$50 can buy you a perfectly serviceable computer for most applications

>$50 can buy you a perfectly serviceable computer for most applications
>$500+ MINIMUM for any computer that can play video games even at the lowest settings
Somebody explain this fucking bullshit.

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You're paying more to do more.

you explain it chief

> $20,000 can buy you a perfectly serviceable car that will get you from A to B
> $200,000 MINIMUM for a car that is can run fast and tight on a racetrack and the road
Somebody explain this fucking bullshit.

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oligopoly. they know that gamers eventually buy it from them anyway.

Not really. Where the fuck are all those assholes that kept telling us for years that everything was getting cheaper? Nothing ever got cheaper because the demands of literally everything kept skyrocketing to keep pace with price. It's a race that can never be won. And meanwhile wages remain stagnant while the cost of living is skyrocketing also.

An absolutely absurd comparison.

things did get cheaper, and video games got more computationally demanding
you can emulate most old games on a rpi, nobody's forcing you to play the latest videogames

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Video games today are objectively worse than they were 20 years ago, just like everything else. Now drink your coffee and shut up.

I never said that contemporary videogames are better, I said they are more computationally expensive.
Maybe it's you that needs to drink some coffee.

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>implying computationally demanding chips must be expensive

It's literally just all profit. We live in the end of capitalism where all the rich are just trying to squeeze as much money out of everyone as possible while offering as little as possible in return. Computing and the internet were infinitely better 15 years ago than they are now.

>>$500+ MINIMUM for any computer that can play video games even at the lowest settings

Thats not fucking true though, even a intelj5005 can run gta5 on low at about 20-25fps, thats a $100 cpu.

$500 (no os) will just about get you a setup that can high/max games at 1080p no problems.

>even a intelj5005 can run gta5 on low at about 20-25fps

Source, here it is in a NUC.


1. It's over $200
2. No specs are given so it's probably a pile of shit

>low end cards btfo by CPU graphics
Sometimes I want to kill myself, then I see something cool and keep living

I love having to buy a $700 helicopter to put inside my computer so I can see moving images on the monitor correctly.

>it's probably a pile of shit
It is and thats what the poster is getting at you retard. You don't need expensive hardware to play games anymore if you're okay with low to medium settings.

>what is R&D

>what is executive bonuses

You have bad taste for video games.


Then just play games from 20 years ago

Not him but basically the Xbox killed games, but not on purpose.
Basically, it allowed the developers to see for the first time how many people actually play games to it's completion and got shocked and buttblasted that only 18% do so.
But they interpreted this as the games being too hard and started a massive attempt at making more people finish games by dumbing em down more and more and more, and the number never moved.
Then phone games appeared and showed how stupid people can be with literal online gambling and big game developers tried to get the same kind of dosh and now we have what we have.

This is objectively false. I've played those old games and they're insanely simple, easy, and boring compared to today's games.

Yep. Xbox was the end of video games pretty much. Turned everything into low-quality FPS garbage and set low standards as the norm. When your gameplay is that simple and meaningless the only thing you can do is eat up more memory and CPU.

Well you're a stupid zoomer so nobody cares.

Actually you're the zoomer if you think those games are better.

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Proprietary software and hardware are holding things back.

Yep, that fucking lack of standardization in everything makes both building and just using or buying computers an absolute fucking nightmare. I have no idea why computer parts have been allowed to be a dysfunctional clusterfuk for as long as they have. You can't even compare fucking parts without having an encyclopedic knowledge of every single brand of every single part from every single series with every single version.

It is shit for gaming, so? the opening statement is that it would cost $500, but its about half of what you said ($500) even if you include the ram and ssd costs.

8gb (2x4gb) of ddr in dual channel and a 120gb ssd are what? 75$ combined?

Sure, you are not going to be playing the latest games on it, but thats not what you said in the original post, my point was $500 is a bit of an exageration.

I got a dell inspiron with i5 out of a dumpster and a used graphics card for 12 bucks check and mate

>developers are lazy cunts that can't optimize so you need the latest Nvidia card to run them
its always been a jew market OP

Damn bro hook me up with your dumpster.

What nonsense logic is this? Of course they are. You need more materials to make more powerful chips. No fucking shit it's going to cost more.

Oh you're not telling me anything I don't know. Magic the Gathering Arena requires like a gig of vram. Everything is insane now.

morrowind vs tes blades

Complete bullshit. Most of the materials in computers cost pennies. Computers are almost all profit and they always have been. The richest cunts on Earth and the wealthiest companies on Earth are often computer companies for a reason.

Companies know gamers don't know shit about hardware and don't care about price because it's mommy's money. Think of it as free enterprise telling you to stop eating $oy and grow up.
t. guy with a $100 laptop who remembers when a 486 costed $2000

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All the elder scrolls games suck.

That's not a thing people do. Most of gen z people (I refuse to use that retarded meme) are nostalgic for the LATE 90s and early 2000s; aka things that came out during or just before they grew up. People watch reruns, they play their parents old games, they watch movies that are already out. There's way more overlap between generations than most people think there is

Then make your own computer for pennies shithead.

WTF! How couldn't he think of that?

This. If it's so cheap why not make one yourself and prove it

Even low end gpu's these days come standard 2gb+, you must be poor?

I would think an old C2Q 9550 or 9650 for $90-$120 with a GT 1030 and 8GB RAM would still be enough for low-settings gaming these days. The whole thing shouldn't cost more than $200

Because he eats paint chips

>he didn't played morrowind

PS1 was the last console with a soul

No, zoomers are because a few autistic boomers are posting nastalgic feelings. I tried playing a few games a year ago and they were garbage. Our standards were far lower. I even played some old mp coop games a month ago with friends and was bored nearly the entire time time.

>H-hey guys, I wired a 4-bit ripple carry bit adder!! I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out!

Honestly I'm with , because this shit takes a lot more than just materials. You're also buying the man-hours to create and design everything on top of the materials. Considering nobody likes working for free, it's not just "pennies".

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>You're also paying for nvidia CEO's luxury life

The worst one.

>who remembers when a 486 costed $2000

Damn, my first PC I owned all to myself was a 486DX2 with 8mb of ram, a cd-rom, and a soundblaster 16 card. 4mb of ram was like $400 back then due to the factory burning down.

Unfortunately the same hardware running video games is the hardware that's running video so negatively impacting video games performance also impacts video performance.

I wonder if the Raspberry Pi 5 will be able to play Arma II or not.

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BRB killing myself so I can be reincarnated into the wealthy class so I can own factories in human slaves in the third world.

Everyone is poor in 2019, you dumb nigger. Why do retards think this is an argument?

Got me a 10+ year old iMac that was just going to be trashed, put linux in it, and pretty good basic machine til I can save for a new compy.

>Third World slave labor is really expensive
The only cost involved in doing something like this is if you are born poor. If you're born into a wealthy family you are born with this access to labor pools and nepotism and factories. The shit is only expensive if you're starting from nothing. If your family and families you know already own everything you're just making bank.

That's where it belonged.

>I don't care about electronic waste.

$50 computer will play Deus Ex, Quake, Doom, and all Build engine games
What more do you need desu ne?

Maybe they should stop making it.

Honestly I just want to watch video without it flickering.

A lot of times stuttering/flickering is just a setting, driver, codec, or similar software issue. I was struggling with a recent reinstall and getting 60fps 1080p videos to stop stuttering. Turns out it was just a driver problem. Another time it was a random defaulted checkbox setting for the display driver. Codecs are also a big one since different video playing programs use different codecs or codec versions. Lastly, monitor frequency setting can be an issue. It should be at least double the fps of whatever you are watching/playing.

I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. I mean like when your computer is so shitty that you can see it painting the image at times.

Just play games on a ten year delay or something, jesus.

Or limit yourself to 90s games. You'll be free of the lootbox/microtransactions/"cinematic gaming experience" cancer that has infested the modern games industry and will likely have a better time.

Damn straight! Fuck gaytracing.

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Try a different player or codec pack.

Funny. I bought a craptop for $200 and it can play a lot of games at 720p low.

sauce on what laptop?