Mfw Linux still can't play most video games and still has a userbase full of loonies and autistic virgins

>mfw Linux still can't play most video games and still has a userbase full of loonies and autistic virgins

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Obsessed with what?

Lelnux is useless.

>my computer doesn't play enough video gaaaaames

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though i refuse to put up with win10 on a moral level


The main point of linux is the development of technology and control of the technology it's on.

Most systems run some version of linux, including most servers.

Also wine.

Ever heard of WPD and DestroyWindows10Spying, they disable all of the intrusive options for those concerned about privacy on Windows. I personally used WPD to disable all of the intrusive stuff in Windows 10.

>The main point of Linux is the development of technology

So, programming. I know that, I didn't say Linux is entirely bad.

>Most systems run Linux, including most servers.

Most systems, no. Most systems are running Windows, most servers yes, Apache and Ubuntu Server are good for that.

>Also Wine

WINE is a mixed bag at times.

Nice cope, autistic Linux circlejerker. Fa/g/s like you are the reason why new users of Linux are often turned off of it.

I don't know enough about the internals of their data collection methods or the way those tools work
it's still on my list, but i feel like it's a moving target

At least you're reasonable about it rather than going on an "NSA SPYWARE REEEEEEE" tirade like other Jow Forumsays on here would. Those tools disable ALL of the services, options, and programs that Windows 10 uses for violation of privacy. These tools also block IP addresses from Microsoft and Bing.

It is a moving target, and there's absolutely no way to prove that those programs even turn off all spying because it's proprietary and Microsoft owns (literally) millions of hostnames.

You FOSSFags all have the same argument, "INVINCIBLE SPYWARE REEEE" there's literally no evidence to support your claim and literally all evidence veers towards the fact that these intrusive options can be disabled with third party software.

>because it's proprietary
Found some pictures of you, commie fag.

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Nice bait and all, but if you knew anything you would know that the burden of proof lies on you. The null hypothesis is that those anti-spyware programs do absolutely nothing/are placebos and you have to prove otherwise. They block some domains, but not even close to all of them.
Jesus Christ, how assblasted are you?

Wew lad, fifth thread already? This really is rent free right there.

>>Most systems run Linux
>Most systems are running Windows
not that guy, but you forgot smartphones, so most systems /do/ use Linux

>H-he doen't hab da vibbeo gayms

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OP is obsessed with trannies and uses gay slang like "cope". Obvious case of closet fag syndrome.

Winjeet myself but if you're just going to pretend Steam on Linux doesn't exist you're just an ignorant fuck.

steam does exist on linux

retard I like women not fags

>mfw Linux still can't play most video games
Steam Proton can do that.

>nuh uh!
We're not arguing, girlbrain. I'm telling you what's happening.

OP here, I suck a bag of dicks and am a huge Winblows cuck.

Imagine playing any game less than 5 years old.

If 5 years pass and people are still talking about it, only then will I consider playing it. Time is precious, and playing a game is a big time commitment, I'm not going to gamble with a game that might be mediocre.

Can one person strive to be THIS retarded?
>if the hi/v/emind isn't talking about it, it isn't worth playing!
Get a load of this faggot, sweet lord. Pirate it/play the demo, if you like it, great, if you don't, uninstall it, you dumb idiot. Nobody's forcing you into a commitment to finish the game even if you don't enjoy it.

I've never even been to /v/

What other people could it possibly be then? Even if it wasn't /v/, your way of deciding if you should play a game or not is retarded, and you should be ashamed.

i dont play most games
i only play:
- csgo
- gnomoria
- openttd
- dcss

It's absolutely briliant, theres more games than anyone could possibly hope to ever play.
It doesn't matter how many good games you pass up, as long as the games you do start are worth playing.
And so, seeing which games are discussed 5 years on, is a sound heuristic to find games worth playing.

Who wants to support this shit

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Put your toys down and get a job, manchild.

Why aren't DF or cdda in your list?

I'm not good at roguelikes, I have only 11 DCSS wins in 509 games (I play online so that my stats are tracked).
I don't play DF because I'm a lazy brainlet. Closest thing to DF that I occasionally play is KeeperRL.
I don't play cdda because it just didn't "click" with me. It just feels weird.

>Why should we support a platform that has bugs due to being widely unsupported?
And they say game developers are intelligent.

It's almost like people can't own two pc with different OSes on them.

Linux can play more video games than any other OS on the planet besides windows. but even if it couldn't Linux is not for manchildren anyway.

Source: none
A wild guess from mine: Probably not true

If you want to get into DF, the secret is to just take one or two hours for a few days until you learn the hotkeys and start managing your fort. Two faults it has is that the hotkeys are not uniform for every menu and that in the beginning you rely too much in the wiki.

The best part is when Linshitters swarm to defend their trash OS, and vehemently swear they HATE video games when in reality they are extremely bitter and jealous that they can't play them unless they dual boot Windows 7 or 10.

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>mfw Linux still can't play most video games and still has a userbase full of loonies and autistic virgins
I get laid and pay taxes. I don't have time for vidya.

>that these intrusive options can be disabled with third party software. theory.

what do you wanna play brainlet?

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I get laid and don't pay taxes. there's your problem

Imagine needing a third-party program to disable the windows 10 spyware which reenables itself anyways on every update.

>Thinking that using a certain OS is immoral

Unironically go have sex dude! Jesus Christ!

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>having morals is bad
>fix it by fucking an immoral thot
I now this is Jow Forums level shitposting, but seriously, what's wrong with boycotting a company/product on morals grounds?

will smith voice: fortnite

>most servers yes, Apache and Ubuntu Server are good for that
you are fucking retarded

> Most games dont work on linux
But most games do work on linux. With Steam's Proton, Lutris, and the increasing level of native linux ports, MOST games DO work with little to no tweaking.

>disable all the intrusive stuff

Imagine having a computer, a marvel of engineering and human ingenuity, and you believe its primary purpose is to play "video games" that are primarily designed for children and teenagers


>. Those tools disable ALL of the services, options, and programs that Windows 10 uses for violation of privacy
Imagine being this stupid

>he cant figure out dvxk and wine
>complains that linux doesnt have games
stay on facebook's operating system, you deserve it

Interested in trying Linux again.

>what’s the most idiot proof version? I went biology not computers in college. I’m a retard with computers

>does discord work on Linux?

>does my steering wheel peripheral work on Linux

>web browser?

I hate Microsoft so much after all the shit I’ve eaten from them. Zune, Windows phone, Windows RT, Windows 10 with no start button for a year etc. Spyware. Then they put up a gay pride logo and I’m just done with those fucks.

I last used Ubuntu in 2009 and it was ok but not really where I wanted it to be for me To use it for school and work. I spent as much time trying to get things to work as actually using the things.

Now I don’t really work on my PC so if I can do games and internet and word processing is willing to try it again.

>video games
>on a hyper sophisticated adding machine
You're literally a retard if you see this sort of operation as normal

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>does discord work on Linux?
discord is proprietary and harmful so you shouldn't use it. But doesn't that run in a web browser anyway? I think it has a linux client if you want their malware on your computer.
>does my steering wheel peripheral work on Linux
probably. I've never had any hardware not work.
>web browser?
It has all relevant web browsers if that's what you're asking.

>what’s the most idiot proof version? I went biology not computers in college. I’m a retard with computers
Ubuntu, but once you're used to it, bail for debian or some other deb based
>does discord work on Linux?
unfortunately, yes
>does my steering wheel peripheral work on Linux
>web browser?
Chrome/firefox/anything worth while works fine

It's common knowledge you idiot. look up proton and game emulators for linux in a search engine. Native games + a lot of windows games + all older games is much more than anything besides windows.

>Steam Proton blocks your path.
Great bait tho.

It's actually sad, considering the direction MS is going with windows, Linux is once again in a pretty good spot to gain users. In late 90's, when Linux started gaining popularity, one of it's selling points was it's reliability, where it did outperform W9x - didn't throw you random blue screens, didn't require a restart every day, but then XP came along and it was almost a perfect operating system. The only thing Linux had over XP, aside from it's software developing tools, which your regular user doesn't care about anyway, was it's customizability - and that was just for kids who wanted flashy desktops. Even if Linux slowly became usable as a daily OS for simple tasks like web browsing and basic office stuff, it wasn't 'better' than windows in any way. But now, the way W10 randomly changes it's functionality with forced updates, dropping support for older hardware or limiting it's functionality, makes it a bit of a reliability issue. When you turn on your windows 10 PC, you legitimately can't be sure, it's going to be able to perform the task it's meant to and which it did yesterday.


Why are you guy acting like proton is perfect? It's not and still has ways to go. Plenty of games still have problems.

It plays Sekiro great and other games that are actually good.

They only enable games that work perfectly.
245 of my 353 games are now Linux/Steamplay compatible, number was quite a bit lower before photon.

Actually, Linux has the most games and has 75% marketshare in the mobile market.

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That's subjective.

>They only enable games that work perfectly.

Not according it protondb. Plenty of sub Platinum games listed.

>245 of my 353 games are now Linux/Steamplay compatible

Well compatible and the game playing perfectly are quite different things.

The irony of freetards making statements like this is entertaining.

I seem to remember one ex-microsoft employee bitching about how people made the claim that microsoft was purposefully breaking compatibility with win10.
Apparently they worked really hard to ensure shit worked, and the problem was that a lot of devs using windows APIs did a lot of stuff they weren't supposed to do.
Now I don't trust microsoft at all, but considering the only thing they've got going for them is legacy software compatibility, this seems in character for them.

I'm willing to bet that's the biggest obstacle for wine/proton's compatibility efforts.
But it begs the question, what the fug were they doing, using the undocumented highly operating system version dependent native windows API?

What fucking morals are there for an operating system? Do you ask RMS for forgiveness when you have to use Excel at work? Are normies going to the freetard gulag for using Windows?! Seriously think about what you are saying. It's 1s and 0s, not Heaven and Hell!

>hurrr durrr products don't have morals
>hurrr durrr keep using/buying them and supporting the amoral companies that makes them
it's like you don't even understand how boycotts are supposed to work

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that's the point of loonix, norman

That's my man.
I quited the game after they made wild veggies totally useless. This change was too radical to me.
Have mercy.

Protondb disagrees

Who needs most games when I can still play good games?
I haven't booted into Windows for 2 years now and proton with steam/lutris/wine has been enough for my needs.

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What was subjective is what a good game is.

>mfw Linux still can't play most video games

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Dumb frog poster.

Thing with playing non native games on Linux is also, they might run, but somewhere in the back of your head, you know you'd be getting 300 fps instead of 200, if you were on windows.

If you decide to try linux and video games are a priority, you've made the wrong decision. Linux is for people who know what they want to do and what the limitations are. If you've just (managed) to install a distro and then say 'Hey, Jow Forums! I just installed linux distro XYZ! Now what do I do?', then GTFO.

No Linux, no bucks. I hope that triggers the trolls.

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Everything except PCs and usermanagement of those PCs.
Almost everything else in the computer world is Linux, Minix or another Unix-like

No bux for the OS means more bux for support, development, and other expenses.

Every mid 90's game I've tried in Wine has worked fine. Besides, playing games is a waste of time.

>dude just try and hack your operating system into not tracking you by installing this possibly shady software

Games are for children.

Make 2 bootable partitions, use windows for games and linux for anything else...

I've been using Linux on my gaming desktop for years now. Pretty much all dx9 games work out of the box with wine. Dx11 games often work with vulkan translation(like witcher 3 or GTA 5). Many AAA titles actually have Linux binaries on steam and if not steam does it's own built in wine one click installs. Nearly all emulators have a build for Linux. I can even use a g27 with gear shifter and FF support out of the box with kernel level support. Lotta Gramps need to get with the times.

>if not steam does it's own built in wine one click installs

With varying degrees of success.