What do we really know about the Pope?

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that he's based and redpilled

Sexual predator


>he thinks the pope exists
Holy fuck.

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>be britbong
>have a female pope

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Oparci I czerwonopigułkowani


jan paweu dwa bochater naroduw

he has a silly hat and he doesn't afraid of anything

He's a Satanist.

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jp2 is in hell. He was an atheist and communist who was shilling for muslims and globalists, he is one of the reasons we the world looks like it looks today

Top bait retard

Thought poles love JP2. But according to the current pope hell doesn't exist, so he can't be in there. Current one seems to be quite the cuck, I feel sorry for catholics. Ratzinger at least dared to call out musels.

all popes are in hell. jp2 in addition was also a pedophile

you see, poland is divided between elderly 70 year old women having 3 JP2 calendars in their house, and internet millenials making fun of him for being a dumbfuck degenerate pedophile currently burning in hell for raping multiple children and sending them to the vatican so that the cardinals can have some fun too

francis is in denial that hell doesnt exist, but satan will get him anyway

Ah ok. Didn't know about that.
Church is protestant here, I guess they all go to super-hell. Pic related.

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i assume it means #NotAllMuslims

She said basically "We need to fight terrorism with love"

Ratspräsidentin = Boss of the Protestant church in Germany. Also drunk driver.

That's actually pretty Christian-like, moreso than the "God, honour, fatherland" folks we got here. The whole "other cheek" thing.

Well that's a bit less.

He was a pedophile.

Okay here's the actual quote:
>"Jesus left a clear challenge: Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! For terrorists, who think they can kill in the name of god, it is the greatest provocation. We should try to face them with prayers and love!"
She goes on and says Gandhi, ML King, Aung San Suu Kyi were the greatest people in history, not Hitler, Stalin and co.

The problem is, that's just the most cucked thing to say. Radical Muslims are keking so hard at this. They relish in the idea of spreading violently.
The people she names were up against pretty civilized people (Anglos, SE Asians) when compared to them. Imagine Ghandi "peacefully resisting" the Nazis. Besides, Jesus said pretty violent things too when it was about defending the faith, but the cherry-pick the hippie parts.

Old School christians were different, man.

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wew, that is more cucked than catholics, and I thought our church was bad.

I looked up that EKD, all protestant churches are governed under the EKD in Germany.
That's kind of totalitarian. Why would different protestants join the same organization when they don't believe in the same thing?

It's basically the "mainstream" protestant church, there are also smaller Baptists and "Freikirchen" groups that are organized differently, but I don't know much about them what's going on in them. Reformation was a mistake. The thing about the big churches in Germany (EKD, Catholic) is that they are "Gebietskörperschaften" or "Parafiscus". That means they are basically semi-autonomous entities within the state that can collect they own income directly from citizens (this case, church members).
Basically on par with a state-owned telecommunication company, or public insurance company that collects their own fees.
Yet separation of church and state is a thing somehow; you cannot wear religious symbols in school for example (except bavaria, they're so catholic they're basically poles).
Some groups are already lobbying against it, because, wearing a hijjab in school is "empowering" for women, and not being able to in school is "discrimination". No fucking sign of solidarity with women in Iran who get punished for refusing to wear it, of course.

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That's sad, user.

he likes pizza

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That he fucks little boys while simultaneity telling people not to be gay so the average 4channeler except worse because he actually get's laid instead of fapping to cartoons. Anyway Catholicism is a lost cause, everyone in the Vatican needs to be burned at the stake for being crypto Jews and hypocrites for advocating for open borders while hiding behind literal castle walls with a mercenary army as personal guards.

Luther wise right about everything.

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