He doesn't have a high end CRT monitor

>he doesn't have a high end CRT monitor
What's your excuse?


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That's a no from me, dawg

>no antilag
>latency so fucking high they have to use a CRT to cope
The absolute state of NVIDIA fanbois.

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Is this guy paying to have his channel mentioned on Jow Forums now?

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For some reason zoomers click on photos that look like that and clicks are money.

>red hair
>lispy queer voice
>definitely a fag
>meme tattoos
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i am literally on the verge of throwing up.
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ill pass

CRT is inconvenient, a logistical nightmare but not objectively worse than LCD.
They're just inadequate in the age of consumerism because they aren't designed to be thrown away nor will they run out of gas before 20 to 30 years of use.
I don't use them because of the ridiculous depth they require but they're pretty good stuff nonetheless. Today, similarly great things don't even get a chance to exist because it has to bring high margins to the table first and be decent later.

i don't want to lose my eyesight



Oh god his breathe smells like week old cum I bet.

>nu-male face
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>e-celeb worship thread
Jow Forums needs to ban ALL GPU threads now. Cancer is spreading fast.

Well, technically it is for toddlers. Like actual toddlers left alone to click through youtube as they please. There's a huge thing about it and now every person does it to get them to spam click on their shit. There's some weird shit going on too,

Cost of shipping, overall price, and difficulty to find them.

Are there any new manufacturers?


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Someone post the "uh oh here come the individualists" image.

Nope there hasn't been for over a decade now

Also to anyone fawning over a monitor like this just know these things where not cheap when they where new
You're talking over several grand for a monitor like this, so even if you buy one new, Would you want to knowing what you can get for the same money?

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No. Only retards cum over ancient CRT tech. Its so god damn cringy.


it lacked something important

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That's a pretty cool feature, but I can't help but think of performance cars when I hear anti-lag. I wish they named it something else

This is missing the thousands of anime soibois

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top kek
what's the source of this image?

I fucking regret getting rid of my fuckhuge flat CRT. I am really starting to hate this goddamn new monitor technology. It looks like shit and even normal widescreen makes it hard to view the entire screen at once even at a decent viewing distance. 4:3 was fucking perfect.

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Dude, im pretty sure this fucking retard is basically destroying that CRT, they have horizontal & vertical bandwith limitations and this goes beyond the recommendation, Ive already seen some retard destroy a 2048x1536 monitor because he thought he could run it at 120hz

Why do people like this absolute cocksucking pansy try so hard to fit the stereotype? Are they self aware? Is it a disease they can't get rid of somehow? Looking like rapists and opening their mouths because they have to devour shitty food and cock and be told they're good boys?

>latency so fucking high they have to use a CRT to cope
Find me a person who can differentiate milliseconds when gaming please. I'm not defending anyone or anything, but this is simply ridiculous.

When you don't know different, you can't differentiate anything.

>owning a desktop
The only reason laptops don't have the same processing power and GPUs is because you morons keep buying new shit every year.

There should be hardware in the monitor limiting it. Only CRT with out it is some Nokias with no VSync limit.
I run my P1110 at [email protected] and its fine.
Biggest issue is that the focus isn't as good towards the Hsync limit, but lowering the contrast helps. I don't mind a bit of blur for games, helps smooth things out.

Yeah, modern lcds are really stellar. Now that monitors with motion blur reduction in lcds is getting more common and Retro fags are driving the price up, there's not even a decent buy for poorfags who want a cheap monitor for fps.

Still fun to push the limits of tubes with freesync on them.

Great answer man.

user...you don't main on a laptop do you? Zoomie zoom zoom.

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>P1110 at [email protected]

I was almost shocked because the max horizontal refresh rate of it is 121 kHz and your setup would cause it to run at like 230kHz but then I saw the i behind the 1440

Everyone should, we'd have superior tech if there weren't two markets to capitalize on. Laptops are objectively better in everyway.

When did main become a verb?

do they all make a high pitch whining noise like I remember the one we had when I was a kid did?

You fucking retard.
PCs are some of the last bastions of owner maintainable electronics.
You stupid ass zoomer almost crave disposable electronics more than you crave choking on dicks.

No, we'd have even more throttled retarded shit because everything has to be ultra thin for the normies to show off.




Yes but you probably won't hear it anymore if you're over 20.

Who's that?

*over 40.
Fixed that for you

Indeed. I still can hear it and I'm 31.

I'm 25 and I can't hear shit.

that's unfortunate but not the norm

It's pretty funky. Surprisingly don't really get interlacing flicker or weird artifacts at that refresh either. Only works with old video cards with VGA though.

CRT TVs whine at 15.6kHz, which is miserable until you go deaf to it. CRT monitors don't go below 30kHz for this reason.

Yup, new CRT prices were wild.
Picking up pro-grade ones for $20 was easy for a while. Now there's scalpers everywhere.

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>Only works with old video cards with VGA though.
But what about the ones with DVI output that has the pins for also VGA out with an adapter?
Those cards I think still exist, at least my 750Ti has that DVI out and it's from 2015

Yeah, they stopped that with the R9-380X/980ti

My R9-285 does the job nicely though.
No idea about nvidia interlacing support.


I've actually seen that manchild face recommended on youtube before. Just that was enough to immediately tell youtube to never recommend the channel again.

>to never recommend the channel again.


>No option for "Everything about "him" disgusts me"

Fucking youtube.

I can tell pretty apparent difference in game controls between 60 and 144.
that's 10ms difference. anti lag does the same 10ms, that's quite a lot. basically they give you free 84 fps.
high frames are for game to feel better

Jesus Christ, how can one look like such a fucking faggot. I want to smash his skull with a fucking shovel.

More like fucking horrifying.

>youtube raising toddlers
>audience is intended for 2-4 year olds

The implications of that article are MKUltra horrifying.

I've been wondering about this anti-lag thing, just installed windows again. What are games where it makes a noticeable difference so I can test that shit out?

Yeah they can go fuck themselves.
>helping their stupid ass algos

It's disgusting enough that you're already do it by posting here

Latency is a chain many things do contribute to.
Every member of the chain should strive to add as little latency as possible. This includes, of course, the GPU and its drivers.
So you don't have a point. It's just purchase rationalization you're doing.

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BF5 cuts out 13ms I think

oh and it doesn't work in dx12 yet as far as I know

Me too, turbofriend, me too...

>click don't show this again
>it asks to tell them why
>sure whatever, click
>barely have time to see the selection box with the choices before the page suddenly refreshes itself to hide the suggestion
>this also makes the selection box go away before I can choose anything
Well fuck you too then, Google. You can stay in the dark about it.

That's basically a frame.
That's competitive advantage.

Holy shit I didn't know they had onions on tap now.

how are people still doing the bugman face in mid 2019

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CRTs are only offer superior gamma and blacks. They are sightly to vastly inferior to a modern LCD/OLED display.

Been using CRTs back when you only had one phosphate (amber, white, green) before LCDs finally caught up. I really don't miss them. It is pure nostalgic fags/young zoomers that are making a fuss over them.

Channel blocked

I actually do, get that basedak off my screen

Its funny how YouTube has become television. All the garbage that used to spew from the boob tube. It's 90% clickbait.

You're probably right, maybe he's also using interlace since that's the only explanation for the high hz

There's a guy selling a FW900 close to me but its 750 DOLLARYDOOS, if it was untouched, brandnew in the box monitor id understand

I'd buy it.

That's part of the charm.

>using a "dvi to VGA connector"
>it is clearly a displayport connector
converting digital to analog just adds way more fucking lag. he has no idea.

>look how smooth this is!
>60hz video
>99% of people watching are on 60hz screens



>Jow Forums
we do not accept faggots on Jow Forums.
I don't know what you faggots have going on here on 4channel.

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high end CRT is still worse than a shitty LCD panel from target

>that big open basedboy mouth

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>t. Envious of that guy

>gaypex legends
>CRT monitor
>onion mouth syndrome
That's going to be a yikes from me.

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When Overwatch convinced millions of white suburban females to sign up to battlenet

If you aren't spending wads of cash on a RAMDAC, they're usually displayport++ and hdmi adapters internally anyway. Lag isn't really an issue, they all go line-by-line and often bench better than built in RAMDACs. Biggest issue is pixel clock limits since they're all based on old chipsets that barely do [email protected]
Only connectors that add noticable lag are ones that buffer the entire frame, but no one does it that way.

His poor eyes than, unless you're 4ft away from the tube, there'll be a headache inducing 50Hz flicker. You basically want to max the refresh if your touching interlaced, 80-90Hz flicker is acceptable.

That shits wild. What's even nuttier is that it's still profitable to buy an FW900 and swap the tube into a blown Sony BVM, since they go for thousands, and retro fags are nuts.

Wtf! I said s o y

One of the first things to develop in children without autism/schizophrenia is facial recognition, and the ability to recognize emotions from expressions. Like the user said, literal 6 month olds can look at that and recognize "human, excited". It's one of the most basic functions of our brains.

>he doesn't know the filter

I don't want to look like the guy in the picture.

But I do use a CRT.

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I do though, pic related.
Remember to clean your CRTs if you want them to last.

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Yes, Horizontal refresh rate is in kHz not in Hz.