Haah linux can't into gayyyming!ahahah gayy amirite guys???

>haah linux can't into gayyyming!ahahah gayy amirite guys???

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I am welding this doah.

Look guys, Linux can run this game from 10 years ago.

how do you get this aesthetic? i'd switch from win10 in a heartbeat.

Don't make zoomers switch to linux, they will ruin it.

openbox + lxpanel + feh. it just werks


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is there any detailed tutorial online? i tried shitcago95 on a VM with xfce but it was absolute dogshit, hopefully yours doesnt have the issues i had with xfeces

>is there any detailed tutorial online?
Nope. But try asking google for "how to set up minimalist distro with openbox" or something like that.

will do senpai
what does your start menu look like

>what does your start menu look like
Exactly like the real thing.

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>video games

Go away child

nono, I mean your actual start menu when you open it up

I'm bit worried about linux's security actually.
The future may be the development of new kernels.

Why do faggots rice their Linux desktop to look exactly like Windows or macOS? If you are gonna do that then why not just use fucking Windows or macOS?


>ricing linux to look like windows
>playing kiling floor that uses source and steam and runs on linux since forever

what's your point retard? there are still AAA titles that don't run on linux not even using Wine/Proton so you end up having a partition with Windows either way if you want to play it.
On linux defense, Proton is fucking retard proof to setup and runs a shitton of Steam games that are still not supported and then you have shit like Lutris that's really fucking easy to setup too to get your games running.
Still, you have to resort to black magic or trickery in a lot of cases and in some you can't play it no matter what.
Main problem here is that besides Proton, everything else needs a minimum setup to actually work and as long as you keep normies out, it will never be a popular choice.
Make shitFortnite run on a computer better than on windows and maybe you can get a share of that retardomarket

>wanting to play anything made in the last 10 years

Fuck I wish I could still use windows 95 but using such an old operating system in present day and present time is pretty lol and roflmao respectively.

Because you get all the features that both of these OS have combined with added security privacy and speed and the ability to play more than 90% of Windows games including newest ones (say thanks Vulkan).

shut the fuck up, itoddler.

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Dumb sataniaposter.

>Sure, Linux can play most Windows games better than Windows can but Linux doesn't have any good exclusives!

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