Microsofts software forbidden from the school

School is now afraid that Microsofts Office collects user information in non secure manner. It may leak to people who shouldnt be getting it. Therefore schools want to use other software in place of Microsofts.

However as Windows 10 is quite too difficult to replace in schools, its continued to be used, but Microsoft Office will be replaced with alternatives.

Hollandese researchers had found in 2018 that the telemetry gained by Office includes everything written on Word and Excel: phone numbers, addresses, names.

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It is awesome that first hessen (germany), now some place in finland (i can't read the article) forbid ms office. Pupils should learn to use open formats, whose skills can be applied universally.

based finns

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Thats retarded as fuck, a simple firewall rule would block all microsoft telemetry and they probably block certain pages already, shitty IT department

>defending microsoft data collection

i don't speak spurdo

Open source office suites are dogshit at its best.

Wat, my point is that you can block said data hording pretty easily without banning useful software (open/libre office sucks huge amount of dicks)

>open/libre office sucks huge amount of dicks
What? Why?

I've been through this. It's far from a "simple firewall rule". You'll find yourself unable to activate Office. The workaround used to be "use VLK licensing with a KMS" but MS is actively killing that off and the "future" is Office 365 online activation. Every hack or piracy related workaround that comes up in these discussions isn't going to fly in a school.

Just like proprietary office suites

libreoffice is fine if you use it like a basic word processor like you should for word and use open standards. it’s the constant need people have for newer office formats and doing crazy formatting that has made libreoffice more bloated, confusing, and slow

Use AbiWord.

Uh no, microsoft should just stop this. Weird grey era telemetry.

Doesn't OfficeRtool have a toggle that blocks telemetry for office?

Ugly interface and when I resize the window, black rectangles pop up.

The real big brain move here is to rebrand libreoffice with the windows logo and pocket the government provided winshit shekels

Very nice idea, you first.

t. Never used Excel professionally

>it's fine for a basic word processor
Notepad is also a basic word processor. People use Word to do complicated things (essays, reports or whatever) with pictures, tables, references and everything you can imagine. And don't forget they share files with other people.
Good luck doing this with libre office

>Windows 10 is quite too difficult to replace in schools
Lel, idk about anglo cunts but my school computers had Windows 7 and my university's mostly have XP

World Offices is absolute bloat dogshit and you should either use plain text, markdown, orgmode or latex.
A company doing excel in 2019 instead of using a proper ERP should be executed in place.
PowePoint can be replaced with like 400 other alternatives, that do the same, those slides only need to contain color and text...
Microsoft Access? wtf why would you do this!

I see now, you've never been in any professional environment yet.

Finnish was a mistake

using workflows from the 90 isn't professional.
If your company still prints A3 spreadshits to sum all the values manually to then introduce it into a computer then you deserve losing money.

Why does Microsoft need so much telemetry? Are they retarded?

Based schools

>completely ignores outlook

an ERP has internal messaging thats basically the 80% of all corporate emails, small phrases with no actual value.
I have no idea about Outlook because i use Thunderbird, whats so special about that mail client?

Lel. Yes, almost nobody is using it for anything other than reading sent spreadsheets, dicking around for homework or doing the absolute basic shit. Your less than 1% usecase doesn't mean everyone needs Excel. And even if you use it for a job, it doesn't mean it's not garbage.

School stuff can be done without problem using libreoffice. Try it out if you don't believe me.

It must be nice being a school with a population of 10 people.

T.child with no work experience

Learn how to LaTeX and all this shit disappears, like overnight and forever.

If it's office 365, isn't that just the software being synced with the servers and saving it in real time? Or can they prove the "telemetry" is going somewhere else?

More alarmist bullshit by freetards.

I'd say they are comparable.

Why should it not go somewhere else? This would be lost money for M$.

And no, M$ does not act moralically.

Nothing. Thunderbird has been the industry standard for years. Outlook is a meme and only used by cucked companies with no financial stability and shitty IT.

>(essays, reports or whatever) with pictures, tables, references
LibreOffice has all that. I've done all my work in it and never had issues.

Just because you waste 10 times more time on purpose by waiting for loading and save times, just to earn more money by doing less work, doesn't mean you're a professional.

Only kids need office for "work". Almost no jobs on the planet specifically require Microsoft office, or even an office suite of any kind. Just like most jobs don't require anything other than a phone.
Kys, you baittard and get the fuck out of your basement. Most people don't work in IT. A normal person doesn't need anything more than LibreOffice or google docs.

>implying there's legitimate alternatives to Office
Face it freetards, it's the single most ubiquitous software suite in existence and has no realistic competitors.

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act upon morality*

>implying the text editor has been drastically improved since the mid 90s

>lol just use it! everybody uses it! why not use it? let me stop you right there, use ms office!
the only hard part about replacing mso is the fact that most people use it now

the company I work at which has a profit of about 2 million euros every month uses LibreOffice for everything, so uh..

Yeah okay buddy, and I bet you're rolling Thunderbird with a Postfix and Dovecot back-end and definitely not Outlook and Exchange.

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Pages and Numbers work well for me in the office

(This isn't really any better)

Doubtful. It's just a ploy to try and siphon some of the US export drain into some locally sponsored alternative software.

>implying privately owned or pass through boomer corps care about wasting money and doing things the stupid and old way.

M$ feeds on these cucks like no tomorrow. Hell I've worked for tons of small business units that were still synthesizing "algorithms" using excel. These people dont stand a chance.

It has. Collaborative groupware editing has caught on. There is no FLOSS alternative so far.

My office has 50 employees and we use libreoffice, Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Sumatra PDF, windows 10, Debian Linux, Thunderbird, etc
Nobody has issues


>50 employees
>Professional environent



Tell me when a real country does it.

Rest of this thread is NEETs who will never have a job, and their opinions are worth what their entire families are: nothing.

Hi Bill!

So what exactly is the mentality behind nanny states? They're going to overcome their creative stagnation by stifling basic human choice? They're afraid of the modern world so they try and stop motion? Or do they just realize that all the American, Chinese, Japanese, and Saudi Arabian companies already have more autonomy over their own states than they do so they're just trying to get any power they can.

Satya plz

Not him, but:
I use libre calc for my business shit, if you think this is not a "professional" use case then you can simply eat shit. Not everyone is a secretary or does accounting for 4000+ employees firms and can do just fine with a few spreadsheets. Also, there are actual professional solutions for big boy firms that don't rely on motherfucking "spreadsheets" of all things.
Or what, you can't do your precious "presentation" without some excel template? Fucktard.
You are the 1%. Absolutely nobody but a few special snowflakes need what excel provides.

fug :D migrosobt sbying on my born :DDD

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I think you probably don't have a good grasp of what most of the office work force DOES. Sure, a dev has very little use for all the integrated features of Excel; if you ever need to delve into matters of data conversion and workflow integration, you'd start typing some code. But the people in the other building; they don't care about designing modular solutions in abstracted full-featured languages, they just know how to do it in Excel.

Not everyone needs excel, but it's more than 1%.

Is there absolutely no telemetry in Libre Office? Because realistically that's the only viable alternative for schools.

So now because of their paranoia, Europeans will not educate their students to be proficient in the most widely used document editing suite? They will walk out of school unable to use the tool they're likely to find in 99% of the jobs they apply for... all because there's apparently something wrong with a corporation knowing your name, date of birth and email. It's not like the current generation are turbo attentionwhores who will leak their own info to whatever new social networking app comes along...

Not him, but:

With the 1%, he did not mean the people who need excel instead of a programming language. He meant the people needing excel instead of libreoffice calc. The feature differences are on a level most normies don't even know it exists.

It's free software, so no.

ebin and red billed

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Yes and those people are obsolete and cost companies money. While you're supporting that workflow, you're just paying some cuck a big salary so your competitors can greenfield proper data solutions and destroy your margins. Time's up boomer. You're even competing against chinks and pajeets now.

So many different things man. I'm an avid open office user and it's a buggy, tool less piece of shit. It works minimally.

It will be unnecessarily hard to the point of frustration to use libre office for college level courses. Inserting word art, images, graphs, and tables is all quite messy. Not to mention the errors that arise when saving to .docx for inept professors.

It's not about educating anyone or anything. It's just like how America imposes 25% tariffs on light duty trucks. It's just a way to promote local businesses over some foreign solution like Microsoft. So now Microsoft will just bribe Finland with some new corporate building with new Finnish employees and the government will do a 180 on this stupid anti mso talking.

Absolutely based. Shit like this needs to happen more often.
>only allow kids to ever learn certain program
>companies use said program because it's all anyone knows
>better keep this up forever, don't you dare try to use any of the millions of extremely similar programs out there!
You're completely retarded. 70% of workplaces could replace Word with Notepad and see literally no change in productivity. The rest could be instantly replaced with shit like LibreOffice at no loss as long as the employees know how to use the replacement.