someone here posted something about how with a little cash, all of TOR could be compromised. I can't seem to find it in the archives (even 3rd party arch).

Does someone have the source?

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You only need to compromise two nodes in a tor circuit to unmask the user. It's trivial to set up tor on your home computer. Now imagine you are the government with access to thousands of computers across the globe. Tor was never secure.

Its already "compromised" literally funded by nsa

Just curious but is there any alternative to "tor" that is not a VPN?

TOR is not compromised

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yes it is
>FBI lets loose 200 pedo's because the FBI doesn't want to make public the way they compromised TOR

it may just be traffic correlation given how cozy at&t is with the agencies, it's much easier for them to send a letter to facebook/google if they want to crucify someone over pixels anyway, remember these are lazy government employees who do almost nothing

>sybil attacks
>timing attacks
>traffic analysis
>outdated version of Firefox
>uses bloated HTML5
>~40 million LOC to browse "securely"
Tor is compromised. Do not use it.

>no one saw the thread being referenced
I remember this thread. Here you go Opie.

Look here geniuses:
None of this had anything to do with the protocol itself, it had to do with bad opsec and Javascript exploits.

imagine how many tor nodes out there use Cisco hardware

Yes it does. See And Also that thread is still alive lol wtf are you smoking, OP?

that's the one, thanks Anthony.

>government doesn't run the majority of tor nodes
imagine being this naive

There are stories about them harassing Tor node operators and trying to buy them out.

>Igor Pustogarov presented Deanonymization Techniques for Tor & Bitcoin in 2014 to a crowd of about 20 of us at Stanford. For ~$12,000/month for 12 months, the odds of revealing a hidden service were 99%. Imagine what it is today..

I didn't say that. And even if I did, you can see how some people were caught. Yes, it was developed by the US government and it has nothing to do with the protocol itself being compromised. You know what else was developed literally by the NSA? SELinux and it's an integral part of distro security, but guess what - Linux isn't compromised because of that.


All I needed to see. You do know that your actual bank has to be involved in the process of you transferring bitcoins when that Ponzi scheme was still in power? It was never possible to be truly anonymous by paying with bitcoin. And guess who knew it all along?

no, read again, it's about Tor also

well yeah, bitmeme is a meme.