Got banned from Jow Forums again

Got banned from Jow Forums again
Fuck the mods

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what did you do?

posted a anti-Chinese copypasta

Copypastas are a ban-able offence?

Seems like it
Although I think that one of the mods is a chink, I've gotten banned a few times for mocking china

why do you even go there?

to find meaningful discussion with foreigners, though the country generals prevent that

>to find meaningful discussion with foreigners
you can do that here, dumbass

Posted this comic in /brit/ and got banned

What’s going on these days

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I can't breathe!

go back there

Don’t die

Don’t be rude

you're now breathing manually

the eurofags over there are obsessed with america

cuz they're boring

Stop this

You're now hating communism.

Nah they’re just right

summoning proxy rudemark