There's going to be a massive leak of Jow Forums user data. Namely posting histories, geo-loc and real life IDs...

There's going to be a massive leak of Jow Forums user data. Namely posting histories, geo-loc and real life IDs. The leak will come from the company Foursquare.

So regardless who you are if you've posted on a phone or PC without a VPN even on multiple devices there's a profile about you so you'll be affected. Lurkers should be safe.

The janitors are deleting these threads because they know and are involved in the coverup.

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where is proof

you should be posting on Jow Forums about how they should short foursquare with some massive leverage

lame bait

oh noes!
people will know we call chink moot, gook moot.
oh noes!
it will be hilarious and probably a lot of mentally ill fuckers will be linked to the site, like the idiots behind the latest shootings in the US and the dude from New Zealand.
Only some shit americunt channel will care about it and we will get another meme webm with more codewords to shitpost on other threads

spread the word on Jow Forums and /b/ brother
stay safe

From a "fuck you here's my lawyer and I'm not saying shit" standpoint: Prove it was me and not my neighbor using my unsecured wireless network I keep for guests.

Besides, Jow Forums has 11 million users in the US. Jow Forums is an extremely active board, so let's say that there are 4 million Jow Forumstards. According to Wikipedia there are around 800,000 LEOs with arresting powers. Which means if they wanted to round us up they would need the military to do it. This would probably spark a civil war, since that's what usually occurs when the government starts arresting people for shit they say. If the goal is to get us fired, it's not going to work. It's easy to whip up public animosity towards one or two or a dozen people. What happens when it's your coworker, your boss, your best employee, your father, your brother, your son? What about when it happens to tens of millions of people at once? Anything they do with the data is to our advantage. Leaking it strengthens us tenfold. Get fucked CIA niggers.

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This is so out of the realm of possibility it is laughable, brainlet.

>The leak will come from the company Foursquare.
No they won't. They'll come from Google, who owns Jow Forums.

>Prove it was me and not my neighbor using my unsecured wireless network I keep for guests.
First prove any of it's real

I am very concerned about this and will hold my breath until the release.

As a long-term NEET who has never had a bank account or drivers license how will this affect me?


Lurkers win again

Wouldn't cloudflare easily prevent this?

prevent what exactly

Wow, jannies must have accidentally looked over this thread. I'll give it a bump so they can delete it.

I don't give a shit. Come at me, Foursquare, imma fuck you up.

Oh noes.
Now people will know my anime powerlevel.

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I'm not a retard, so who cares

im now concerned about all the cunnyposting i've done.

all I had posted was a pure irony.

Wtf I don't want my family seeing my programming socks!!

Godspeed user

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okay i sent you a pm

I've probably used the N word more than 10,000 times on this site but it's not like that will ever come back to bite me

Do it faggots!

Sweet, will I get to see that stupid shit I posted on /b/ over a decage ago? Sound like a nice nostalgia trip.

>The leak will come from the company Foursquare.
How would that even work? Is this the best shit you could come up with?

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it's only from hiro era
moot was actually autistic enough not to sell your info

You don't say?

FIGHT for your rights. It's not "run for your rights", NIGGER.

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He just gave it for free to Goolag instead

REminder The fbi had access to Jow Forums servers and moot sold us to jewgle.
bunch of newfags.

>Jow Forums user data

More like digital garbage than data.

Thanks based schizo poster

Expert level bait

Every post has to solve a captcha which is tied to said post by the google botnet, so how come anyone wouldn't assume that data is collected and profiles are generated? Only dumbfucks ignore that

>implying he didn't started there


Lol what

Is Yelp in on it too?