good things happen?

Get through NATO first

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Yes, repeatedly

We will drove them away

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Yes but the good thing will only be good according to another person's standards. Would you press it now
Why would you do something that would bring you personal harm

Because I'm not a fucking pussy

People usually have the same standards when it's about what's good. So yeah. I'd smash that fucking button.

What if it turns you into a pussy
Well what if the good thing was making that person the king of the world, and then he runs it into the ground

I'd build a machine to hammer the shit out of that button, set up a mechanism to turn it on after a delay, then trigger said mechanism and immediately kys so i wouldn't be affected by the button but the whole world will have to suffer from it effects for a long time after my death

But if you want the world to suffer, then the world suffering wouldn't be a bad thing for you. So it wouldn't work. The button could revive you and then torture you for all eternity

I'd press the button again.
I'd say, the chance that something good happens which can't be denied by anyone on the world is above 50%, and then I'd just take the risk.

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whos that girl?

That makes sense. If you press it too much then you might accedentally hit an incel who wants everyone to die though. I think the most common goal is for people to become rich and that wouldn't help others

▶ Yakui

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I need to sleep

so the bad thing that happens depends on the user definition of "bad"? could i force/trick others into pushing it then?

Depends. Do they get the money out of thin air or will it change the past so they won the lottery or created a successful company which helps developing the world?

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And what happens when the wishes are in a conflict with each other? Like, two guys want to be king of the world. Does the first guy lose his throne? Or does the second wish not fulfill?

ok if building a mechanism that pushes the button for me still counts as it being pushed by me, then logically whomever created the button is actually the one who pushed it.
since they set in motion the events that would lead to the button being pressed and since whoever would build such a button is probably a malevolent paranormal entity, pushing the button would actually make something good happen


oh no

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at least im not gay

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neither I am

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It made your id cuck


American posting from abroad here.
I just wanted to say that I would like it if someone could tell me which episode the Akari in the top right of the image does the point so I can make a GET image.


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