Certain combinations of 1s and 0s can get you arrested

>certain combinations of 1s and 0s can get you arrested
wtf what did I do to deserve this

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gas yourself

where are you from and why do you keep making this thread?
next time you get arrested, don't forget to shove some drugs up your ass so you can make some dough in the clink

oh yeah, obligatory
> certain patterns and orientations of quarks can get you arrested
it's almost like
a combination of many small things
can make a big thing
that has a new meaning
other than the meaning of the individual small things
what could we call such a discovery?

>arrangements of particles at specific points of spacetime with specific energies and charges can end my jaunt in this plane of reality
Wtf? What did I do to deserve this???

he cute

you can make anything sound ridiculous
>you can get charged with murder by curling your finger on a piece of metal

I got charged with rape just for re-enacting a movie scene. What the fuck is the world coming to

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>wtf what did I do to deserve this
Probably molested your nephew. Neck yourself.

I wish I had a nephew

>certain combinations of a knife stabs can get you arrested.
wtf, so unfair

>all these faggots comparing physical interactions with some pixels on a screen

The question is, what happens when someone eventually invents a way to generate photorealistic fake CP? Like, believable enough that the feds would visit your sorry ass.

Raster images are just grids of colored squares, so it must be possible. If you were astronomically lucky you could even theoretically create it by accident by randomly generating an image.

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Already happening with lolis, it's banned in some states. Truly the land of the free.

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If you're in Canada then it is considered "simulated child pornography" everywhere. Fun!

Let women take over.

Unironically. Jews and women, especially jews in scotus pushed for cp criminalization. It is completely unconstitutional as evident by their justification being "it serves no societal benefit."

The first amendment does not protect only that which some governing body of old faggot jews deems "societally beneficial".

that shit is already happening.

it's a weird world.

seriously though, it's kinda like saying,
"i wrote up this detailed plan for how I'm going to go murder a bunch of people and now i'm being investigated, but I was just converting finger tapping into binary sequences, I dindu nuttin"

Not that people should be punished for expressing freedom of speech. We don't live in a world where you get to be free though, especially not in that way.

Either make the money to get the freedoms you want, or play inside the existing rules. You can go drink and smoke yourself to death all you want, that seems to be enough for a lotta people.

Won't somebody just steal all your stuff?


ur a fag, noose yourself

In which states? I never heard of that before. I'm surprised they're not trying to take down all the sites with hentai then, every other image is a loli.

>buy monkeys with typewritters
>expect them to write shakespear and swim in publishing money
>instead they write mpeg compressed child porn video if translated to binary file
>go to jail

>in most places owning/downloading depictions of certain crimes is a crime in itself
>in other places owning/downloading depictions of fictional material is a crime in itself
>NEWS channels show real crime in action all the time
>TV/Movies show fictional crime all the time

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kys tranny

sub 80 iq cringe

so what do you do about it

thank you for using a different image, you're cool

"The whole is different from the sum of its parts."

who is this semen demon

Nothing, it doesn't affect me in the slightest. I don't partake in any form of entertainment other than shitposting. I don't watch the news anymore either.

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>wtf what did I do to deserve this
You exist.
Go fucking neck yourself ASAP, degenerate.

They would have to prove that you had criminal intent at least. You should never get punished for the alone fact of owning / knowing certain information. That's why all these comparisons with physical matter / acts make no sense.

This is retarded.
The whole is not bigger than the sum of its parts.
Otherwise all of science would literally be incorrect.
Yet somehow we are using a computer built on science.

I see, you must be retarded


Technically speaking, its the way you do those combinations that is illegal, but the system is unable to effectively combat this, so they use this stopgap solution to see if it works.

>pointing a gun in your direction and making a motion with my finger can get me arrested
What did i do to deserve this

>certain combination of 0s and 1s looks like a video of you being publicly beheaded

Be honest OP, you werent jacking it to 1s and 0s, those were children

>I could have been an extremely successful person if only I had manipulated my muscles in a certain way over the years of my life

Die in a hole you shitbag of a human

>certain colors arranged a certain way make your brain channel blood to your pp