Why don't more people dual/triple boot operating systems?

Why don't more people dual/triple boot operating systems?
Why is it always "linux vs windows vs macos" when it can be "linux AND windows AND hackintosh" with another partition for your files that can be accessed by all three OSes, and use whatever one is most handy at the moment?
Am I missing something? I had this figured out a long ass time ago

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I don't see what Wangblows or macOS could do for me that GNU can't.

be a practical desktop OS

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I dual boot windows, as in 2 windows OS, one SSD is owned by my employer.

it's a perfectly practical desktop OS

I don't want this to be another os war bait thread
whats the use of going balls deep in one operating system when you can have the advantages of all three?

Been using Windows as a host OS and Linux distros as well as OSX/macOS in VMs for the past 13 years, can't help it if other people actually just want to dual or triple boot and only use one at a time. At any given moment I've got 4 VMs in operation doing whatever 'cause 32GB of RAM in my ThinkPad W540 means I can do that shit without any real hit to performance.

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If every OS have his pros, then why not do a multiboot then? even VMs are fine.

That shits for pussies, I simply run OpenBSD on one machine and 9front on the other.

>what is VFIO passthrough
Just run linux

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When you're on MacOS, the other two don't fucking matter anymore.

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Because there's little point to switch back and forth when you can just choose a damn OS and use it.

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I don't understand why people dual boot OS. With virtual machines and being able to forward PCIe, USB, and serial devices, there is no reason not to use you "main" OS as a host and visualize any OSs you only need for appliance use.

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I was on Hackintosh laptops for years, MacOS is definitely better for a daily driver than Windows. But neither MacOS or WIndows beats having an Linux OS that fits your desires like a glove, as long as you're willing to put in the work to make a machine that is molded for your needs.

Having multiple OS limits me, I know it sounds weird but having too many choices or options only serve to handicap the learning experience of how I'm currently using Linux. But really, I'm kind of disgusted by the bloated look of Windows and MacOS, I have a HiDPI screen so it isn't too bad but everything feels so clunky and bloated and I actually run into more issues with Windows than I have with Arch Linux.

Battery life, performance, and sometimes just running something natively is a lot better.

yawn, dual and triple booting? you'll grow out of it kid, we all did

I've ran my computer like this for years and while I rarely use Windows much anymore I still need access to it sometimes and it's better to be able to just have it there, ready to use instead of having to deal with vm memery

Virtual machines are much more comfy than dualboot.

>restarting a linux computer

Why would I dual boot when I have everything in one OS, Windows?

I'd rather just buy a mac than deal with glitchy hackingtosh set up

Because I don't want to taint my main machine with WIndows in any way. I actually have a Windows machine that I use as a CAD slave, but I remote desktop to it from my GNU/Linux because it doesn't deserve its own monitor.

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The OS you are using is called Linux, not GNU.

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imagine trying to get the output of one program into another using bash in macos - its a pos

I triple boot Windows
>win10 for testing shit / overclocking

I have no reason to use any Linux distro.

well make sure its a new one because apple is real gay with the planned obsolence shit - quad core i7 @ 3.5 with 32 GB RAM and AMD HD 7000 series cant run mojave, like, what the fuck?

Rebooting really sucks. Sure it takes only 30-45 sec... But it interups everything I do. I'll have to save documents, forget where I was in things and worse of all ill have to disconnect my voice calls.

If I really wanted to use desktop Linux I'd get a small cheap pc for Linux or build a l dual gpu virtualization box.

And Hackintosh is a buggy mess thats a pain to set up if you don't have the exact hardware it likes. Plus if you have windows you don't need it.

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OP it's simple. You end up using one much more than the other. You may not want to have to switch everytime you want to use some piece of software not available elsewhere. I had a setup like this countless times. It never, ever, ever, ever, ever works. It doesn't matter if within 15 seconds I'm using the other OS, it's just not convenient and it's an annoyance. It's also a waste of space.

So let's say that I find macOS a super comfortable experience to use. Great, now I have an OS where most of my games either don't work or run like absolute shit because Metal is ass and opengl is dead on it. I'll do most of my shit, torrenting, talking to people, watching streams, doing stuff in the background. Then suddenly I feel like playing some game that only runs well on Windows.

Hold on, lemme restart my entire computer.

Now I get into Windows, have to wait for a bit and oh whoops, shit's updating. Time to open everything again. No, just no. Fuck you. I don't wanna use 3 different programs for the same thing. I don't wanna use exFAT or pirate tuxera. It's just too fucking silly to me.

It call comes down to being too stupid/scared/poor (as in, you're using a computer that isn't owned by you) to install a distro. Willing to bet at least 7 of 10 haters never installed a distro.

Most people just use VM's, since you can seamlessly use multiple OS's at the same time.

Dual-booting is outdated and pointless.

>Why don't more people dual/triple boot operating systems?
Because in the end you will only boot the one you most commonly use.
It's better to just use VMs for the operating systems you use occasionally.

Dualbooting is irrelevant in the era of VFIO/GPU passthrough.

Just run linux as your daily/host OS and use Windows or MacOS as you secondary OS without having to reboot.

Just use Windows and tons and tons of Linux distros over VMs

Why the hell would you use a resource extensive OS(Windows) in a VM instead of a host? If you're using Linux, you're most likely not playing modern games or doing creative work. It's mostly just for programming work, which isn't resource intensive therefore should be used in a VM.

Bare metal is king and always will be. Ignore the seething VMtards.

I unironically hope a kernel bug breaks your precious PCI passthrough / IOMMU / DMA and you lose all your VMs

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>Why the hell would you use a resource extensive OS(Windows) in a VM instead of a host?

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Windows has forced reboots, that alone is enough reason. Also with emulated hardware you don't have to worry about buggy winshit drivers, literally the only thing it has control over is your GPU and maybe your audio hardware.

>Windows has forced reboots
I'm on 8.1 and never had a forced reboot. If I reboot, it's because I need to update, which I can freely choose to do at any time I want.

>Also with emulated hardware you don't have to worry about buggy winshit drivers,
Never had any issues with my drivers either.

>Never had any issues with my drivers either.

MSI interrupts, Wifi 5Ghz vs 2.4Ghz control, rate algorithm control. I mean, just some shit I have ran into in the last month or so.


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But NT/DOS requires you use a DE that wastes up to 4GB of memory, how is having to spend more on memory practical?

The kernel is linux, you don't call windows NewTechnology.

I use separate boot drives, one for Windows, one for Arch.
I only really boot into windows to do windows development though.

I use Photoshop and Illustrator weekly, so I run Windows just for that. I still prefer Linux.

Because it's uncomfy as fuck. You need to reboot to access the other system. Running programs through wine (when it works) or on a virtual machine (when resulting performance is acceptable) is much comfier.

I wanted to setup a dual boot with hibernation so that I wouldn't have to close everything to open the other system. The Linux side worked just fine, it hibernated and I could boot windows. Windows, however, wouldn't let me boot Linux because instead of powering the PC off, Windows enters some special low-energy hibernation state in which attempting to boot automatically resumes windows (workaround is cutting the power off but I ain't gonna do that every time I want to switch system). So I ended up with a Linux laptop for programming and windows desktop for entertainment. And T60 with Guix for another kind of entertainment.

Of course they haven't because there is no reason to do so.
>not owned by you
Okay name one single windows app windows won't let me install. You can't.

without a microsoft office release, granola/linux will never be a practical OS. just the way it is

I don't trust you've no performance hit just because of some ram.

This. No reason to boot anything else.

>Pretends they are getting linux friendly
>Won't release the one thing keeping a massive swarth of their user base from switching

I tried to switch for a few months but I just found myself having to switch back to windows to work on assignments.

at that point, it had no real purpose.

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I once triple booted an eeepc with Ubuntu, Windows 7 & Snow Leopard for shits and giggles.
Only ever used the Ubuntu though.