Upgrading my pc. What would be the radeon equivilant of the gtx 1080?

Upgrading my pc. What would be the radeon equivilant of the gtx 1080?

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You shouldn't use ATI/AMD graphics cards. There is not a free driver for them.

Are you sure? I have a radeon hd 5750 in my desktop and i've never had to pay for drivers

Free as in freedom, newfaggot.

>Pirating drivers

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i thought it was nVidia that had the incredibly shitty FOSS drivers?

There is only a free driver for Nvidia cards. No one has written a free driver for ATI/AMD cards yet.

rx 570 super strong do the needful upgrade thank

Not only does AMD have free drivers built into the kernel, but OP is probably building a Windows pc, so all yall are tards.

AMD Vega 64 is about equal to the gtx 1080
You can get a used one on ebay for around $300.

The ATI/AMD graphics drivers contain non-free binary blobs. They are not truly free and should be avoided.

>OP is probably building a Windows pc
Then why is he on Jow Forums? Shouldn't he be on /v/ if he wants to talk about pajeetOS?

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Jow Forums is inclusive of Windows users. The majority of users here use Windows. Only some of the users here have shitty ancient thinkpads and roleplay as untouchable.

>You sir are a freetard.
Yes, prakesh, people who care about freedom are "tards".

People who prioritize license terms over functionality can go fuck themselves, Mr. Covington.

I disagree. You should value your freedom above all else.

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What do you mean? I compiled my own AMD drivers on my PPC G5 running GNU/Linux and it runs my fine with 3D acceleration (using a second card for boot up since the firmware is x86).
Show me how you could do this with Nvidia?

That would be against the rules, technology discussion belongs on Jow Forums, Windows is a OS and hence technology. Game discussion belongs on /v/.
Sorry it makes your butt hurt because you're autistic.

You can check for yourself. The driver isn't entirely free.
I mean that the AMD drivers for GNU contain non-free binary blobs. They are not 100% free, which is why you should not use them.

We should use Intel, instead, right?

Is money not an issue? If so, get a VII and possibly water cool it. Otherwise, get a 5700XT.

Oh, you're Indian. This isn't a pissing contest, go back to /v/ if you want that.

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No, you point out a problem, give a alternative. Ad hominem does not work, you're a disgrace to FOSS.

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Nouveau is good assuming you have an older nvidia card.
For newer cards it's ass.

right answer right here
the xt is about the performance of a TI

it has an arbitrary clock lock at 1800Mhz now, but that can be bypassed via soft powerplay tables now

You are free to select within the market. That doesn't mean the market is forced to provide what you want.