Am I white?

I'm American by citizenship but Tunisian. Most people think I'm italian. What do you say now racists?

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You're american in my eyes. /thread

could be worse

>What do you say now racists?
Thanks for destroying the USA a bit further.

Based civic nationalist

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American but not White

What is the colour of your eyes?

Ahmed you're just mad I'm not in your Islamic studies group in hamburg


But muh skin and French ancestors


Why would I be an Achmed?

>Islamic studies group in hamburg
There is a significant over abundance of sand-negros her in Hamburg.



Is hazel eyes typical for the average Tunesian?

I know I've visited your Islamic country before

What is your actual ethnic background? Are you an Arabized mutt or native North African group?

No most are brown to black from Arab invaders. Bedouins are niggers so they have that weird yellow thing. French tunisians can have blue eyes sometimes

Looks like a nigger hand to me.

My dad is half Arab half French and my mom and her family is from northern Lebanon

If you're white, I'm whi-
>Haplogroup is R1 across the board and my grandparents were whiter than I am
You're white.
Now act like a white and contribute shit.

>Most people think I'm italian
>Am i white

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How can I play my part?

How can I play my part bong?

Black eyes do not exist, they would be accurately described as dark brown, like hazel as light brown. Would you describe your grandparents on both side European / "white"

This seems like a good time to talk about a thing I was think about some time ago, if Islam never existed and MENA people would stay Christians they would probably be considered white today, but in the same way we view Armenians, Georgians and South Italians, these groups in the frontiers of the West. Thoughts Jow Forums ?

You don't have to loyal to USA, just play their game, enjoy life.

You are still a faggot

Interesting though Brazil user..I think bedouins would still be shitskins but the original people would be similar to the Christian lebanese

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My dads side yes my moms side is Lebanese but from the north so she is very fair skinned.

Post your face shitskin, brown eyes = not white

t. Pic related

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How do you feel about being bulgarian?


>amerimongreils think a sandnigger is Italian


What is your point and why are you projecting your racism on others?

Yep bedouins are indeed have very brown skin but other "arab" people would look more western without all that incest, not that they would be "white" but i think they would be considered by mostly people.

Out of curiosity user, how far can you trace back your lineage? Do you have an idea how your ancestors ended up in those places?



>Italian confused with sandnigger constantly
>because they look almost identical
If everyone thinks you're a shitskin, are you really even white?

>Italiamutt thinks he isnt a nigger


I think my dads family came over from France in the late 1800s and my moms family just always lived in northern Lebanon.

>What do you say now racists?
Um, dune coon? Sand nigger? Camel Jockey? Terrorist? Piece of shit nigger?

Lots to say about tunisians. They are the cockroaches of north africoon

Meh Alexander the great would strike you down for stealing his glory

Puttana di cinque centissimi

You dont even know the meaning of white you bastardised mongreils.

I'm actually pretty pro America. Glad I moved here. ISIS sympathy is strong in Tunisia

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Do you?

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>brown eyes = not white
>Sorry Joseph Goebbels

ISIS sympathy is pretty strong with the CIA.

CIA gave them weapons but ISIS is real. It's sad. A whole generation of Tunisian men are gone and brainwashed. Islam has desimated a once beautiful country

Kek confirming

There are parts of middle east who are actually white btw

Isnt your fishing boat tied up somewhere terroni?

Tunisians are non european but caucasians, faggot.
>muh racist.
and they're going to replace you too, dumb fuck.
also tunisians in Tunisia hate niggers and kikes.

Did his family came over, as in were they expelled to work as "slaves" in colonial territory or were they the ones doing the colonizing?

>my mom's family just always lived in northern Lebanon
Just always lived, like they originated from that spot? They were either explorers; working for themselves, a clan or an established monarchy, disserters, expelled or enslaved

t. nafri in Marseille

They were colonialists and I'm not sure about my moms side I'll have to ask.

You should ask her user. I would suggest you write it down and pass the small comprehension of your family's history and lineage down to your child and ask him to do the same. No computer files, actually write it down, keep it safe and pass it on

Before you'll know it your children will become American bastards without any access to identity left. They will be forced to base theirs around fiction

I intend to find a northern Italian or Austrian wife. I actually lost my virginity to a girl from Milan. I'm hoping my children will be little aryans stuped in the lure of their family. Thank you for the interest based aquafresh

Am I white?

I know I'm fat.

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Reality is coming for you traveller. I would suggest you leave this place and do not come back until you have found your place in the maze called America

Non bougnoule

Embrace the Tunisian blood in you friend

T’es qu’un bougnoule ...

You guys are alright.

literally hitler. im literally shaking. friggin racist croissantfags

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white is a skin complexion
if your skin complexion is light, you are white
if it is not, you are not
simple really

Need to see face
+Italians aren't white.

Says achmed

How is the homeland? Any vendors lighting themselves on fire?