I want out of this SJW shit, give me an actually viable alternative

I want out of this SJW shit, give me an actually viable alternative

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what is this, 2013?


>I want out of this
You're a faggot for using it in the first place.

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good luck getting all your gaymer pals to migrate to a new service.

Sorry bud but you're stuck with it, it's the best of the worst. There's always Teamspeak if you just want it for VC and as another user said IRC for text communication.

We already have a thread about Discord on Jow Forums.
Could you please learn how to use the catalog?

riot.im / synapse / matrix

If you can't handle IRC, you need to kill yourself.

There is absolutely no need to communicate outside of imageboards.

Riot.im, Mumble, Jami, Tox

Face-to-face conversations..jpg

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IRC or Matrix.
Matrix clients like Riot are very similar to Discord, they both borrowed from the same.

Unironically true. I only talk to one person outside here and they are also on here.

What? I've been using discord for years and have never encountered anything SJW-related.

I really don't get why people want to replace irc so bad with shitty botnets

>I don't get why people want to replace the horse and buggy with automobiles

>literally nobody understand the sound component

Disco has amazing sound quality with low latency


Fucking retard, technically speaking IRC is leaps and bounds ahead of whatever proprietary shit Discord is doing

>you move out
>all your friends stay
>now you're all alone
What's the point?

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Thanks for the laugh, guy.

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Fuck you scum, go take a cock in the ass from disfags cucksoft, you are the worst kind of scum, people like you keep proprietary nigrasoft being used, kill yourself

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Teamspeak and IRC / whatever way you prefer for messaging

Deal with it, incel

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IRC is better than discord because it's not a centralized piece of crap. Though IRC is very archaic feature wise compared to discord's features.

Eat cock scumfuck

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they still talk about gamergate in 2019 even though it is kind of dead - you should only not read the MSM websites - it is easy.
Also they identify themselves as SJW, I am listening to 2015-2016 NPR podcasts and literally one of the females talked that she is a SJW

>using discord in current year
>being this much of a normalfag

You deserve everything you get.

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I want to die.

OP, this is a chatroom software. It is not a public forum or a community. Therefore Discord cannot be "SJW shit".

Do I need to elaborate further?

What clients are less possed than the official one? Finch(CLI) using the purple-discord plugin is broken and Ripcord has its own share of issues. What else is there? I assume you could write a bot to stay logged in and refer shit to a IRC client?

Practically indistinguishable from discord but open source and supports e2e
Good luck getting your cockgargling gamer pals to migrate though.


>You deserve everything you get.
A free service that allows me to communicate with my friends which also happens to have features that enhance our communication and provide convenience over alternatives like IRC which are outdated and extremely limited by comparison? Thanks, user! You're so thoughtful :3

yes use discord it is very good goyim

It's pretty good, although the direct messages UI could use a complete rework IMO.

OP asked for a viable alternative user

wanna know how i know youre a tranny

Frankly, I don't want to hear any more about your fantasy, incel.

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fuck off, tranny
> IQ: wet sand
what dribbling spastic. please kill yourself as soon as possible.

if only we could harness your ass mad the world's energy crisis would be over

Spotted the bootyblasted incel

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> please kill yourself as soon as possible.


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It's funny that 'conspiracy' is in here when the biggest conspiracy theory on Earth originated from the left.

this. really though I dont use discord at all I just use steam but steam has been dog shit as well giant ass mac toy buttons cant hide useless shit


What's the biggest conspiracy on earth?

Have to start using it on Jow Forums generals and vg threads

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have sex

They've been plotting to sabotage user's ability to find a mate for decades. Crazy, I know, but it's the truth.

this is the best thing we have.

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>no emotes
>no built in voice chat
>no built-in image display on most clients
I thought IRC was comfier too but good luck getting anyone who isn't a techie to agree to use it

>I want out of this SJW shit, give me an actually viable alternative
first name one thing wrong with the service. and no, the userbase is not an argument.

>no normalfags
that's an advantage

they log information about its users

It's malware.
>no, the userbase is not an argument
>tell me what's wrong with it, EXCEPT...
No, fuck off.

telegram is the only noncucked messenger not giving up to either authorities or politically motivated corporations

irc is still fine but zoomers are too lazy/retarded to use it

if only
the company is run by absolute anti-privacy SJWs and the global mods got caught as powerabusing furries/pedos

think that Tox is pretty good

Muh patriarchy.

Muh bougeoise.

Muh patriarchy isn't a conspiracy.
It's about people being raised in a culture that supports certain values that then become the default, something self-evident despite not always being true.
Conspiracies require someone to orchestrate them and be aware of them to act on them. Like great replacement conspiracy, which has its heads and major figures, or holohoax where a big part of a race is accused of coordinated effort to rewrite history.

I'm not even a feminist, women are subhuman.

irc is vastly superior in terms of tech unironically


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Use Ripcord
>can scare the shit out of normies, can view hidden channels
>open source
>memory usage is 30-50 meg, not discord 600meg
>irc feels
>No discord telemetry
It's finicky setup but it's smooth sailing after that

I just use irc and matrix for text, mumble and jitsi for voice

About the friends issue, just make new friends.

Skype you dumb nigger.

Skype 7 was at least feature-competitive despite being MS product, Skype 8 fucking sucks.

Fiat currency and fractional reserve lending.

What do more do you need than people being able to see and hear your dumb ass?

>>open source
It's proprietary and will be charged for later.

global mute hotkey

idiot, it's not open source and never will be

>no emotes
There's your emote. Don't forget that emojis are unicode characters, too.

Matrix + Mumble


Outside: the game.

I'm shooting for a job there, but I've sent some messages over their platform in the pasts criticising it with strong language. Not for political reasons or anything, I'm not a mouth breathing autistic retard. Just frustration at it's quirks.

Do you think they'll read through my history and throw my application in the trash when they see I've called it "a fucking buggy piece of shit" on several occasions? I fucking hope not.

>Using a 3rd party client
Have you even read their EULA? They do not approve 3rd party clients.
Enjoy your ban.


t. discord employee and/or fucking retard

they only say that so that they aren't liable for shit if you start fucking shit up with unapproved software

>can view hidden channels
You can't though, you only see the channels, you still don't have access to them

Just leave the server then? Why are you in any servers that aren't just your close circle of autistic tech friends? Tranny

Use the web client instead. discordapp.com/channels/@me

>using discord in current year
>being this much of a normalfag
>You deserve everything you get.
I do deserve it. Thanks, user.


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TS3, you just need one richfag to tag along with.

Being able to afford $5 a month is a richfag now?

Well because automobiles are faster and don't shit on the street

And IRC is perfectly fine it just doesn't have design appealing to retards so people make alternatives to look pretty

I miss xfire so much bros

none. discord is utter shit but everyone is using it so you gotta use it too. That was the same shit in 2013 when everyone ised skype even if god-tier alternatives like mumble existed.

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Messenger pigeons