Notice how phones don't have replaceable batteries anymore?

It's probably because replaceable batteries are bad for you, goy. My sg4 may have lasted six years, but that was a curse visited upon me by demonic batteries samsung used to sell.l to consumers. Thank god I finally escaped!
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its because phone performance doesn't increase much between releases anymore. the only way they can get you to buy a new one is if the battery is fucked.


still rocking my s5 with a 7800mah powerbear battery. replaced the screen on it twice but its literally given me no trouble since i got it on launch.

I am well aware of this fact. I work for qualcomm and want to make sure every retard on this board knows what is going on.

Well, replacing a battery isn't impossible now, although you need tools and you can still buy batteries separately.

I don't care that nimh batteries have half the energy density of li-ion
I'll happily take a thick fucking battery that has a nimh battery in it. Make the battery twice the physical size, it will have the same capacity but survive for 2000 cycles instead of 500, idle discharge rate is enough that you can leave them alone for a decade, come back and continue using the device. They also don't fucking explode if anything goes wrong.

Probably because of the water seal or "premium" aesthetics. Don't blame the OEMs on this one, that's what people want. The Apple-like premium look and feel in every phone. We were shocked to hear the iphone x or whatever wasn't doing so well and it kind of spooked us because we were sure Apple hit the mark. I guess things finally got too expensive. Regardless I've seen plenty of low-end ones with removable backplates and batteries come through my place. But I'm pretty sure they're headed to asia, india, not the US

>t. work in the industry on the software side

you can still replace the bat
you just can't take it out easily
how else would it be always on :^)

my 6 years old Note II's internal memory died before batteries
I guess replaceable batteries make the phone last longer?

>phones are bigger and unwieldier than ever
>slipperier and more rounded than ever
>made with more glass than ever
>no replaceable batteries
>ridiculously short software support
>more expensive than ever
>barely any notable improvements between years

Really made me think

If the average consumer knew anything about lithium batteries they would never buy another smart phone. Thank god the globalists saved us from such a future.

Aesthetics have nothing to do with replacing batteries, and if you think your smartphone is waterproof, good luck testing that.
A smart looking design could easily support replaceable batteries. They don't do it because it's bad for business.

The problem is that we already have good phones socs and there is no reason to make new ones. Worker morale is dead. Only the koolaid drinkers are happy, and they never produced anything

>A smart looking design could easily support replaceable batteries
That's what Samsung thought when they were losing to Apple left and right.

>smartphone is waterproof
It's survived the toilet. Proof enough for me. Drop a laptop in there and it's a goner.

You'll probably think I'm a shill for saying this, but replaceable batteries really aren't all they're cracked up to be. I was using a S4 up until earlier this year, and I had replaced the battery in it about 6 months before that. Obviously the quality of batteries varies wildly on the internet, so I did my research, went through an authorised Samsung re-seller and paid probably about half the value of the phone for a new, legit Samsung battery. Guess what? It was still a piece of shit made in china that paled in comparison to the Korean original that came with the phone. Obviously it was better initially but after a few months it started bloating and would die with 40% charge left on it.
So now my strategy is just to stick to budget phones. Not only are they really good now, but if the industry wants to make it so damn difficult to be able to put a quality replacement battery in my phone and turn them into disposable devices, then I'll go cheap. If I have to throw my phone away every couple of years, I can live with doing it as I didn't pay a lot for it.
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7800mah for the s5?

That, and the only way they are really trying to market "improvements" these days is by making phones thinner and "sleeker." Having a user friendly method of interchanging batteries is a complication when you are trying to be as thing and sleek as possible.

I'm gonna be mad the day my LG G5 no longer works because it was pretty much one of the last flagship phones to have a replaceable battery. Not to mention a fucking 2.5mm jack

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It's to prevent you from removing the battery from the botnet.

>turns off phone
>still drains battery


Costs $50 to replace any battery on any devices at my local repair shop. Guy even gives a 6 month warranty.

Current phones are thicker than those 2-3 years ago. That meme is over.

>So now my strategy is just to stick to budget phones.
That is the way to go. I too had trouble finding a good sg4 battery, and I eventually bought it straight from samsung (they don't offer this anymore).
We go through so much pain trying to create power smart devices. And for what? So that you can buy the same shit every two years? I am done with this industry. I would rather starve than keep working for these people.

>Not putting your phone in a faraday cage

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Drive the market into the bottom. Make them charge as close to cost as possible.

It all starts with (You) buying a janky chinkphone

But if my phone's got a shit battery I'll just jump onto another brand

If it's industry wide policy of disposable phones, every manufacturer benefits.

The invisible hand strikes again!

It probably has to do with waterproofing being a popular feature which is harder to accomplish when there's a giant door on the back of your phone that leads to an easy to short out battery.

>doesn't know how to replace battery in phones with "non-replaceable" batteries

bigger companies tend to market better
you wont fall for shitter literal who brands nomatter how hard you try

Where ar you going to get the battery from? Unless it cones frim the oem it won't any good.
t. bought a battery that nearly killed my phone bedore I went back to samsung, and they don't even sell the batteries anymore!

Samsung doesn't sell batteries anymore. They realized it hurts their profits to sell batteries to consumers. Just buy their new shit phone, faggot. It will be worse in every way, but at least it comes with a new battery!

>phone's dead
>put fully charged battery in for instant recharge
>repeat every 3 or 4 days
I went years without plugging my phone in to charge and I miss it

No phone is waterproof. I had a friend who was thrown into a pool wearing his phone and it survived. Was it waterproof? No, it was a fucking sg3. And it worked without any problems after the pool dunk, and he could have replaced the battery if he needed to. Now that is impossible because samsung doesn't sell batteries to plebs (I wonder why--they must hate selling things!).