It makes me so sad how empty bant feels on such a joyus day

It makes me so sad how empty bant feels on such a joyus day

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just another day

Shut up reject euro

At least we didn't reject euro.

It upsets you that the good and '''good''' posters left to spend the days with their families, friends, or do community service? That seems silly, I can't begin to imagine your disappointment for when Christmas comes.

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Huh, if that's what I think it is your Zuckburg_book account can be traced right? Nice job OP, you actually doxx'd yourself, change the file name next time.

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>I just downloaded it off a random page

Shut the fuck up Jeff Zunuzi Holiday! But seriously change the file name next time, that's what I do not that I really use my Zuckbook account but I do change the file names of photos I post here with my phone.

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I'm touched by how much you care, just for your show off kindness on such a good day I will indeed shut up.

Shut up about your stupid holiday. No one cares.

>joyus day
what day?

give me the sauce




>No one cares.
>Noranon makes a post expressing his dislike for said holiday revealing that he does care
Your post doesn't make sense user.

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yes i would also enjoy the sauce



You have a childish mindset
Grow up