There is absolutely no reason to use ANY OTHER browser other than BRAVE

Faster than Chrome (BOTNET ALERT)
Faster than Furryfox (SJW ALERT)
YOU Are In Control
You literally get paid FOR FUCKING BROWSING

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All ads are intrusive.

also a browser that tries to get you to buy into a shitcoin scheme? yeah, that's trustworthy.

>using some shit browser instead of GNU/IceCat

Give me 1(ONE) reason to use that instead of icecat

Where can I get a binary?


>no argument against GNU/IceCat; j..just use this soi browser!'s good! D..don't mind something that has been around for years! This browser pays you to use it!
Dumb faggot

You'd make like 10ยข a year browsing you realize that right?

I like Firefox because of the way it works
Why would I use a "muh sekkrit klub" browser instead of a well established one?

You can lock down Firefox way more than Brave.

I use Vivaldi for general purpose, and Firefox for things where I care more about security like banking. Not autistic enough to set up a VM for that sort of thing yet.

How much did the Chinese government pay you?

brave use webkit engine with chrome nigga

Brave is literally just reskinned Chrome with more ads.

I liked Brave before but your shilling alerts me.

There must be something fucking wrong with for the shills to try and force itvon me so hard.

Vivaldi is superior.
Only browser out there that has gestures in blank and setting tabs.


Mouse gestures and tab stacking are wonderful

When will the mods start banning this fucking advertising campaign.

GNU Icecat & Ungoogled-chromium will be the only fucking options, they are truly FREE!

I used a add-on on Firefox that did that and it was amazing, now it's obsolete so I have to use another add-on that doesn't do it and it's so fucking annoying.

Brave is spyware. Stop fucking shilling it you niggerfaggots.

I would consider it, but its being shilled so much its certainly a botner

How much? How fucking much? Really. I wanna get in on this.

It's reskinned chrome.

who are these market faggots?

>yet another chrome
just piss off already talentless scamniggers

No reason to use this over Firefox.
>Muh SJW
Kill yourself.

What's the point since it's just based on Chromium? Just use (Ungoogled) Chromium.

>same guy with that face 3 videos
>pseudo jap name
The internet was a mistake

>faster than chrome
it's like saying vauxhall is faster than opel

>Why would I use a "muh sekkrit klub" browser instead of a well established one?

Being based on Chromium, Brave is more "established" than Firefox - you'll run into less website compatibility issues.

Why not just use chromium?

More like saying a tuned VW is faster than a VW dragging a caravan around.

Chrome ads bloat to Chromium.
Brave ads optimizations and blocks ads.

Mobile Chromium can't block ads.
Soon desktop Chromium can't block ads either.

Oh yeah I'll compile and install it today, just give me the source code so I can audit it first.
oh wait