What does Jow Forums think of Surface products?

What does Jow Forums think of Surface products?

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Nothing, I forgot they existed.

>fabric on a laptop
says it all really

Useless shit. Even the 128gb models are overpriced and you can't even upgrade the ssd

They look good, other than that they're pretty trash.

>fabric on a laptop
Imagine a smell of this shit after day of a work in the summer

If you want a tablet, get an iPad
If you want a convertible or a laptop, get a ThinkPad

They're great for certain use cases.
I love mine, but it's no replacement for a desktop or good laptop.

What? Microsoft?! RRRRRREEEEEE!

Surface pro 6 is the best laptop I've used in a decade. I finally dropped Apple since the macbook line has been in a tailspin for years, and the Surface is just the right mix of compact and useful. The pen is also great if you do a lot of note taking or PDF annotation.

The inner surface is plastic. Also, you can replace the keyboard/cover if you need to.

It's not 2005 anymore. Who the fuck still upgrades laptops?

iPad is a gimped piece of shit. ThinkPads are great laptops, but the surface pro is better if you want a fully functional computer in a very compact form factor.

Can you swap storage and run Linux on those things?


you can run linux on it and it's pretty comfy

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What about swapping storage?

as far as i know, you can't, most of the shit are soldered and you cant replace anything.
you could stick a 512gb micro sd card on a surface go though

Very tempted if they find a way to make the keyboard cover not a joke that makes the screen wobble when you type. Could also get thinner and have a better battery life, so remove the stupid SD card shit and keep it two port with usb c/headphone jack.
The pen is too fat for comfy use too.

Come on, MS, not that Apple abandoned compact laptops, it's your chance.

>upgrading your laptop
Why are boomers even posting here? Enjoy your retirement.

>hurr durr if you don't want to keep your laptop relevant for more years rather than spending the same money you payed on on the laptop again plus a little more you are a boomer
i fucking hate the current day's consumers
always glad to be fucked in the ass by companies because they are too afraid to request features

too fragile

>who the fuck still upgrades laptops?
>oy vey goyim just buy a new one!

On a serious note, fuck off, just got 8GB of RAM on my X201 by stripping it off a laptop i sold off.

If it has upgradeable parts, the design is too inefficient to be relevant in the first place.

Overpriced shit.

>on a laptop
but it's attachable keyboard.
it's a tablet, you definitely can't put this thing on top of your laps.

Gimped for what? The majority of med and related students use one, and the workflow is better with one.

Also good iPads have a p3 display which is miles better than surface.

i love my performance base book but i wouldn't ever use it as my main machine.

Not him and I generally lean towards iPad Pro, but it's gimped for tasks one would expect from a laptop, even something as simple as writing is laughable due the software and lack of trackpad. The tablet aspects of it are obviously far superior to SP6 but for someone who looks for something close to a laptop with tablet options, iPad Pro is pretty shit for now.

Needing a kickstand automatically makes it shit

I'm happy with my autistic ThinkPad Helix 2 with 1TB SSD

By writing do you mean typing? On the pro you can get a smart kB that never requires charging or just use an apple magic kB + whatever case you want to hold iPad up.

The trackpad isn’t ideal when dealing with images compared to a pen and iPad. Also, iOS 13 allows mouse support now but there’s little reason to use one.

The surface is a laptop with tablet features. The iPad is a tablet with laptop features. Because I deal with images and diagrams more often than text, an iPad is much better.


gtfo itoddler

>On the pro you can get a smart kB that never requires charging or just use an apple magic kB + whatever case you want to hold iPad up.
Sure, and both solutions are suboptimal due lack of trackpad. Scrolling or going back/marking a word would either require a mouse (and I haven't checked whether they removed the gigantic cursor in newer betas) or for you to reach the screen. Shit is just not ergonomic for a laptop format. Besides the software itself is very lack lustre at the moment. IF they add a new cover with a trackpad for 2019 update, it could be a game changer though.

And yeah, pretty good sum up. Though it's a shame the compromise is even required. The sort of keyboard base available for SurfaceBook (and a bit tweaking in iOS) could've turned iPad and Surface into actual laptops without taking from their tablet capabilities. (Though SP6 could work on the size and pen improvements for sure)

pretty and expensive
if you can afford it, it blows apple shit completely

I've had the Surface Pro 4 since release. AMA

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Shit I/O

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how do you turn off the pen????

why is a not shit screen a premium feature, why do I have to pay twice for the same(or worse) specs in a laptop to have a good screen?


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Not him but why would you want to turn it off? My pen still at 91% battery after 4 months.

4 years and the fabric is fine. It's not like a carpet, you can just wipe it with water and a cloth.

True. It doesn't really have any viable competition in its nich at the same time though.

If you need to use Windows and write stuff with the pen, it's better than both.

Wash the butter off your hands

i dont want it to consume battery when im using not it duh

>make normal laptop
>make shit version with terrible specs
>microsoft surface, from $79.99
market it as budget but then make it practically the same price, most people won't notice probably

What do you mean turn off? It's not *on*

OP here, does Microsoft plan to update any of them this year?
I was interested in the Surface laptop, but the price and lack of USB C (with thunderbolt) kind of stopped me, and I don't need one right now anyway.

I'll need something thin and small, reliable with a good autonomy that I can take anywhere and that I can actually work with. Never been a fan of tablets but the Surface ones look really good too, I could definitely have bought the Surface Go if the bezels weren't so damn huge.

By the way, has anyone here tried to use small ultrabook/tablet things as their main machines? Being able to plug a big ass external GPU through thunderbolt 3 sounds really awesome on paper.

Best thing about them is the aspect ratio, why won’t 3:2 aspect ratio become standard on laptops and tablets already

>Surface Monitor
>Surface Laptop with Ryzen
>totally new design Surface Pro

Yeah I was super bummed when it didn't have USB C. I refuse to buy anything without USB C these days.
I personally enjoy my surface. I have no problem programming or just browsing the web in the car with it on my lap. Obviously it's not as easy to use it on your lap compared to a traditional laptop, but it's not hard either. If you do not use the touch screen at all then I would suggest something else. Having the tough screen and pen does make you want to use it though.. The bezel are large so you can hold the thing.
As a main machine... It doesn't work for me because I need to use virtual machines sometimes. But I have seen people use a dock and connect the surface to their monitors as a desktop. So it works for some use cases.

How's the Surface Go? Was thinking of replacing my iPad for casual shit. iOS is such a steaming pile of shit and that iPad was my first and last product from them.

I admit the design and screen is nice, though.

>I need to use virtual machines sometimes
Aren't the specs enough for that? Which version do you have?

Civil Engineer here. It has big potential at construction site, being light enough to carry around while complete mid-heavy computing task right on site.

I bought a surface book back when they first came out.

Biggest mistake I've ever made. It works as decently as a cheap laptop can. And the tablet touch screen is nice on occasion. But the thing constantly bugs out, and the battery is already fucked up. Plus it's a rather subpar tablet even.

It did its job well enough for taking notes in college, but I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

The tablets might be a different story though. The books are garbage.

Also, same guy here, can anyone check if The Economist is available in the wangblows store for the Surface? Checking on W10 brings up nothing.

I'm in grad school and it's the best option out there, and I used to have an iPad pro. For OneNote and pdf textbooks, there's nothing better. For heavy typing and random web browsing, it's fine. For real processing power, it's probably shit.

I have the Pro 4 with the 6th Gen i5. It's sluggish compiling stuff in a Linux virtual machine. Compiling natively on Windows is OK for now.

the tablets are good and those all in ones. A bit expensiveness and repair ability is shit but over all they are good products, those laptops with fabric on are trash tho kek. I wish they made them more easily maintainable/repairable though

then it isn't there. You aren't planning on using W10 in S mode right?

you can swap the ssd in quite a few of them but you need to use a heatgun to remove the screen which sucks. There was a youtube vid i cant find it but some dude used a dremel or angle grinder to cute out the area covering the ssd so he could swap it easy

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All the Surface products somehow manage to be less repairable than Apple's offerings, which is almost impressive to me. Poor performance, poor thermals, non-existent repairability, and worst of all the Surface itself doesn't really need to exist.
I have literally never, EVER seen anyone touch the screen on a Surface. I've never seen anyone use it as a tablet. It's basically just a laptop with a detachable keyboard that costs extra.
Surface Pro isn't worth it, Surface Laptop is expensive and underpowered, Surface Go is ridiculously underpowered and borderline unusable once you install full Windows, and Surface Studio is slightly underpowered and way overpriced.
The Surface line is really pretty, though. Not a single ugly piece of hardware in that bunch.

The Surface Laptop exists.

>Surface shills out in full force

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I use the touch screen. I actually bought it specifically for drawing.

>iPad is a gimped piece of shit.
Just wait until iPadOS reaches the public.

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Billy here. You're a fucking retard
follow me on twitter @BillGates

Fascinating. I find that the Surface Pen is just OK, could be better though. Not great with diagonal lines, or slowly drawn lines. It's nice that it has an eraser, though.
Honestly, I'd recommend just getting either an iPad Pro or a dedicated USB drawing tablet for that sort of thing. Surface is definitely capable but not the best option. I think it's a bit better for note taking.

Oh yeah its complete garbage. But I still use it since I have it. Its alot easier than carrying around my intous tablet.

Honestly? I've owned the Pro 1, the Pro 4, the Pro 6, and the Surface Book 2.

If you want to get work done, and you need to use windows, they're fucking boss. Excellent build quality. There's been duds (SP3 comes to mind), but unless you're looking for hard core gaymen, they're hard to beat for a workhorse.

The SP6 is dynamite on flights. Load it up with Civ 5 and watch the flight time disappear.

SB2 has the best keyboard on a laptop in recent times. Hard to describe it.

I make 200k a year though, as an SDE, so probably not the typical user here

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I have a Pro 6, the i5/8GB/128GB model. I'm really quite happy with it. The screen is probably the best IPS display I've ever seen even when compared to desktop monitors which cost as much as the whole tablet, bar a little light bleed on the bottom edge. The 4C/8T CPU has enough grunt for pretty much everything I do except high-end gaming and unlike lower-end Atom tablets I've used in the past it never feels slow and sluggish, which I guess is to be expected with the hardware it has. It's also amazing for manga, the 3:2 aspect ratio screen is pretty much perfect and high-res releases look amazing on the nice screen. 3:2 is actually very nice in general on a screen this size. If they had gone with 16:9 it would not have been tall enough and would've felt restrictive even in general use.

I'd say the main disadvantage the thing has is that it isn't repairable at all. That battery at the very least will wear out eventually and if you're unlucky it can even fail in a dangerous fashion (fire/explosion), like any other battery. Batteries at the very least should all be easy to take out and user-replaceable.

>Very tempted if they find a way to make the keyboard cover not a joke that makes the screen wobble when you type
This never happens on mine. I don't even see how it would be possible with the keyboard in the flat on the table position and it doesn't happen in its raised/angled position either.

You're the perfect zoomer, I bet you'd buy my turds if I painted them and came up with enough marketing babble

The worst shit I've ever felt for.

You can actually play Civ 5 on a small thing like this? Doesn't the CPU start cooking itself? I thought it was fanless.

The i5 version is fanless, the versions with faster CPUs are not. You can play like 10+ year old 3D games on any of them, though possibly not at full resolution. The fanless version does get quite warm, though if you really want to, then you can effectively mitigate that by having a fan blowing on it from the back. The CPU on the i5 version only gets to like 70-something, so it doesn't go absolutely nuclear but will throttle/boost less to some degree.

>you can effectively mitigate that by having a fan blowing on it from the back

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ugh really

I'm considering get a Pro 4 on eBay for comfy university usage

I mean, if you buy a fucking passively cooled tablet for video games, what do you expect?

it just reminded me of a guy who i saw in my university using a surface device, he was playing rainbow six siege with one of these bad boys pointed at it's back

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These things can run such a new game? That's honestly more than what I'd expect out of the iGPU in some Intel ultra low power CPU.

yes it is, you just need some time tweaking some config files and a strong stomach to not vomit

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That's pretty impressive I guess, though that image looks so bad I'm not sure you could see much.

It is fanless, but the SP6 is actually well designed from a thermal standpoint (unlike the SP3, which was lol)

I got the i5 model, as I don't need i7 performance, and the i5 is thermally more sound, and it lasts longer on battery.

The surface pro is perfect for civ. They made changes to the game that makes it super fingertip friendly. Not small at all (I play below native res)

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W10 in S mode? Without googling, it sounds pretty bad.