Alternatives to google?

Is there a good alternative to google ? I’ve noticed more than ever that it’s heavily censored these days and if you search for anything conspiratorial it will just bring up mainstream articles that counter what your trying to find,for example try looking up the sandy hook conspiracy you won’t find anything.

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I am a jew and I use DuckDuckGo search

here's why:
bing is better than any other alternative you're going to get recommended by this board.
bing isn't google.
>but, i don't want to support microsoft...
look, you can't kill microsoft by not using bing, but you CAN kill google by not using google.
kill one, and then figure out how to kill the other.

Are you this dude from earlier?

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duckduckgo is my favorite cause muh dark mode and it has better quick answer menus than Google imo and the whole interface isn't ugly like all the other competitors.
Searx's search results are often trash.

Ask jeeves


Stop what?

you could try Yandex or gibiru

>unironically reccomending DDG
It's even worse, Google uses your data themselves, DDG just sells them to advertisers.

>inb4 but DDC says otherwise!
No, read the small print, retard.

>DDG just sells them to advertisers.
in reality they would sell it to anyone claiming to be an advertiser or probably just anyone

have this in the new tab bookmarks
choose any

touching yourself


Lirwrally was about to say it

IKR they're trying to censor the news that vaccines cause autism and now measles has made a resurgence because GUESS WHAT the vaccine never worked in the first place. A LOT OF GOOD THOSE VACCINES DID, GUYS, BUT THANKS FOR THE AUTISM.

>Using someone else's search engine
>Not just downloading the entire internet into a huge database and using queries to find what you're looking for
Fucking disgusting.

Its good, but only use it if you live outside Russia.

have you tried googling it first?

Where can I find that info plox?


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