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>tfw fell for the Note 7 meme
I got chinked, this phone sucks, it's too chinkee.

lm trying to follow this guide to root my lg g6 h87220a but whenever l open my magisk manager and my root checker, it says that l don't have have magisk installed and is unrooted even though l already flashed magisk in twrp.
Plz help.


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What keyboard app should I use?

Try updating TWRP, uninstalling Magisk using the Magisk Uninstaller, and flash it again.


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simple keyboard if you don't need predictions
nextapp technical keyboard if you use the terminal
firewalled gboard if you need predictions

OnePlus 7T Pro, man up and be patient until October

I’m on AT&T and use an iPhone SE in 2019 a.d.
-this message sent from my iPhone™

SwiftKey, obviously.


Is there any reason that Nightscape on the 6T is worse than the Night Mode that's present on modern Oppo/Vivo phones when all 3 subsidiaries are under the same firm? Do all 3 of them have completely different software divisions?

The guide says that l need at least 3.2.3 for twrp and it seems to be working fine so l don't know what the problem is.

>pop up camera which is great until they make in display ones in 2021
>4000mah battery with 30w fast charging
>super high res 90hz OLED screen for extra responsiveness, this screen is a game changer really
>stereo speakers
>badass storage and RAM
>god tier camera hardware
the future is now, user.

your guide isn't a fucking bible. can't you see your root isn't working?

>muh botnet

stop putting words in my mouth. is that the only response you expected when you wrote fucking swiftkey, you braindead npc?

>Do all 3 of them have completely different software divisions?
Probably, all three are running independent OS modifications.

It's crazy how heavy Pie is compared to Nougat, man. That shit lags like a motherfucker.

At this point OnePlus is becoming like Samsung except worse. The only selling point for their phones is OxygenOS, everything else is mostly lackluster.

Not on any modern device it doesn't.

It just works bro

Use a firewall to deny its internet connectivity. A keyboard app doesn't really need it anyway.

Is that how you'd define a big battery with actual fast charging? Or cameras that shit on Samsung with gcam, or a 90hz notch free display? These things are real and great.

Any reliable source of information on how to root a specific phone? I'm thinking about rooting my Redmi Note 4, but the only thing I find are videos made by Tajeets.

Just fuck off man

The most disappointing thing about the Mi 9 SE in the battery desu.
3000 mAh really isn't that much, my redmi 3S had roughly the same and I bought it 3 years ago. I expected some progress.

New Nokias are pretty good

Does gcam actually improve picture quality on the s10 lineup? I'm probably going to get the 10 or 10+ anyway, I'm just curious

any replacement for my huawei P9?
I dont want to lose anything with my next phone
Im in Argentina btw

Can anyone suggest a good android phone for emulation (Dolphin) ? Preferably with a big screen. Im interested in OPPA Reno x10 zoom edition, but im not sure ill be able to purchase it in russia anytime soon.

The non pro version is still a flagship killer though.

So guys, I got Xiaomeme'd hard.

Bought a Mi MIX 2s, and after a week it had dust in the front camera. Back to my iPhone SE until I hear back from the retailer.

Any other anons have this problem? Or was mine just a shitty one.

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Waiting for the OnePlus announcement. Really I don't want to support a shitty Chinese company given what the big 2 have done recently, but I need to find flagship grade hardware with an unlockable bootloader, good LineageOS support and other custom ROMs etc...

Wow you sound upset what's the matter?

iPhone 5/5S/Se design is famous for getting dust in the lense after a while.

What's the best burner smartphone?

A cheap iPhone. Or a 3310. (Though it does use KaiOS which is heavily google infested.)

>not buying OnePlus phones with 4000mah tanks and fast charging

From the looks of it, the regular version got gimped to make the Pro look more impressive and the result is it lacks the weapons to push against Mi9 that's already established itself in that market segment.

>given what the big 2 have done recently,
aware me on this. Also, what do you wanna hear from them in the announcement?

My SE was fine for two years, and three screen replacements. My Xiaomi had visible dust after a week, and noticeable occlusion of the lens after two.

I suspect a combination of no IP rating, and the lens right next to the speaker holes is to blame.

>Buying phones from insect people. Expecting it to last more then a week...

Today you learned the chinks cut corners and that having a great phone means taking the overall experience into consideration and not just having the latest SoC and lots of RAM. That's how chinks chink you.

I like my iphone 8 plus

This generals seething hatred of Apple is getting ridiculous. Some of you fags are literally recommending a Galaxy S8 over a IphoneX.

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Wow you sound upset what's the matter?

S8 active.

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hacker's keyboard

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It seems the latest update managed to brick my mi mix 3. It won't turn on anymore. Is there a way to force at least any kind of OS on it? Or can it be done by myself or a third party repair shop? Do I need to replace it by the seller? Please help.

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Nevermind. Had to hard reset since only the screen didn't work. Anyways, anyone else experienced any issues with this update? I mean how fucking hard can it be to just properly reboot a phone? Fucking chinks.

Has the "le Chinese phones are government botnets" ever been proven right?


It's been proven the same way as any countries goverment spies on you. You would have to be a damn fool to think that smartphones are not being monitored by the governments of the world.

Who the fuck puts sensitive information on their smartphones?

Literally just keep that shit on an encrypted unplugged PC and use your phone for meaningless shit

I see you don't conduct business on the internet. You buy everything from local sellers in person, paying in cash, that you also keep under your pillow?

I feel like World War 3 will in some way involve massive leaks of private data companies and countries have on nearly everyone

Common sense; you trust communist PRC godless chinks and?

yaa bro lyk hw did u knw?

>You buy everything from local sellers in person, paying in cash, that you also keep under your pillow?

That's unironically the best way to live. Keeps you safe from glowniggers and the like

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>Who the fuck puts sensitive information on their smartphones
Ummm the majority of the business world?

Yeah, but you already fucked it up, since you are on the internet. So what now?

Never owned a smart device. AMA

What if he isn't on the internet...?

You can't track me on a wifi throw away phone

Check mate

Why isn't there an Endgame edition of the OnePlus 7? I would have bought it in an instant.

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The Fold is the only innovative phone since the Blackberry Passport.

Blackberry is Android now.
They fucked up big time by abandoning BB10. I would have bought a BlackBerry this year if it was still out there. No BB10 = deal killer. A non-botnet OS is a big deal.

What the fuck is a blackberry?

Oneplus oxygenos installs backdoor. Chinese spyware confirmed on huawei.

What the fuck am i suppose to buy now.

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>normtrash memes

>Oneplus oxygenos installs backdoor.
sauce or just fuck off. Also, you can use lineage.

I want to replace my Redmi 4a (lul) to either a Mi A2 lite or Redmi Note 6Pro. Should I do it or wait for Note 7? Or buy something else?

I still use a BB Leap from time to time. BB10 was awesome. No frills, easy to navigate, smooth.....

It's too bad it didn't really take off and get popular but they seemed to wait too long to really integrate it into their phones. By that time Android and IOS really had the smartphone market by the balls.

I wonder what the inside of that box smells like.

The funny thing is, abandoning what made them unique made them lose even more market share and name value. Many people think Blackberry doesn't even exist anymore.

Blackberry Passport, BB10. Escape the botnet.

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I want a nice comfy phone Chinese phone that'll work in Canada.

Budget isn't tight. What should I get?

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Wait for the Mate X.

I'd prefer just a normal average person phone friendo.

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I'm getting new phone in may to replace samsung j3 2016.
Should get the samsung a60 or pixel 3a or nokia 8.1 plus?
They are all phones coming in may.
My budget is £300.
Pic is kinda related but this a local phone companies advert which I hated.

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Whats Jow Forums recomendation if all I want is super battery, decent camera and decent display to watch netflix and youtube.

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>decent camera
35mm or MF film camera.
>and decent display to watch netflix and youtube.
You don't need to watch these. Stop wasting your life.

Moto g7 plus.

Pixel 3a or one of the Xiaomemes, I think both Mi9 SE and Redmi note 7 fit into that budget.

What's a good non root "firewall" app?

It improves image quality slightly on the rear camera, it improves the front facing camera by a longshot though. It basically removes the skin-smoothing beautify shit Samsung's camera software does, making it actually usable.
You do get Night Sight with it which makes nighttime photography much better. I'm not sure if Samsung's dedicated night mode is any good but I'm sure it's better with the Gcam APK.

Why buy phone now when 5g around the corner?

Drink bleach, shit smear.

The OP6T's price was treading into near flagship pricing, I expect the OP7 to be no different. The LG G8 is around the same price ($500) and is a true flagship unlike OnePlus phones nowadays.

I want to get a nice phone before 5G kills me.

in smartphone camera


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Why do manufacters keep designing phones with glass backs if everyone hates them?

More chipped teeth from dropping heavy phones into them, more money for the economy. More money for phones.

Is there any reason Sony hasn't made a 12MP 1" sensor for phones or at least a 1.5" sensor? Would it require too big of a camera bump to be practical?

og pixel XL for $150 refurbished, aye or nay?

Wireless charging, every self-respecting flagship needs to be able to charge fast without the cable, it's the next big meme manufacturers are pushing on us. Cheaper phones follow to make themselves look more expensive.

Why do phones aimed at Indians get huge battery capacities? I understand that poor people look at specs and rely on phones rather than lap/desktops and experience sparsely situated charging ports... But it seems like a reward or a punishment that westerns still get fucking sub 3000mAh for some expensive phones.