AMD stock to rise in near future

7nm Zen2 Ryzen 3000, "Rome" 64 cores, Navi good value upper mid range gpu, then maybe 2080 ti competetor. Intel bad blah blah. Hardware overpriced blah blah.

Is it safe to say that AMD is atleast going to go in the coming future?


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>64 cores


>Intel stock temperature to rise in near future

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buy on rumor, sell on news

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Will 7nm Zen2 run on an X370 motherboard (with a BIOS update)?

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And said they would make the AM4 platform compatible to new cpus till 2020. So I guess it would work.

The stock price is already adjusted for zen2/navi being good products and selling well. Learn to trade, faggot. You're already too late but gamble your money anyway.

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The zen 2 epyc has up to 64 cores and 128 threads

already priced in.

>The stock price is already adjusted for zen2/navi being good products and selling well
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>Stocks rise in anticipation for announcement

wow color me shocked, AMD are truly innovative

not him but it is up like 35% since january without AMD releasing anything but a shitty flop of a card.

There will NOT be any 2080ti competitor from amd. Get this out of your delusional head. Navi is meant to be mid range only.

I bought in when the stock was around $6 and you fuckers were saying zen would fail lol


>RTX 2070 level performance for less than $300. Yes please.

>not buying 1000+ shares when it was $1.90

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Epyc is server-grade, that's like saying the next i9 will have 48 cores because the Cascade Lake Xeon has that many.

Zen is top notch, but AMD will NEVER EVER compete with Nvidia, sadly.

Pajeets can't into GPUs, we have to hope that another big player joins the GPU game. (This will never happen)

>inb4 AMD drones

Nvidia will kill themselves or Google and MS will make them irrelevant.

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how do you into shares? your bank?

not him but I use Robinhood because I'm a poorfag and they don't charge for buying/selling shares.

is that like a market maker

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