Jow Forums jobs Thread

How do you make Jow Forums money? For me it's VM farming - nothing wild just yet, but it replaced my minimum wage cuckery

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Highly paid web dev, small SaaS hosted on a server in my basement.

cam shows. werks, men give me their hard earned money just to see me massage my tits...

whats vm farming and what do u do to get money off it?

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>people who earn money the hard way spend it on camwhores

Interested as well
I have a lot of time to kill next semester

You know those "almost looks legit" profiles who message / add you on social media and end up asking for money or sending a link a the end? They sell those catfish bots on the usual platforms and pointing the income to whatever cashapp / wallet you ask. 99% sure it's in a legal dark grey area, but werks for me.

As for what you actually do, I sent my guy $100BTC for some bots / warranty. No issues yet, triple that has already arrived, but this is only month #3 so fingers still crossed

Second these.

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I'm a prostitute that writes code better than you

I c. I make a decent amount mining with asics in the dorms through fixed electricity, basically pays for the rent, wouldn't hurt to try other things.

Whats your setup?

This, except I cross dress and simply show my legs and skirt.

I saw Jow Forums fags shilling this weeks ago and threw 2K at it
>it fucking worked
>I'm actually more terrified that it wasn't a scam

Assuming this keeps working - how the fuck should I start getting the money out of CashApp? I know the bank is gonna ask questions before long and I feel like "lol free internet money" wouldn't appease the IRS even IF I paid the their cut?

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Just a ThinkPad P1 right now - sold the old desktop when the money started to come in.
Honestly, even the P1 was overkill. Just took making sure I wasn't getting roped into a scam / paying some chink my coin
>tfw still use the W520 almost as much as P1

name me places to sell such bots on

They sell (you) the bots, the 'VM Farming' comes from them automating them and deploying them to Tinder, MeetMe and POF etc / constantly evading bans. Basically catfishing times 1000 with no effort

But I want and can write such bots that's why I am asking.

sell on eBay

Does the guy you two bough off of have a name that rhymes with "Wans" by any chance? I wanna go for the $2,800 but I'm nervous

Currently doing retail. When I get a car I'll be working for a data hosting company about an hour away

Fucking just tell me the place I will write you the same bot for 50% less

You also suck dick better. Probably.

kek this isn't an anime you fags - they use fake names to sell that shit, at least if they're not retarded. And if so, who gives a fuck?

The ones worth bothering with are Europeans. Asian ones will always rip you off. The one Jow Forums was shitting themselves over (aka first one to not rob them blind) was 'Hans'. [email protected]

Now don't say anything autistic and ruin it for every ones of us, faggots

every one* FUCK MACS

Nice tits

wvm82 at berlin dotcom. Is the farmer. It's been posted here for a century now

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How can this still be profitable. People have been shouting not to trust this shit since at least the 90's. How are people more gullible today.

Wait so essentially they do all the work? Why don't they just run the boys themselves?


That shit always boils down to currency regulation. It's for that very reason you'll never see Americans selling the bots / farm space - because Americans either develop i themselves or buy from Europeans

Fucking nigger thotposter

>implying you wouldn't

I'm a data scientist milking that sweet big data analytics meme.

>VM farming

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genuine question
what do you people even do all day?
do you just query a bunch of shit and make charts or what?