What is the most degenerate movie or show you have ever watched?

What is the most degenerate movie or show you have ever watched?

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Gayniggers From Outer Space (1992)

Pic related.

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Schindler’s List

requiem for a dream

It's a Jew's utopia to see how degenerate the white race can be.

That show fucking sucked. Overdid it on the shock humor and not in a good way. Superjail did every it did better.

To Kill A Monking Bird

Isnt this pretty much anti-degneracy though? Its not like you leave with a good feeling when the movie is over.

>What is the most degenerate movie or show you have ever watched?
Grindhouse and Death Proof

Life (2019)


I vomited a little in my mouth just now.

Black Panther. “ Wakanda” and any other marvel comic bullshit that Hollywood cranks out.....Brie Larson included.

Still. I stopped watching it and just thought it was to much, even for me.

Salo, or the 120 days of sodom.


Probably some porn, but mainstream: Life of Pi

the fuck is this film?

The world 2019. Degenerate filth everywhere, worst movie ever.

Wait for the 2020 sequel, it's getting worst

I just read the sum up.


When I was like 7 or 8 years old my mom was watching some weird French film where some woman was tied up to a tree, then some rapist covered her in melted chocolate and raped her. Then the rapist licked the chocolate off of her while she was screaming.
Seeing this scene as a young boy gave me PTSD.

>while detoxing from methamphetamine, Sarah is convinced that everyone is after them and that only certain foods are edible (mainly chips and soda).

holy shit whoever made this did their research

Not degenerate but undeniably Jewish.

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>Zack and Cody dress as a girl and seduce Marilyn Manson.

What the actual fresh fuck?

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Asia Argento...

Anything from Netflix.

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Some of the most disgusting shit I've seen in film. Got passed off as a true story which was later proven false. Asia Argento project which easily explains the depravity levels.


Do you fags not know what degeneracy means?


probably the most pretentious overrated steaming pile I've ever wasted time watching


I have not watched it but this clip is just DISGUSTING. Why would Marilyn Manson even agree to play that role? And how many times did Cole Sprouse get fucked in the ass under production?

I just watched Carrie (1976)
I think it was OK though