I can't take it anymore, unsubbed. can ltt be stopped?

i can't take it anymore, unsubbed. can ltt be stopped?

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Why are they making those faces?

welcome to adulthood

You need to become more based and redpilled like LTT to get it.

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Why would you sub to what is essentially advertising to begin with? Did you visit jewtube one day and think hey i need more to watch more ads?

>more to watch more
Fuck. Can't even blame browser auto correct or shit like that. That was just bad

Blows my mind that someone will install an ad blocking program to block 10 second ads, just so they can watch 15 minute ads faster

Absolutely. Turns out ad blockers are pointless if you don't have Common Sense 2019 installed

Anthony is based

FUCK linus though

>Anthony is based
>FUCK linus
yes pls

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Various faggots taking the BBC in the ass.

Blame youtube. Have you noticed EVERY channel is doing this shit? It's what you have to do if you want to make money on youtube.

They literally do it for clickbait. Linus even said that himself.
I never buy anything they feature. I never took them too seriously but it was good as background noise. It got a bit weird latelly though, didn't watch LTT for a long time.

>that hair
>those dickbutts
>those glasses
>that shitty free merch he got for workimg there

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anthony is the only good part of that channel

Think he made a video about it, increases views by a small but significant amount, without any real drawback to it.

As an experiment YouTube was actually trying to crack down on this a few months ago by putting random frames in the thumbnail instead of giving the creators the option to upload custom thumbnails.
It wasn't too bad but everybody hated it and it was cancelled. Since then YouTube just gave up on it.

That guy somehow has 3, three, THREE children.

Did he get his wife as a gift from Asus as well???

They're all basedboys except Linus who is just a homosexual.

he even made a video about her unboxing

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>"le algorythm" defines what will perform well based on most watched videos

>Toddlers make up a gigantic portion of viewers

>Toddlers like thumbnails of silly faces

>Everyone must now do silly faces

Linus sold his soul to the zog years ago my dude

yes, but he has the old non-rgb model


>You know what's not crap? Our sponsor [faggot ass vpn that nobody cares about]

I remember when I was building my first PC back in 2012 or so and this dude would post GPU benchmarks. I ended up getting the 560 Ti. I'm guessing he got popular and turned into one of those lowest common denominator type youtubers. Well, that's where the money's at. That's just how it goes. Best you can do is move on and find some other up and comer that will turn to shit once they start getting up in subscribers.

>essentially advertising
because it was a little more in-depth than just an ad, similar to unbox therapy or other youtube shit. but ltt is really pushing it's WAR OF NOISE shit on all their videos and everything is HYPE and WACKY and oh man look at their FACES haha

Filename made me kek

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This is his target audience. If you're over 16 and still watching "PC gaming influencers" you have a developmental disorder

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>without any real drawback to it.
Just dignity.

Yet, they can't crack the code like Cambodians can.

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but LTT is a comfy channel

This post is nothing more than underhanded advertising for this stupid cunt and his retarded youtube channel.
You know what to do, guys.

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no, it's loud and obnoxious

well dont watch him then you autistic idiot.


These gaggots ruined loose jeans.

Parents give infants their phones, children will click thumbnails with faces making exaggerated expressions, the youtube algorithm recognized and promoted this, youtubers noticed that and mimicked it, subhumans actually started doing this because they are admired youtubers

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>Why would you sub
to any channel?

getting eaten by a snake. my fetish

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There's some irony to this in that you have that image saved.

>Not watching gamer Nexus for actual reviews.
No wonder you faggots defend AMD so much
>pic related team red AMD fat nerds

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I would trade my dignity for a shitload of money too

that was a funny fucking scene

I like this guy

Is that Bret Michaels ok the left corner, with blonde hair?

this is called overfitting in statistics

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I don't watch LTT I just saved this image because it resonates with me.


effin kek

>being a youtuber

>he unsubbed now as opposed to 5 years ago

LTT has been shit ever since. Label reading shits stretching out videos to reach that 10 minute ad rev mark and MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT OUR SPONSOR.

>I never buy anything they feature
kek and fagpilled. do you screen every video they put out to make sure it doesn't feature a product you plan on buying? have you screened all past videos to ensure you don't own anything in their videos? Jow Forums and their fucking huffy principles, what a joke


If you want comfy channels, check out LGR and Techmoan. No autistic, ADHD presentation and actual in depth reviews of niche products.