What's the future of internet?

what's the future of internet?
for example Youtube, with it's censorship and demonetizing videos as they like
do you guys think it will fall and be replaced by competition? if so do you think will it be Dailymotion or some new video sharing website?

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Internet is only going down and down...
I wish post-2012 youtube never existed, I sincerely hope that it cease to exist.

To be honest content spamming nigger should hang or from the opposite site white people should hang shouldnt exist, some moderation would be fucking welcomed

Every big site will have a pay2view business model.

soul vs soulless

Hopefully it will get replaced by PeerTube.
Dailymotion, Vimeo, Minds, BitChute, Vidme, and others all suck.

No, some /tv/ ramiposter has just fucked with the colour levels

It's called diversity, films of color.

the go-to site will be what all the normalfags use
normalfags always use the worst crap out there

Idk what you just wrote but we srs gotta build a walk between 3rd and 1st world fags. Same with phones it should be more restrictive so i dont get pajeet calls.

Agreed, fuck 3rd world retards and fuck Indians in particular, them getting internet was a mistake.



first of all
-youtube isnt the whole internet
-all those """"censored"""" videos belong to far right dipfucks that are wholly dependent on youtube ad money to stay afloat. they can publish on other video sites but they dont want to due to zero audience and money.

>what's the future of internet?
if you keep mistaking google and youtube as the whole internet they will be.

it was an example you stupid nigger

PeerTube is really the best alternative. Open source, federated, and NOT connected to some cryptocurrency as a requirement. The crypto ones are not necessarily bad (ie IPFS etc) but they add another issue of people trying to monetize/mine/mess with the currency, where PeerTube is only about providing the service itself.

you said its censored you shit eating retard fuck.
nothing is ever censored unless if you think the platform is everything to you. fucking retard ass zero braincell Jow Forumsnigger

This is absolutely true, but we do need to think about how "big tech" from Facebook to Google/YouTube/Amazon have basically become the defacto public square. Thus, their actions have more gravitas; when they do things like changing their TOS to remove or demonetize various content, banning people or content.. it has a major effect on society. Sure, they can go elsewhere and some will, but the problem is that they got to be SO dominant in the first place, that it takes an inordinate amount of money in order to bring a new competitor in, most of these companies have multiple divisions funding their crap so they don't need every element to be profitable (ie Microsoft/Amazon can hawk hosting below costs basically forever just to keep others out of the market as it is impossible to meet their prices - what used to be "illegal dumping" ), and more.


I will still be going to YouTube. Cat videos, you know.

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the way i see it you will have to pay to watch ads, after which you will be told to fuck off and you cant see the shit you want to because muh freedom (as in censorship). were nearly there too...

why is every 'platform' that aggressively markets itself as pro free speech filled with literal nazis and edgy children?

Websites don't work like normal capitalist products, they're like languages. They're only used because everyone else is using them, you don't care about the site, only the content. They should be forced to maintain a level of free speech, like how your ISP shouldn't be allowed to censor your words or your water provider shouldn't be allowed to put lead in the water.

"free speech" means "we were kicked off all conventional social networks for being edgy faggots"

The definition of "far right dipfucks" is being increasingly stretched, you posting on Jow Forums alone makes you a part of an undesirable niche. Whatever content you consume is going to be on the chopping block soon and I hope you remember that you didn't see the warning signs because it was happening to people you didn't like.

I mean, for fucks sake, the lady who shot up YouTube was just making some batshit but totally innocuous Bahai pro vegan videos.

the slippery slope effect doesn't apply to everything you know

PragerU isn't far right.
Crowder isn't far right.
Dumb copyright infractions on /v/ material isn't even political.

Every other point of yours I agree with but don't be so quick to ignore censored videos. First they came for the x's because I was not an x....

>censorship is good because it only affects those white supremacist baby killing nazi bigot channels
>posts on Jow Forums

Look at xir. Look at xir and laugh.

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Why does your retarded mutt politics ruin it for everyone else? I don't care if your country turn into Trannystan or Ethnostatonia. Seriously, I browse the internet to unwind. Seeing this shit happen on a daily basis isn't helping.

oh fuck off, the only people that whine about this shit are edgy faggots and retarded boomers and zoomers that weren't actually online during the golden age of the Internet of the 90s and 2000s. Nobody tolerated nazifags and edgy bullshit anywhere, you post race realism on a forum you'd get banned, you say racist shit in most game servers you'd get banned. Hell most forums wouldn't even allow politics in general because it was too divisive and admins/mods didn't want to deal with the inevitable flamewars. Want to talk about that shit? Find a political forum or start your own. This free speech horseshit is boomer and zoomer entitlement and stupidity that has grown from their dumbasses thinking twitter, google, and facebook are "the internet". Fuck their generations, and fuck corporate ownership ruining the Internet.

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Jesus Christ, I don't have a problem with avoiding politics on your platform, I have a problem with the double standard and I find it sad that you oldfags don't see it.

DLive and DTube is the replacement.

I don't live in philosophical vacuums, Jow Forumsfags ruined the fucking Internet, radlibs and woke fags ruined the fucking Internet. I used to be able to go weeks at a time without thinking about politics, now every faggot has to constantly shove it in my ass when I'm trying to just unwind and not think of this hellworld for a few hours. Fuck every asshole that can't shut the fuck up about politics for a single thread or game or movie. If every asshole politics shitface was banned from youtube, reddit, and twitter, shit would be 100x better overnight.

So you hate politics so much that you want to ban political discourse? How the fuck do you expect that to work out, shithead?

Not him but I would ban political discourse. It's just so fucking annoying, like nigga you don't run the government your opinion doesn't matter. Political discussion in China is rare unless a person has some sort of involvement with CCP, and I really doubt the majority of Chinese would want to adopt our bumper sticker culture.

based autist/woman

Based and redpilled

I'm waiting for the advertising sham to fall apart. How much money is being spent on ads that have zero chance of attracting customers? Eventually Google and Facebook will eventually be broken up as monopolies.

no dumbass, I said they should ban it, because its their websites and its the best thing to do to fix this stupidity. You aren't entitled to a private platform, if you want a bastion for free speech that has zero limits, start your own website, like how the Internet has worked for its entire goddamn existence. 15 years ago if a website sucked, I'd look for a new one, why the fuck does everyone act like that has changed? Youtube, google, facebook, they aren't special, they're just bigger, they can be replaced, so fucking do it.

>Doesent live in a philosophical vacuum
>Wants to live in a world free of political discussion.

future of the Internet?

>99% of traffic goes through just a few websites
>everything is heavily censored
>you need license to watch porn
>some websites with hate speech content are blocked straight from your internet provider

wait..this is not future

I would ban niggers too if I could.

>Jow Forums is my political hugbox
Sorry Jow Forumsso. You shitposting 2016 hold overs have been a gigantic shitstain in this site that hasn't learn to keep it inside their containment dump board. Go back.

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It all happened when Trump won and libs are still crying about it.

The government will control the internet in the future not corporations. People in the future will wish the corporations are back in control.

Because it's literal reject hogwash from all the other sites that promply get rid of their bullshit. Any serious competitor to youtube won't be yet another sour grapes wringing site, but a service that provides something novel, useful and unique in a way youtube doesn't. It will be a while before such site comes up.

The parents of these kids deserve to be sterilized.

>he thinks Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook are "the world"

faggots like you are who I'm talking about, get off the fucking internet, see

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like there's a fucking difference

Why don't *YOU* go find a website/platform without politics? Politics is omnipresent and you know exactly what side Youtube et al are going to take if they do start banning/continue censoring.

>you don't run the government your opinion doesn't matter

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Normalfags and google are what killed youtube

>unironically defending the botnet
>on Jow Forums
I'm not sure who is the real cancer between the poltards and the street shitters google shills swarming this board since 2014.

I /did/ find a platform, it was fucking Jow Forums until project chanology ruined everything. Then I found other platforms, then they got ruined too because Jow Forums was created and Jow Forumsfags started roping their boomer parents into everything, and Tumblr and Twitter were created that then became a nexus for radlibs who roped their boomer parents into everything. Now everything is a butthurt polarized hellscape of which there is no escape. I know damn well things won't go back to the way they are because it's people that've been ruined, nobody is capable of talking about anything but politics anymore, that's all anything fucking is.
it's omnipresent because of faggots like you that inject it into every goddamn thing now way past beyond just making a political point like movies game or whatever used to do, which is the difference between having a sauce to add flavor as an enhancement to a dish vs eating an entire bowl of fucking gravy. Nuance is totally lost now, everything has flashing lights on political points like a goddamn children's toy. The only refuge is old ass forums and places with active mods that prevent this shit from starting in the first place and keep discussion relevant to the topics at hand, but those forums are dying off because every faggots keeps going to reddit and twitter and youtube.

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>censorship is good
>Jow Forums is my safe space
>eveyone I don't like is Jow Forums

Laugh at xir

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small and niche decentralized sites
if you're a cucked normalfag same old same old while they collapse

>Calls other people faggots
>Is a Faggot.

>NO U with too many words
>no argument

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>No argument
>Still argues.

>if you close your eyes and pretend censorship and sjws wont come for you and try to control every aspect of your life you win

I get you user but you do realize they started it right? It's not the fucking 50s and it is not the christian right pushing for mass censorship and deplatforming anyone who doesnt agree with them and passing laws to arrest you because you hurt their feelings. Close your eyes as much as you want but never forget there are people who want to ruin your life and doxx you simply for posting on Jow Forums faggot

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"Worst crap out there" pays a ton of money in publicity. Every time.

No open source anything would actually work unless it is actively used for marketing and it is sponsored by some big tech companies. Like how Linux or Github are sponsored by IBM, Intel and Microsoft.

>They should be forced to maintain a level of free speech
By whom?
Who oversees this?

They'd be self-regulating, just like any other monopoly/religion.

The government? You know the people who already oversee thousands if not millions of rules?

I dont really see it as a problem that Nazis are demonetized and kicked off Youtube. Sorry bro

We do need another surge of new streaming services and sites. The problem is funding.

No, because competition.

>thinks pre 2016 Jow Forums was an anti racist reddit shithole

It was even worse for people like you. Fuck off and die newfag nigger.

>belong to far right dipfucks that are wholly dependent on youtube ad money to stay afloat
So the left wing are allowed to do that, but when the right wing does it, they're "dipfucks ".

Not to mention consumer law issues there. If youtube want to play the money game, then they're going to get fucked.

Not to mention... doing this just before the election year is a little bit suspicious.

>Jow Forums is my political hugbox
>proceeds to infer that their opinion should be censored to Jow Forums only

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Pre 2016 there was very little sympathy for ethnicities and sexual/gender orientated cults yes. That was mainly /b/ too.
Makes you wonder why that is no longer the case.

It's not like there are paid organisations to shill here though. Especially when opinion here swung an election and threatened the pockets of billionaires.

>So the left wing are allowed to do that, but when the right wing does it, they're "dipfucks ".
In what universe? Lefty stuff is demonetized and de-platformed on the regular. How about actually doing some fucking homework, because they complain about that shit all the time, so I can only assume you saying what you're saying is either done out of ignorance or in bad faith.
I think both sides can probably agree 100% in that we shouldn't be leaving our morality to gigantic corporations who are only accountable to shareholders.

>Youtube, with it's censorship and demonetizing videos as they like
Taking down violence inciting content and removing hate peddling grifters from the platform is frivolous censorship now

You're the newfag. Jow Forums was completely uninterested partisan politics before GG and the leaking of Jow Forums. The idea that half the content on any given board would be outrage-of-the-day twitter screencaps was inconceivable in 2010.

>Lefty stuff is demonetized and de-platformed on the regular
No it's fucking not. Big businesses pay for their ideological platform to say their propaganda. Businesses are generally not right wing.

>So the left wing are allowed to do that, but when the right wing does it, they're "dipfucks ".
The left wing isn't making fanatics feel like shooting up a mosque or mailing bombs to people is okay

So why haven't they removed all content promoting globalisation then?
Because that promotes more hate and violence than any other ideology.

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>The left wing isn't making fanatics feel like shooting up a mosque or mailing bombs to people is okay
But they are.
Wow you really are deluded.

Left wing literally attacks religion daily. You see it with violent attacks on all religious institutions.
You only hear about the right wing attacks on the MSM though.

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>it's not the christian right pushing for mass censorship and deplatforming anyone who doesnt agree with them and passing laws to arrest you because you hurt their feelings.

know how I know you didn't grow up in the 80s and 90s? SJWs will burn out, their annoying bullshit will get tiresome, but religious moralists never do, the right was calling for censorship for fucking decades before suddenly that gun was turned on them, now they're the ones bitching about free speech as if they were ever in support of it in the first place.

>moving goalposts now to gg because he knows he posted dumb shit

Youre a retarded post 2011 nigger. Fuck off and die.

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I guarantee I've been here since you were shitting your pants, Jow Forums was irony filled edgy bullshit, but that was on the edges, 90% of the site was stupid fun, we didn't give a fuck about politics or serious shit, all we did was shitpost, do raids on people or websites, and we made most of the original internet memes, we made new content constantly. The fact wojack and pepe bullshit is still around proves this site died 10 years ago.

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>we didn't give a fuck about politics or serious shit
Not in detail.
We just hated niggers, trannies, women and fags because we wanted to.
Now we try to rationalise it and take it politically. Why?

>No it's fucking not. Big businesses pay for their ideological platform to say their propaganda. Businesses are generally not right wing.
Businesses only speak one language, and that is green. The far left is in favor of income redistribution, unionization, and other things that take money out of the pocket and power away from big businesses. Being pro-LGBT and anti-White-Nationalist is fashionable right now, but given the choice between socialism and fascism, businesses will prefer fascism 10 out of 10 times.

Wow bro you're such an oldfag, I can't believe you made the original Pepe 10 years ago, epic!

Right-wing is very anti-government and de-regulation focused. This is not good for big businesses because it reduces barrier to market entry. On the other hand, the left LOVES an intrusive government which keeps competition away. If you keep raising the minimum wage, only market incumbents can continue paying out. It doesn't make sense in the short-term, but large businesses work in very long-term strategies and they don't like the disruption that extra competition and lower barrier to market would introduce.

Unironic nigger hate threads were a fucking staple /b/ thread since fucking forever.

you've never read a history book in your life clearly

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Please enlighten me.

>the place infamous for saying fag and nigger and having cp everywhere actually loved my base nigger pets!

You revisionist faggots make me sick. Just accept and acknowledge what you really are. a subhuman newfag

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>Right-wing is very anti-government and de-regulation focused. This is not good for big businesses because it reduces barrier to market entry.
Big businesses are smart enough to realize how dumb principled libertarians are and consider them useful idiots. Businesses are all for reducing the size of government and reducing regulations when there is money to be made in the process, but once they have the market on lockdown, they're smart enough to realize that political power can be bought, and they can essentially use whatever crippled government exists to outlaw their competition with a plausibly deniable degree of separation. Power abhors a vacuum, and if somebody leaves power on the table, someone else will attempt to take it.
Again, businesses only speak one language, and that is green. If they feel like socialism is going to take money out of their pockets, they have and will continue to turn to fascists as a foil, and as long as they continue to make money, they don't give a single flying fuck about anything else.

Projecting hard as fuck.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with you. (((They))) will adjust to whatever climate they find themselves in. Cronyism is the problem, not extreme leftism or extreme rightism.

I'm not the same poster summerfriend. You need to go back to FreeRepublic.

That's correct, no commercial platform has to host literally nazi bullshit. Why is that surprising and why is that a problem? Do you need hour long holocaust denial bullshit in your life?

If you would happen to be a literal nazi yourself, were you aware that there is www.stormfront.org for you?

When they are subsidised by government funds and use government funded infrastructure they should be expected to abide by the constitution like every other communication company in the same position. Can the post service refuse to send my hour long holocaust denial DVD?

Not that poster, but the real solution is to get the government the fuck out of as much as possible.

>if retarded stuff i made up was true then nazis should have a right to be on youtube

Youtube Facebook and Twitter is "free enterprise". They dont want pro-nazi content because it's bad business and no one likes nazis. Don't panic! Bitchute has nothing but nazi content.

Government subsidised is not free enterprise

>The far left is in favor of income redistribution
No they don't. Far left is anarchy.
You're talking about the marxist left. The false left.

I'm tired of them being called far left.