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funny and relatable

I really, really like this picture

In an office 99% of the ICT issues could easily be solved by letting the users have admin rights, yet sadly 99% of the users are too stupid to be trusted with admin rights.

I work in a QA floor where we test video games. Everyone is a 19-30 something "gamer" who wears geek shit to work and we all have admin rights. We can install/modify anything we need to in order to get shit done and aside from the hardware itself being crap, I don't think anything has ever happened.

Can't say the same thing about normies who think Word and Wordpad are the same thing.

OMG that's so funny!!!

>i once work at an it dept of manufacturing company.
>was in the software development team.
>got no internet access.
>only had internal mail.
>only had user level rights in my pc.
>tried to use new development environment because of my background.
>couldn't do almost anything related to dev because i had no admin right.
>quit the job after 3.5 months.


As an accounting software user i see the programmers as alien cavemen. So so many things madenin the most retarded way possible, important functions burried in places they don't belong to and inexplainable inconsistencies between similar functions and deparments that make working with it a daily hellish experience.

das sum gaybo shit.

we have certain tools that can only be accessed via local network, like one of the sites we use for bug tracking is one such case.

i forgot to mention that the only folder each user can access is his/her "My Documents" folder.
i couldn't even access the root folder like C:\ or D:\
no disk drive, no cd/dvd drive, no usb

>alien cavemen
How the fuck does an alien caveman look like?

Yeah, I support business IT systems. Every business falls neatly into one category.

>Users have admin rights. Half our tickets involve shit directly caused by user Google "how to install software I want" and following every SEO blogspam page they see
>Users have no admin rights. Nothing bad ever happens but we spend half our life installing stuff for them

Will LOL threads finally become a thing on Jow Forums?

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Why would you go to C or D? Are you trying to hack something, boi!?

I don't get this. Please explain.

Every Jow Forums """"autist"""" ever

autists do not care about compliments and insults.
They just sperg out.

The company I used to work for used BeyondTrust.
You could grant time-limited admin rights to users and everything they did with elevated privileges was logged.

The policy was pretty lenient in that they would grant unlimited time to technical people (programmers, sysadmins, etc.) since they were believed to not be full retard.

It just isn't the same without spoiler tags

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things that happened

meat eaters BTFO! How will they EVER recover?

She's confused about whether autism makes her attractive or not. Possibly her parents lied to her about autism making her pretty.
So when shes told she doesn't look autistic it might mean shes not attractive.

I had a job that did this but I could browse the filesystem just fine in Google Chrome. Found a lot of scripts IT used including a bunch of passwords to log in to various systems

Have sex

t. autist

Word of Wordpad is that new online game all kids are playing, right?

is this the power of maximum autism?

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Am I the only real autist here?
What you typed is wrong, it's because she made a statement of fact and doesn't know how to respond to him saying he doubts it.
She has no social skills and there is no logical response to someone say 'you don't look like that' so she doesn't know what to say besides something like '..ok???...'.

There are autits who learned breddy gud to overcome their disadvantages and mix well with normies just by putting some effort into it.

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then they aren't autists and just socially weird.

Back before people started slapping "autism is my superpower" shirts on their kids, "autism" meant the kid was damn near retarded.

You're overthinking things. Look at the background in the 4th panel. She just doesn't know if it's supposed to be a compliment or an insult.

Nah she doesn't know what she is supposed to say and it irritates her he'd make such a retarded statement and put her into this situation.
I know because I can empathize.

>everything would work right if X
>X breaks everything

This is what you sound like. You absolute tard.

if you were a real autist you couldn't empathize because that's kind of a key factor when diagnosing kids with autism.

I know how I'd react if someone reacted to one of my statements like this.
I wouldn't know how to reply and keep the conversation going which is why she is quiet for the last 2 panels and looks irritated.

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The real ending is that he goes back to mindless consumerism.


funny cat videos

the joke is that she looks autistic af

look at those slanty eyes

>phones bad
>innovation bad
>nature good

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>gives no feedback and refuses to send usage statistics or participates in betas

People like you deserve shitware.

If this is edit, this brilliant.
if this is original, this is even better.

This. Ending is retarded and unrealistic.

It's haha threads made by haha posters, get it right

option 2 is the only choice, however, due to data exfil and insider threat problems. If you are managing IT and not doing that it's YOUR fault when it happens

This is our reality.

This is so fucking stupid it makes me angry. We had to exploit natures resources to get the industries and markets developed to the point where they are today so we can actually have good enough medicine, technology and convenience which lets us live past the age 35. There's seriously nothing more annoying than people who talk/think like idea trying to be conveyed in that webm.

I like it too

Save it, it's all yours my friend.

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>which lets us live past the age 35.
Friendly reminder that the idea that people historically died at 40 or so is a retarded myth and the only reason life-expectancy was averaged out to that age was because of massive infant mortality rates. Living to 60 was common throughout civilized history and even reaching 90 wasn't unheard of.
Carry on.

The civilization as we know it has like 30-60 years left tops, so was it worth it?

i'm okay with this. 1st world consumerism is retarded: they're depleting all the world's available resources, while most of the population lacks basic shit. it objectively doesn't make sense

Well then the argument still stands. Lessaiz faire capitalism cured the ills of massive infant mortality.

It's more complicated than infant mortality. Bacterial infection deaths were common at all ages and even though many lived to 60 and 70, it would be unusual to find a large family where no one dies young from some form of bacterial infection.

Of course Penicillin is what changed everything there. I don't know how much exploiting the environment was involved in discovering Penicillin.

>I don't know how much exploiting the environment was involved in discovering Penicillin.

It's hard to make that kind of measurement, because it depends on what parts count as part of "discovering" Penicillin. Certainly the infrastructure needed to transport materials and labor build the lab used, blow the glass and smelt/fashion the steel for the instruments must count. We should probably count whatever method was used for running water, electricity and heating at the time, and whatever materials/infrastructure was needed to build that infrastructure and so on. More than that, do we count the infrastructure used to raise Andrew Flemming? His house? I guess he could have lived in a dirt hut and still discovered it.

Granted, I think the video is more against the mindless consumerism of always buying the latest thing without paying any heed to the environmental cost, because the monetary cost has been made so low, not against using phones and such in general.

Just stop it with the bullshit. Whatever reductionist Pollyanna bullshit you use to sing yourself to sleep, it has nothing to do with the ideas presented. I'm a hard line free market capitalist and you're pissing even me off here. Naturalism vs consumerism is entirely cultural. And consumption vs sustainability is a very complicated cost-benefit-value analysis that the entirety of the human species is constantly recalculating at all points in time. Presenting it like all this is necessary for the sake of progress is a mentality that is over a century out of date.


The screaming irony is how few programs actually need admin rights to be installed. Literally 80% of them you can take the installer exe/cab/msi/wtf, load it into 7-Zip, extract all the exes and dlls into a folder, and double-click.


don't bother
it's retard facebook depression
facebook autism
crap for attention

these people don't realize autists bang her heads and drool and make their parents' life a living hell

But that is actually a bad thing.

>people said that in 1990
>people said that in 1950
>people said that in 1850
>people said that in 1780