Did I do good Jow Forums

Did I do good Jow Forums

I'm poor and I made this build I bought a hp elite micro tower 8200 with a i5 2400 and 4gb of ram in it and stuck in a 128gb ssd and got add2psu and added a 650 watt psu with a gtx 660 ti

I only play csgo and older steam games

what would you upgrade Jow Forums

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4gb more ram

You should aim for at least 8 gigs of ram. Also, why 128GB ssd? Isn't that a bit too small?

You should be able to play all modern games, including Crysis-tier games, though at reduced settings/resolutions.

>I'm poor
I estimate OP spent somewhere between $150-$200. OP, what did it cost you?

>got add2psu and added a 650 watt psu
Why not get a system with non-proprietary PSU in the first place?

see consider adding cheapo hdd for vidya, animus and other stuff

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cost me $60 for the computer $30 for the psu $12 for add2psu $30 for the card $30 for the ssd I'm playing on a 720p tv

i didn't research I took someone else's advice

Ssd was meant for the laptop I have but it didn't fit and so I got stuck with the ssd and the hdd failed that came with it. I'm using a 256gb for my laptop right now.

I guess RAM it is guys should I not bother with the i7 2600 upgrade?

Depends on what you mean by "good". If you paid $10000 for it, then its complete trash. If you paid $1, then its godsend.

>cost me $60 for the computer $30 for the psu $12 for add2psu $30 for the card $30 for the ssd
$172 is a good price. To upgrade:

- If you are only playing older games (with small file sizes), your 128GB is alright. As soon as you get interested in newer games, it will not be enough. Many modern games are 50+GB.

- You probably want to get more RAM, since DDR3 prices will only go up.

whats a good used gpu to put in it? A gtx 970 and a i7 2600 are those good or am I wasting money?

>i7 2600
Unless you are getting that for ultra cheap, do not bother. For older, lightly threaded games, the i5 2400 is fine.

GTX 970 is roughly twice as powerful as GTX 660 Ti:

How much would those cost you? Will you be able to sell the 2400 and 660 Ti?

Its within my budget buying a 970 I'm on social security disability. Im not my own payee and I basically get $40 a week to play with

If you have the option to get a 970 for cheap, go for it. For 720p gaming, you can get 60+ FPS in almost everything.

I'll buy a 970 next month some storage and some ram

Used Radeon 480/570 are around ~$100 for good 1080p gaming. Used 1060-3GB can also be found for ~$100.

I like nvidia and intel so I'll buy a 1060 or a 970

Ram and CPU.

And a bit later along the line the GPU.

Have you not learned anything up to this point?

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Don't bother getting a new cpu. If it's over $20 you may as well get a new mobo then because even if you can get it working with throttlestop, the vrm will limit you.

I just sold 4 midrange gtx *60 cards last month and I think 970s are overpriced right now. Best option is probably a 480/580 8 GB for like $80. 470/570 are going for the same price and 1060 3 GB/970s are closer to $100 USD.

That must be your disability right?

The 570 8GB is the same price (if not cheaper) as the 1060 3GB and is much better


maybe I will get the 570

The reason I don't buy amd is they use sockets and not lga. I owned a 939 and I like nvidia so it was a sli motherboard and they price gouged a fx cpu that was a dual core and this was like in 2010 and it was a 939 then so they gouged the price for the cpu and I ended up bending the pins as a noob misstake so I don't buy amd anymore

If you can get it for $70 or less sure. I wouldn't even bother with more ram though. Whenever you start playing games that use 4 GB of ram, your quad core will start to show its age. At that point you can get $40 case, b350/b450 mobo and r5 2600 or r7 1700 for $120-135 if you watch ebay listings for a week or two, 2x4 GB CL16 3200 MHz DDR4 kit for $60 on sale. That build would last you at least 5 years. Don't sink anymore cost into a completely outdated platform.

The other day I was looking into switching from X58 to X79 but it just didn't make sense now that Ryzen is available.

You're going to forever swear off the only other cpu manufacturer because a decade ago you bent some pins?

Id go back to amd again I was just butthurt. So I don't know anything about amd motherboards or anything like that whats the chipset called b450? I own a case and a psu and storage. WIll you help me user with pc part picker and get a amd build.

They charged $200 in 2010 for a fx cpu at 2.4ghz and I added too much artic silver 7 and I checked to see if the cpu cooler was seated properly and it stuck to the cpu cooler and even though the lever was down it came out and I didn't know and I went to reseat the heate sync and fan and I didn't know the lever was still down on the socket and it bent the pins. There's more to the story. There's no excuse to price gouge a cpu like that to someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

I understand that you have a disability, but what you are saying is something like this:
>I will never buy burgers from McD again. I bought a McD burger and it came with fries and a packet of sauce, and I was squeezing the sauce really hard and it squirted into my eyes, and there is really no excuse for this to happen!

I'm still mad about it I don't like they use sockets I still like amd I might go back to using amd again I stopped caring desu

it was timing too I got back into pc building back when sandybridge was new and it dominated amd in the benchmarks so that has a lot to do with it. Id buy amd again now but I'm still butt hurt that I could've bought a i7 890 instead new back then without knowing because I was close minded the same way about intel