Is it technologically possible to crack down on interent bigots, incels and polacks...

Is it technologically possible to crack down on interent bigots, incels and polacks? In the recent event public support for shutting down these sites has become mainstream and offensive thought should be stomped out

Is it possible to do though? Automaticly firewall online sites by using keywords?

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Noone cares about them. Anime peddling pedos like the OP are the real threat.

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It's literally made for young girls and faggots like OP, what did you expect?

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Not really. It would cost billions, if not trillions to implement something like China’s Great Firewall across the whole of the internet. And even if they did start implementing it, there would just be some new iteration of the internet free from censorship. Our governments are actively working with the big sites like Facebook and Google to censor things, but Jow Forums has been around for longer than nearly all of them, and besides cracking down on CP, it’s mostly the same degenerate content it’s always been. Then you have DuckDuckGo, which is getting better all the time, that’s essentially what Google used to be before they started injecting politics into their organization. There’s always something else that’s more free, but it inevitably attracts those who are banned from other platforms (incels, pedos, etc.), it’s just the nature of free speech.

No, so you might as well harden the fuck up

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>She comes into a pedo website to complain about pedos
Do you also go to Australia and complain about how hot it is?

The only thing Hitler did wrong was not finish purging the planet of degenerates like you, OP.


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The internet is like sand. The tighter you retarded jews squeeze, the more slips through your fingers. And instead of being out in the open, all the extremists and political dissidents will go to Tor and other hidden networks where the content they share is doubly hard to find and impossible to track. Go ahead, shoot yourself in both feet. Dipshit.

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>Tor and other hidden networks
>content they share is doubly hard to find and impossible to track.

>he doesn't know what a fucking filter is
I don't know where the fuck you came from because I refuse to believe that even is that retarded but go back there.

Every "Tor exploit" that led to arrests has been based on JavaScript and poor opsec rather than protocol weaknesses.


I take what happened to the Silkroad for 800 Alex.

I remember when the Tor browser devs were flipping their tits over The Daily Stormer moving to Tor to resist deplatforming. And it worked. All they could do was a bunch of virtue signaling and autistic screeching while their tools were used for things they didn't like. It's a gun manufacturer having a meltdown because their rifles were used to kill people. Lmfao

This. If you're using JS or any extensions in the Tor browser you're a fucking dumbass who deserves to get v&.

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He used his fake name which had a connection to his real name. Poor opsec. No exploit what so ever.

The best solution is probably to implement shadow bans. Dont let people know they're banned, filter all posts by their IP if they are peddling retarded Jow Forumsack nonsense and let them think that they are posting to the website. A handful will be smart enough to figure it out, but most phoneposters won't. In order to facilitate the charade, have the server maintain throughput and allow a fraction of the filter defying posts through. This way posters might think the posting error might be due to their shitty phone apps or desktops. Eventually the stupid will give up when they realize the place has abruptly changed and they cannot seem to get any more (you)s. With that, we can return to glorious 2005 Jow Forums.
Also there should be an AI put in place for people that try to circumnavigate the filter and start spamming new meme buzzwords or if they are adding hidden characters to their Jow Forums rhetoric. The AI should feed posters malware and sell their information to the absolute worst advertising companies if its available. That should fix everything right up.

You can't find back. You Will only be more like Reddit.

They didn't even need his name. They literally infiltrated the datacenter to get access to the server. The connection of the names was way after they already had (physical) access to the server.
The point is that no matter how good or bad your opsec is if you become a big enough target Tor won't do jackshit to hide you cause the glow in the dark niggers will find you. And if we are at a point where Jow Forums needs to hide on Tor they are a big enough target for that. It will happen the same way it did with the original Silkroad. Find the server location, infiltrate the datacenter or just straight up van the house of the guy with the server and you got your POI, repeat ad nauseam.

>implying filtering out the nigger and da jews™ spam is a bad thing

> You Will only be more like Reddit.
No, that would make us less like reddit.

my opinion is everything is mass surveilled

>dude i hate pedos, incles and polacks let's remove free speech

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A server is private property? Free speech isnt removed and you can still make your own server?

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>wants to crack down on bigots
>Also wants to crack down on "incels" and "polacks"
Maybe you should off yourself, OP. That'd be a good start.