What have you been torrenting lately?

What have you been torrenting lately?

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anime, well shit. i thought i had this configured properly but i guess not

They strip my tag from half my releases. That's not very nice.

nothing, what have you?

nothing shows up

>seeding shit 24/7 from home for years
>nothing shows up
your site is shit and you're shit

>HorribleSubs torrents and photoshop

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dude finally caught me

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needs dht pex or very shit trackers to work

xubuntu is better

>torrent without any kind of tunnel
>seconds as a seedbox
>page still full of nothing
you sure it works, OP?

yes it does

holy shit are you me

It's not very comprehensive. Out of hundreds of torrents I'm seeding to Nyaa it has 42.

Who is this pleb that downloads The Sopranos

Precure, mostly.

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I'm a man of culture.

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>not downloading Gold Edition 2016

Thanks for the IP pedo.

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you're welcome

My route was slackware + kde > xubuntu > ubuntu + unity > lubuntu (lxqt edition). I love me some xfeces, don't get my wrong, but lxqt has come a long long way over the years, and I don't regret hopping on board at all. It is the most responsive DE I've ever used.

jesus christ

not me btw, i clicked one of the "similar ips"

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fuggg, they caught me torrenting Black Clover and Shingeki No Kyojin S3

How do I change my IP?

what will you do with it :3 ?

you're fine

your isp surely has your mac in their logs

forgot to turn on my vpn
incredible series, by the way

I have two JAV downloads
> Likes Porn
Tons of anime downloads
> Cartoon
> Movie
They need to step up their tagging game

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Holy fuck i want to download it now


I have DHT activated on public torrents, still nothing

Why are Germans such pedos? I'm clicking "similar IPs" and found at least 5 more with cat pix

Wrong reply, meant for

Nothing showed up for me, there was someone nearby hosting debian and ubuntu, but holy fuck what the hell is it with Germany. It's like every other IP is distributing CP. This was literally the first German IP I clicked on.

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>not even attempted masking its cheese pizza with those titles
jesus christ

Some guy who had my Verizon Wireless IP was downloading some Post Malone bullshit. Nothing showed up on my AT&T Uverse IP though, which is understandable because I don't really torrent at all.

I'm seeding FreeBSD installer images to indians but nothing shows up on that site.

Dynamic IP ISP FTW.

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just some yify tier crap my brother must have downloaded despite us already having a perfectly good 1080p rip on the network

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Nope everything they listen for my ip was wrong.
I didn't download anything of that.

I did not download any of the shit it says I did. It's basically showing me youtube videos I've watched

Holy shit

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Looks like my brother was downloading some JAV.

how long until they're taken down?

Why would it be? It makes things incredibly easy for alphabet soup agencies, copyright trolls, MPAA, etc. Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if one (or all) of these are behind the curtain.

what the fuck are these shit?
I don't remember downloading any of these and I've a static IP.

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Better question is how do they know what is cp and what not, manual checks?

Empty for me. I guess I don't use shitty trackers

probably they're scraping tags

> what the hell is it with Germany
Age of consent is 14 years. It's normal.

Site maschine broke?

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They work with law enforcement, they very well could get lists from them.
They have far too many things sorted to have done it all on their own, after all.

It just hasn't found anything from your IP address.

>masha babko
>category: child porn
Fucking lmao

tried from desktop too

i torrent shit all the time

Masha did an interview in March, hope google translate is good enough for you

whoops forgot pic

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Either someone has your wifi passwprd, or you share your IP with your neighbors.
I've seen the latter in some places.

Hack me

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How does seeding work? I downloaded a file but got a ratio of 0.01
The upload speed is shockingly poor and I'm no where close to getting a 1.0.
It's now not even uploading.
Do you only upload if other people are downloading at the same time? It's an obscure file so I'm wondering if that's the reason it's taking so long.

Ill be moving out this flat soon, the IP will be the same for the next occupant. I just download loads of gay porn so it will show up. I don't look at it though im not gay.

>all of my sadpanda doujins are being listened to
Fucking DHT is cancer

>Sims 4 fitgirl repack: May 30
>Sims 4 anadius repack: May 23
My landlord
Who's the patrician and who's got shit taste in repackers?

A bunch of movies, apparently.
Never actually downloaded any torrent on my phone

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Is it a good idea to pay for a seedbox using paypal? What seedboxes are decent? Any VPS hosting that allows torrents?
Torrenting is illegal in my country.

They got me

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Nearly half of them don't really check out.

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>test in office internet
>time stamp in the middle of the night during holiday
The IP is dynamic however. Not like anyone will care in this shithole.

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