Debian 10 released

> Debian 10 released

So, how many retarded bugs are in this one?
9 had a broken GTK version and didn't do shit about it for 2 years (because muh stability).

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No virtualbox support


> Wayland by default

Is Wayland still a broken piece of shit with no tablet support and 9000 software incompatibilities? I bet it is.

I'd rather have one consistent set of retarded bugs that doesn't change for two years so that I can find and set up workarounds for them, instead of having a constantly-changing set of retarded bugs that causes me to have to stop and fix things on an ongoing basis.

for Gnome. Why you would pick Gnome as your DE in the installer I can't fucking imagine.

disable secure boot

> Why you would pick Gnome as your DE in the installer I can't fucking imagine.

Because it's the only DE that isn't a total ugly broken fucking mess?

user, it's been an ugly, broken fucking mess ever since they released Gnome 3.

I don't know about others, but here's mine
>when try to suspend or shutdowns sometimes
>booting up takes long fucking time and it display message, "trying to resume from hibernation"
>always acts before cleanly shutting down
desu I'm thinking about migrating to openSUSE

Use xfce

XFCE is nice, but was destroyed by GTK3 unfortunately. Half of the apps are GTK3 crap with fat gay titlebars.

What is a non-gay DE though?
Getting ready for a fresh install of Debian

Usually been an LXDE and XFCE user

>Getting ready for a fresh install of Debian
why would you want to suffer?
>non-gay DE though?
except LXDE and XFCE

Isn't LXDE dead now though?

better use XFCE and dwm

Bruh, take the opensuse pill

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>fat gay titlebars
KDE doesn't have this problem.

Of course it does. GTK3 "headerbars" are drawn by GTK itself, not the WM.

>why would you want to suffer?
Debian is great, there's nothing to suffer.

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Debian's great unless you want to do something

Something like what?

I myself just want to edit my photos and toss together a video here and there while having a relatively snappy operating system

I don't have that problem, only app with a gay fat titlebar is the gnome calculator. Maybe it's the theme you have or something.

dead project

debian is the bane of my fucking existence

Might I suggest Kdenlive and GIMP? Both are relatively popular while costing nothing. You also don't need to give up your privacy or watch ads to get them, so the only thing required from you is to learn the UI which you would have to do anyway when installing a new program.

>using plebian
>fucking 2019


Have those retards already fixed their transform tools to not show the original while transforming or are they still as retarded as before?

nice dog on that wallpaper
works from stretch

If your computer is extremely old and slow then maybe check if some Youtube video has demonstrated that function. Otherwise you might as well spend that 20 seconds to install it and try.

I already use RawTherapee and Krita for my photo editing needs

As far as video goes I'm using Lightworks which has a GNU/Linux variant

I had an issue where launching libreoffice would hard lock my computer. Needless to say I uninstalled after that.

> nice dog on that wallpaper


could you please stop referring to the Gnu image manipulation program as "gimp" since that word is really offensive to some people?

Working fine here. Plasma for DE, QEMU with Virtual Machine Manager for Windows 10 VM.
My only gripe is waiting for backported KDE libs so that I can compile Elisa music player.

Download more RAM.

It's a seal.

Debian's gone to shit since (((they))) killed Ian so System D could be snuck in.

I'm currently on Devuan on one machine but I'm simply going to virtualize my Linux on OpenBSD and call it a day from here on out. I don't game, all I need is Mathematica.

year old kernel default in a new release.

>be brainlet
>debian 9 on my VPS for ownCloud
>debian 10 is out, upgrade because why not
>ownCloud doesn't work after upgrade
>read about it, turns out it doesn't support the php in debian 10, older php is only available in 9
>make frankendebian, install old php, uninstall new php
>cannot install old php7.0-curl because it needs old libcurl
>download both, unpack deb packages, copy file to the locations, enable module in php
>php-curl's .so file links to a file which was present in both old and new libcurl as a symlink
>hexedit .so file to it links to the old
>shit somehow works

Don't be like me kids, always
systemctl brain start

before upgrading.

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outdated means buggy, who could have thought

This. Tumbleweed is the most comfy rolling release distro, it gets tested and stablized before updates.

Then what is its name then, worthless feminazi.