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Post your setup and stuff you are looking out for. I'm thinking of copping one of these for my studio. Nothing crazy HiFi but tube amplified means it can be used as a tube preamp for great results.

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Did you know that our human ears can only audibly hear frequencies from 20hz to 20000hz (which is really stretching it)
>meaning that your audio equipment is more or less a placebo

t. professional audio engineer

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you mean I’m not really hearing sound from my audio equipment? wow thanks you retarded faggot

Enjoy your distortion.

You unironically aren't lol, when it comes to the "hifi" elements. You are the result of a snake oil salesmen's success.

Why do you even care about “hifi” gear, it’s not like you could ever afford it user.

yeah, but what pressure levels are the ears sensitive to in that range?

Sorry fren, I grew up rich and Jewish. I have all the tech want. Thats also how I know how much of a scam some of these products are.

depends where you are on mother earth frendo

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>implying atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity has anything to do with hearing
Sure. Next you are going to tell me that the gravitational differences on the Earth also make the ear drum vibrate differently.

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oh really, let me see you timestamp your “hifi” :)

inb4 gearspammer dabs on poorfags

This is incredibly misleading and false. I listened to a youtube video once with my HD800s and my ragnarok and ygdrassil setup from Schiit and it was a range test. I could hear the bottom hz, like 2-20, so beautifully easy due to the high end audio experience. And the highs soared like a seagull, making beautiful bird music al the way to 80000 hz. My cans rustled like autumn leaves and gave me an instant orgasm from the experience. Luckily, the cum didn't touch any of my cables since I attach them all to the wall because of the weaker magnetic field the farther from the ground you get. Make sure to also get an electricity softner since regular wall electricity is much to rough to put into an amp, dac, or anything. There are no diminishing returns in audio. The more you spend, the better it will always be.

>Make sure to also get an electricity softner since regular wall electricity is much to rough to put into an amp, dac, or anything.
Why aren't you getting your own transformer from the power company?

are you fuckin serious m8? of course it does
I have those too, paired with the HDVD800 for best usage. No. You did not hear 25Hz. No you did not hear 8000000Hz either. What you heard is clarity over the hypothetical EQ band. Music sounds great on the HD800's but don't be a fucking retard with a statement like that.

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>are you fuckin serious m8?

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That's kinda the point if I'm using as a preamp in the studio FAGGOT

To intentionally distort your audio? Fucking weird man. Why would you do that? An amplifier should be linear. You want as low a THD as possible. I really don't get audiophools.

If you REALLY want distortion for whatever retarded reason just add it in digitally. There's no reason to use tubes at all.

s-surely I’ll win in THIS thread!

while I fully agree with your sentiment
todays tubes are pretty much as linear as solid state amps where 15-20 years ago
also, there exist some valid reasons to use tubes, like pre-amps for guitars as it's a bother to distort it digitally.
that said, end users should have no reason to use tubes, except when the faggot who mastered the music expects people to use tubes. in which case sending a lynch mob is a completely valid response

I'm looking for a headphone amp to replace my now dead 1981 Pioneer SA-620 (which was really good). I'm thinking a pioneer SX10AE or a Beresford Capella (to match my DAC).
Anyone know anything good in the $250USD price range?

Yes you dumb faggot for guitars and other instruments. Man your dumb did you even read my post.

yea, or...

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Good god this board get more elitist and retarded by the day.

Behringer is based. The best price/quality ratio of all pro audio

Brehs, what sound card should I get? Creative ZXR or the Asus Xonar stx?